Canada Summer Intake 2023: Timeline and Admission Requirements

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Updated on Jun 01, 2022 03:03 PM IST

Looking forward to studying in Canada? Check out our timeline for the Summer 2023 Intake in Canada. Learn about the right time to take the tests, apply for a study permit, take the education loan, and admission requirements among other significant details.

Canada Summer Intake 2023: Timeline and Admission Requirements
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Hosting almost a million international students every year, Canada has been a great choice for international students not only because of the high-tech country that it is but also for the high education standards, safety, affordability, flexible immigration, and ample research opportunities that it offers.

Unlike a single intake in India, Canadian universities offer three intakes: Fall, Winter, and Summer. While Fall and Winter are comparatively more popular, the Summer 2023 Intake Canada also sees a considerable number of applications owing to several reasons, one of which is less competition. 

Summer Intake Canada 2023 starts in May every year, with application deadlines falling between November and February. This article shall further elaborate on the same along with providing a timeline and step-by-step guide to apply for Summer Intake Canada 2023. Also, find universities offering international admissions in Summer Intake Canada 2023 along with the list of courses, tuition, and application deadlines.

Timeline for Summer Intake Canada 2023

Here is an overview of how much time it would take for you to finally commence your studies during the Summer Intake Canada 2023:



Check your Options (April-August 2022)

Find out which universities meet your requirements and also check the deadline for Summer Intake Canada 2023

Attempt Tests (September-December 2022)

Book and attempt tests such as GMAT, GRE, SAT, ACT, PTE Academic, TOEFL, IELTS Academic, or whichever applicable

Apply to Universities (January-February 2023)

Fill out your application forms and submit all necessary documents to apply to selected universities

Wait for Universities to Respond (February-March 2023)

Wait for universities to reach out to you with your admission decision 

Apply for Loan and Study Permit (April-May 2023)

Check your finances, apply for an education loan (if required), scholarships and a Canadian study permit

Looking forward to studying in Canada? Get personalised assistance in shortlisting universities based on your budget and profile with experienced study abroad consultants.

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About Summer Intake Canada 2023

Planning to pursue a course in Canada in the next academic year? Given below is a glance at the Canada Summer Intakes:

  • Canada Summer Intake 2023 deadlines for international student application submissions usually lie between November and February.

  • The Summer Intakes in Canada are only available in a limited number of universities/colleges and courses.

  • Commonly, those applying during the Summer Intakes in Canada will be able to choose from a variety of courses, often shorter in duration.

  • The pool of international student applicants is very small, making the competition less fierce compared to September or January intakes in Canada.

  • If you are interested in pursuing a full-length degree/course in the country, then it is advisable to choose one of the other major intakes in Canada.

  • A common offering across the country, the Canadian universities often use the Summer Intakes in Canada to offer non-English speaking international students English preparatory programmes.

Note: If you are interested in pursuing short-term courses in Canada, then applying for the same during the Summer Intakes in Canada will be your perfect choice. However, similar to the other major intakes in Canada, the application deadlines for each course offered by different universities will be defined individually.

Confused about how to go about applying for Summer 2023 Intake Canada? Here are the steps you need to follow:

Summer Intake Canada Timeline

The timeline given above gives a brief idea of what needs to be done in which month. To learn how to precisely go about each month of the year, keep on reading.

Step-by-Step Guide to Apply in Summer Intake Canada 2023

Check out the detailed timeline on Summer 2023 Intake Canada for international aspirants:

Explore Your Options: April-August 2022

Given that the Summer Intake in Canada offers a limited number of courses and universities, your first step should be to find out which universities offer Summer Intake and if the course of your choice is on offer. If you can shortlist at least four to five universities/colleges, jot down their application deadlines and admission requirements to ensure a smoother admission process.

Prepare and Take Admission Tests: September-December 2023

Although standardised tests may not be a general admission requirement for Summer 2023 Intake in Canada, the admission requirements may vary from one university to another. In case your universities do require test scores, register and take the required tests including the SAT, ACT, GMAT, GRE, or any other appropriate test during this period.

Test scores of English language proficiency tests such as the TOEFL or IELTS, would, however, certainly be required.

Fill Out Your University Application Forms: January-February 2023

Now is the time to apply to universities you have shortlisted, for which you may write to us at or simply register with us.

Usually, universities would require the following details/documents for a successful application:

To ensure a strong university application, refer to common mistakes to avoid in an SOP or Application Essay.

Reply to College Emails: February-March 2023

The Summer Intake Canada 2023 comes with the advantage of fewer applicants, as compared to Fall and Winter intakes. This gives more chances to you to be offered admission to a top-ranked Canadian university.

Universities usually take two to three weeks to accept or reject an application. However, it may either be a conditional or unconditional offer, each of which requires different steps ahead. Until then, simply sit back and wait for an email from the university. You may also try to add value to your application by submitting other important details like additional test scores specific to a particular subject and so on.

Settle Your Finances and Visa: April-May 2023

Find out how much the tuition fee, living expenses along with other expenses would cost you overall. Once you have a number, make certain how much of it you or your guardian can cover. In case the numbers do not add up, you can visit a bank and apply for a student/education loan that would cover almost every expense in Canada.

Also, Canadian universities usually offer various scholarship opportunities to international students, which often help ease the financial burden. Make sure you explore your options and apply to the ones you are eligible for.

Now that you have your finances dealt with, apply for the Canadian study permit that meets your requirements. The time taken to process your visa application would range from three to five weeks.

You must also remember to get a good idea of student accommodation in Canada, be it on-campus accommodation or off-campus.

List of Canadian Universities Offering Admissions During Summer 2023 Intake

Given below are the top Canadian universities offering admission in Summer Intake in Canada 2023:

Universities in Canada


Annual Tuition Fee

University of Waterloo

Waterloo, Ontario

INR 10-30 Lakh

Ryerson University

Toronto, Ontario

INR 11-19 Lakh

University of Manitoba

Winnipeg, Manitoba

INR 6-18 Lakh

Carleton University

Ottawa, Ontario

INR 9-20 Lakh

University of Ottawa

Ottawa, Ontario

INR 14-29 Lakh

University of Calgary

Calgary, Alberta

INR 9-18 Lakh

University of British Columbia

Vancouver, British Columbia

INR 4-28 Lakh

University of Alberta

Edmonton, Alberta

INR 4-13 Lakh

University Canada West

Vancouver, British Columbia

INR 11 Lakh

Trent University

Oshawa, Ontario

INR 4-10 Lakh

Summer 2023 Intake Canada – List of Courses Available

Given below is the list of courses offered during the Summer Intake in Canada for the upcoming academic year 2023-24:

Popular Courses in Canada

University List

Summer Intake Deadline 2023

Biochemistry, Microbiology and Immunology, Cellular and Molecular Medicine, Neuroscience

University of Ottawa

January 1

Agricultural and Food Sciences, Architecture

University of Manitoba

April 8-10

Anthropology, History and Classics, Interdisciplinary Studies, Education

University of Alberta

October 1

Business, Design and Creativity, Engineering and Sciences, Hospitality, Tourism and Culinary, Information Technology, Marketing and Finance

Lambton College

December 31

Chemistry and Biochemistry, Communication Studies, Exercise Science, Journalism

Concordia University

November 1

Need more information on applying to a Canadian university in Summer Intake Canada 2023? Reach out to our experts at Stay tuned!

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Can I apply in May for the September intake in Canada?

Depending on the application deadlines of each university in Canada, some universities may allow you to apply for the September intake in Canada during the month of May. However, this number will be extremely limited with additional application charges applicable as well. Therefore, before applying to any university in Canada, check out the application deadlines for the September intake at that university.

When should I apply for fall intake in Canada?

If you plan to begin your higher studies during the fall intake in Canada, then experts suggest applying at least 1-2 months before the application deadlines at the different universities. This will allow you to prepare all the necessary documents before submitting your application form while setting aside time and efforts to accumulate the necessary financial funds to study in Canada.

Which month does the fall admission in Canada start?

The fall admission season in Canada usually starts in the months of September and October, which usually means that universities and colleges commence their term classes during these months. However, the application deadlines for the Fall admission usually span across the months of December and February (variable across different universities and colleges).

What is the September intake in Canada called?

The September intake in Canada is also commonly called the Fall Intake in Canada, as the country experiences the fall season during this admission intake. Being the fall season during the months of September and October in Canada, the temperature is also usually warmer, allowing international students from warmer countries to adapt more quickly to the cold snowy winter months to come.

When is the best time to apply for September intake in Canada?

If you are planning to apply for the September intake in Canada, then experts suggest that aspirants apply for the same at least 6-8 months prior to the application deadlines. For example, application deadlines for 2023 September intakes in Canada are usually set around December ’22 - February ‘23. Therefore, you must begin the application process by May-June ‘22.

What is the major intake in Canada?

The primary intake in Canada is commonly referred to as the Fall or September intake in Canada. Universities across Canada accept international student applications across two major intakes, i.e. the September and January intakes, with the September intake being the primary admission intake in the country, however, some universities also accept applications during the months of February for the May intakes in Canada.

Is the fall intake better to study in Canada than the spring intake?

Yes, as stated in this article, the fall intake, also known as the September intake is the primary intake in Canada, where a large number of courses are offered. Along with the variety of courses, the September intake in Canada is usually set in the months of September and October, wherein the weather is relatively warmer, allowing international students to adapt to the colder weather to come.

Why choose the September intake over the January intake in Canada?

The major reason to choose the September intake in Canada over the January intake is simply due to the fact that the September intakes in Canada are the primary admission intakes, while the January intake is the secondary. Additionally, the September intake will also see a large variety of courses and programmes available for international students, compared to the January intakes in Canada.

Is September intake in Canada available for international students?

Yes, the September intake in Canada is available for all international students. Being one of the main admission intakes in Canada, the September intake usually sees an opening for the largest variety of programmes across different disciplines and levels of education in Canada. Register and connect with us to find out the universities accepting applications for the September intakes in Canada.

What is the application deadline for the September intake in Canada?

Those interested in applying to a university in Canada during the September intake will most likely be in the months spanning between December and February of each academic year. For instance, if you are interested in applying for the 2023 September intake in Canada, then you must apply to your desired university by December 2022 - February 2023.

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