Benefits of Studying STEM in Canada

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Looking forward to pursuing bachelors or masters in STEM abroad? Canada might be the best study destination for you! Read all about STEM in Canada and the benefits of choosing Canada to pursue STEM courses.

You must have come across Canada as one of the top study abroad destinations during your search for the best universities for STEM courses abroad. There are numerous recognised ranking charts that glorify Canada. However, you must find it difficult to believe just numbers. 

Given how Canada has been successful in providing new STEM-related jobs and career opportunities over the years, the fields have emerged as some of the most popular fields that international students including from India have been keen on pursuing in the country. 

But, WHY should you study STEM in Canada? Read on to find out!

What are STEM Courses?

STEM is an abbreviated term for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics as streams of study and STEM courses refer to any program of study that has one of the streams as its core subject.

The four fields of STEM are often interrelated with a cross-disciplinary approach which often results in well-rounded graduates. The answer to ‘What is a STEM major?’ often includes popular fields such as computer science, information technology, physics, engineering, health science, business information systems, among many others.

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Why Study STEM Courses in Canada?

Canadian Universities enjoy global recognition and reputation for their teaching style and methods. They are also considered among the top global institutes for higher education. Choosing one of these universities can help you bring the required arc in your course that will further help you in reaching remarkable career heights. 

We have researched the following to be the best takeaways for a student if you decide to choose Canada for your STEM courses.

Practical Training

Practical Training is an important part of all the STEM courses. In Canada, you will have a lot of opportunities while studying the STEM courses for practical training.

Generally, the practical training part is placed at the end of the program either:

  • as a semester part of the course, or

  • as an additional semester

 Apart from the above, you will also have opportunities through:

  • Student Clubs, where you can take up practical projects or experiments individually or in a group with other club members.

  • Internships and Freelance projects are recommended by the faculty to be taken up during semester breaks.

Canadian institutions ensure that students are well motivated to take part in practical training opportunities by giving credits for them. These opportunities will also help you in preparing an impressive CV for your career path.

Research Opportunities

STEM courses have a lot of potential in Research and Development and have been experimented upon for years. In Canada, the colleges and universities offering STEM courses often have academic affiliations with:

  • Research institutes, which in return allow their students to participate as interns and learn throughout the process.

  • Natural Resources Research institutes, who experiment on surrounding resources and involve the students in turn. This will help you gain a lot of knowledge regarding the differential qualities of natural resources on a regional basis.

  • Indigenous Community Research Centers, which are formed by accomplished members of the original community of the region and they research the various possibilities of advancement within the region.

All these above-mentioned opportunities shall help you in building a base for research and development and also understand the scope which every region holds. Additionally, there are also post-study opportunities available as:

  • Fellowship, or membership of the research institute in which you might have practised as an intern or volunteer during your course.

  • Internship, and a subsequent fellowship in any other research institute or centre.

You can bank on these opportunities as in the current era new possibilities and advanced application of known technologies is in demand, which requires the support of the R & D sector.

Elite Salaries

As an international student studying STEM courses in Canada, you will have lots of opportunities to learn and discover and also apply your theoretical knowledge in practical situations during the course itself. This allows you to create an impressive profile for yourself to show when you graduate.

The skills set and experience gained from the course shall help you in bagging not only the best opportunities available in the market but also to negotiate for yourself an elite amount as a salary.

Employability Index and Average Salary

Here is a table showing the employability index of top universities in Canada and the average salary of their graduates:

Name of University

Employability Index

Average Annual Salary (CAD)

University of Toronto



University of Waterloo



Western University



McMaster University



University of Alberta



International Opportunities

Canadian institutes are considered among the top institutes of the global education industry. They have been ranked continuously by many trusted global rankings. The global recognition of the institutes and their hybrid learning environment focused well upon actual knowledge gain, allows their students to look forward to opportunities on a global level.

As a STEM course graduate from a Canadian university, you may expert being offered elite opportunities in top companies of the world and drive your own career growth.

Flexible Courses

You will love the freedom that Canadian universities provide to their prospective students. You must have noticed that more often than not, STEM courses have pre-designed programs, leaving little to no choice for you to choose among them. It is probable that the two different STEM streams might have caught your attention, and you desire to pursue them. Canadian universities offer full liberty for you to design your own programs along with the subjects you wish to study.

Though the timetable set up is now the student's own responsibility. But you can easily schedule your own timetable as per your classes and the required hours you need to put in to gain a degree in that course.

Better Work Profile

The number of projects and tutorials which form a part of the course curricula for Canadian STEM courses will help you build a very strong work profile.

However, the best part here is that this profile will also be reflected in your work. While building a strong work profile on paper might not be that difficult, the programs actually aim towards students’ development on both core and advanced levels. This practice is extremely helpful in the long run.

Industrial Exposure

As discussed previously, practical training and research training will help you in gaining an insight into the industry and its working. You will be able to know of the procedures which are followed by the industry along with the recent trends. These insights will in turn help you in making a final decision on your career path. Moreover, the application of various opportunities will also help you understand the profile which suits you best and you may pursue it thereon.

Find the Right STEM University for You!

Best Universities of Canada to Study STEM Courses

We have gathered data from Times Higher Education and QS to bring forward a summarized representation of the best universities of Canada which are ranked among the top 100 globally:

STEM Subject/Stream

Name of University

Global Ranking


University of Toronto


University of British Columbia


McGill University


McMaster University


University of Montreal


University of Alberta


University of Calgary



University of Toronto


University of British Columbia


University of Waterloo


McGill University



University of Toronto


University of British Columbia


McGill University


University of Waterloo


University of Alberta 



University of Toronto


University of British Columbia


University of Waterloo 


McGill University


University of Montreal


McMaster University


Though there has been a lot of confusion about which country is the best for STEM courses, with the US leading the list, Canada is certainly among the best. This has been made evident by the flexibility that Canadian universities offer in terms of choosing a course along with the enormous range of research opportunities and employment opportunities upon graduation. However, choosing which STEM course might be ideal for you might be quite the task given the wide range of courses available in Canada.

Well, you can always register with us or write to us at to learn about STEM education in Canada.

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