Scholarships to Study in Ireland for International Students

Scholarships in Ireland for International Students

Among some of the top study abroad destinations in the world are Ireland, for the quality of education available at considerable inexpensive costs. However, while a large portion of the international student population is able to meet the tuition costs, many may still find it difficult to access higher education in Ireland. For this reason and more, Ireland and universities in Ireland offer numerous scholarship opportunities to international students.

Scholarships can range in type and coverage, where, the financial aids may be offered by the government or non-government sources, covering various aspects of studying in Ireland, including full or partial tuition costs, accommodation costs, or even living expenses. Some scholarships in Ireland may even cover the entire costs incurred by a student while completing their course in Ireland.

Additionally, universities and higher education institutions across Ireland also offer unique scholarship opportunities for international students opting to study under one of their world-renowned programmes. Irish Scholarships are also available specifically for undergraduate, graduate or doctoral students, as well as those specifically designed for particular courses and degrees.

In some cases, scholarship opportunities are available to all students, irrespective of their nationality and are fully dependent on either merit or need. However, it should be noted, that most scholarships, whether they are specifically for international students or specific courses, will either be merit-based or need-based. All international students interested in applying for scholarship opportunities are advised to go through the eligibility criteria for the scholarships as well as the application processes before applying for the scholarship.

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Government Scholarships for International Students in Ireland

The Government of Ireland offers a number of scholarship opportunities for international students to apply to. The government offers several scholarship opportunities but one stands out among them, which is the Government of Ireland Scholarships.

Government of Ireland - International Education Scholarships

With the objective of attracting more and more international students to Ireland and its universities, the government of Ireland introduced the Government of Ireland - International Education Scholarships (GOI-IES). The Irish government scholarships will be offered for a period of 1 year where high calibre students will have all academic and tuition costs associated with studying in Ireland.

As per official notifications, the scholarship is managed by the Higher Education Authority in Ireland and is offered to Non-EU/EEA students studying full time in either Bachelors (final year), Masters or Research Programme for a period of one year.

The International Education Scholarships by the government of Ireland offers students 10,000 euros for one year. Additionally, Higher Education Institutions in Ireland will be required to give a full fee waiver of all tuition and registration costs to the awarded international student. The Government of Ireland will be offering a total of 60 scholarships for an academic year, funding higher education for international students from countries across the globe.

Non-Governmental Scholarships for International Students in Ireland

International students studying in Ireland will have many more opportunities to avail of different scholarships that are offered by non-government organisations, which include universities and private organisations. More commonly, students will find university scholarships they qualify for than private scholarships, however, both are available to eligible international students.

Listed below are some of the commonly available scholarships offered by Irish Universities for international students specifically.

DCU International Scholarships

Dublin City University offers several scholarships at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels specifically for international students. Moreover, the university offers country-specific scholarships as well, where students from India also receive scholarships.

For students from India studying in an undergraduate programme, they are eligible for 5 undergraduate scholarships at DCU worth 3,000 euros for the first year and 2,000 euros for subsequent years, each. For postgraduate students from India, they will be eligible for 5 postgraduate scholarships at DCU worth 2,000 euros each.

UCD Scholarships for International Students

University College Dublin offers a number of scholarship opportunities for international students opting to study at any one of the undergraduate or graduate-level courses. Students will be offered full or partial scholarships for international students, along with department-wise scholarships that are designed to assist international students to study at the university. 

Additionally, in honour of the fourth President of India, Varahagiri Venkata Giri, an alumnus of UCD, the university also offers a scholarship dedicated to exceptional Indian applicants applying to full-time programmes at the university.

Students applying to the university will automatically be considered for this scholarship under the Global Excellence Scholarships, provided they meet the eligibility criteria for the GES as well.

Trinity College Dublin Scholarships for International Students

Another one of the popular and highly renowned universities in Ireland, students are offered the opportunity to avail themselves of several different types of scholarships, both country-wise and college department-wise scholarships.

International students can apply for undergraduate scholarships at Trinity College or graduate scholarships at TCD, which also includes one India-specific undergraduate scholarship that grants 5,000 euros for each scholarship granted. The scholarship is available for all full-time undergraduate programmes excluding Medicine, Dental Science and Acting courses. The scholarship is also applicable for the Global Business programme offered by the university as well.

Students applying for the postgraduate programmes can apply for one of the many postgraduate scholarships. At the postgraduate level, students will commonly be able to apply for department-wise scholarships.

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FAQs for Irish Scholarship Opportunities for International Students

Q. Can International Students Apply for Scholarships in Ireland?

A. Yes, all international students can apply for scholarships.

Q. What kind of scholarships are available for international students in Ireland?

A. International students can apply for a number of scholarships that are either merit-based or need-based, offered by either the government or the university.

Q. Do international students receive partial or full scholarships in Ireland?

A. Depending on the scholarship that you are either applying to or are eligible for, you, as an international student, will either receive full or partial scholarships. In other words, international students can receive either full or partial coverage on tuition costs through scholarships and financial aids.

Q. How do I apply for a scholarship in Ireland?

A. If you are interested in applying for a scholarship in Ireland, then, depending on the source of the scholarship, you will need to complete an application form which will be available on the official website of the scholarship source, or you can register with us and we can help you apply for the appropriate scholarship with ease.

Q. What is the eligibility criteria for international student scholarships in Ireland?

A. In most merit-based scholarships in Ireland, international students will be required to hold high academic qualifications, while need-based scholarships will be decided by the scholarship source themselves.

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