How to Successfully Apply to Popular USA Universities?

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How do you ensure a successful application to popular US universities? Scroll through to find how and also check out top tips to make a successful US university application while having a look at some of the popular US universities for 2022-23 admissions.

Wish to study in the USA? Well, so do thousands of students from around the world!

Every year, the US draws millions of students from across the globe like a magnet. Given the popularity of the United States among international students, the pool of applicants can be quite competitive and overwhelming. In that case, all you need is an appealing application demonstrating how you are the ideal fit for a program in your desired university.

Before diving into the application process, let us first ask you a few questions that might just give you a head start on your application:

  • Why this program or why this US university?

  • What are your future goals and how your desired university and program will help you achieve them?

If you’ve satisfactorily answered all of these questions, you are already ahead in the application process! 

You may also fast-track your application by getting in touch with our admission counsellors. Over the years, we've helped many students make informed decisions related to higher education abroad. Majority of these students are already studying in popular US universities and living the 'American dream'! 

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What You Need to Know About the US University Admissions

Before applying to US universities, you must first know a few important things about US university admissions:

  • Admission decisions are made carefully by admission committee members who assess an application based on the institution’s goals and priorities, how well you could fit in the program and if your application reflects honesty.

  • Overall, all US schools look for applicants with strong communication skills, academic background, organisational skills, interest, enthusiasm and commitment. 

  • US university admissions are also based on a set of institutional values set for every year. These may include maintaining gender balance, valuing national, geographic and ethnic diversity, a balanced number of freshmen across disciplines, among others. 

  • A university application would typically include the following components: personal information, academic transcripts, standardised test scores, letters of recommendation, resume (for graduate applicants), application fee and a statement of purpose. 

  • Letters of recommendation are weighed very highly by US colleges and universities. They usually require 3 LORs that often compensate for low GPAs and test scores.

  • For admission to graduate schools in the US, the admissions committee will always prefer someone with prior experience in the field. However, this may vary from university to university and program to program.

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How to Apply for Bachelors in the US

This is a step-by-step guide to successfully applying for Bachelors at popular universities in the US: 

Step 1: Research the University and List of Courses Thoroughly

The first step to applying to US universities is figuring out if it offers the course or program of study you are interested in. While doing so, consider factors such as majors offered, strength of the program, tuition fee, availability of scholarships and financial aid, among others. 

If you are having trouble finding the ideal course for you, here is the easiest thing you can do, write to us (contact information at the end) or register with us here.

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Step 2: Make Note of Application Deadlines & Take the Required Tests

Create a calendar of ASU's application deadlines applicable to international students. Overall, US universities offer three intakes - Fall, the primary intake and the Spring and Summer intakes. Following that, prepare a schedule to prepare for and take the required standardised tests. Without your test scores, you are likely to be at the first step towards rejection although a good number of US universities have been offering test waivers to eligible students.

Find out the application deadlines of all popular US universities offering bachelors courses here or reach out to us and we can help you create a unique admissions timeline for you.

Step 3: Write a Successful Application

Writing a successful application to US universities entails a number of important factors including academic indicators, your characteristics that make you unique and your career goals and priorities that meet the university’s requirements.

To ensure a hassle-free admission process, get in touch with our admissions experts who provide end-to-end guidance on writing your application, gathering your documents and even ensuring a successful visa application. 

Admission Criteria for Undergraduate Applicants includes Academic Transcripts, test scores of standardised tests like the SAT or ACT, essays and personal statements, letters of recommendation, English language proficiency (TOEFL, IELTS or PTE Academic), special talents (based on evidence; if applicable) and more.

Need Help Writing the Perfect SOP And/Or LOR?

Step 4: Pay the Application Fee: While some universities ask for a non-refundable fee, some may have a refund policy. Find out how much US universities charge as application fees by dropping us a mail (email address below).

Step 5: Have Required Materials Sent Directly

Have official transcripts and test results of standardised and English proficiency tests sent directly from your school or exam board to the university's admission services. The records must include courses completed, certificates or degrees awarded, grades or marks earned. Also, make sure that it includes a certified English translation of all documents not issued in English. 

Step 6: Submit Evidence of English Language Proficiency

Whether you have taken the TOEFL, IELTS, PTE Academic or Duolingo English test, have your scores sent directly to the university.

Step 7: Submit All Documents

The next thing you need to do is submit all documents in original or an attested copy with an original seal or signature. All documents should be translated into English in case they are not issued in English. Remember, you need to send documents only after filling in your application or else the process may get delayed.

Step 8: Submit Your ACT/SAT Scores

Depending on the university and its test policies, you may or may not submit your ACT/SAT scores. Since 2020, a number of US universities have gone test-optional, test-flexible or test-blind. These scores, if asked for, may be used for admissions, scholarships, course placement or as supplemental information. Have them sent directly to the university from ACT or College Board when you register for the test. Check out US universities that have gone test-optional.

Step 10: Submit Your Student Visa Application

All international students planning to attend a US university will have to first apply for an I-20 in order to apply for an F-1 or J-1 student visa. Find everything about US student visas here

How to Apply for Masters in the US

Here are the steps you must follow when applying for a Master's degree/graduate course in the US:

Step 1: Make Sure You Meet Admission Requirements

Look into the graduate programs offered by the university as well as their respective eligibility criteria. While every program would have different requirements, the universities maintain minimum standards for admission to graduate programs. These are:

  • Must have earned a bachelor’s degree or higher from an accredited and recognised university.

  • Must have obtained a 3.00 GPA on a 4.00 scale in undergraduate degree.

  • May or may not be required to meet GRE/GMAT score requirements, depending on the university.

Step 2: Know When to Apply

To apply to graduate degree programs at universities in the US, be mindful that each university and department might have a different application deadline. This might be a little confusing in the beginning, an expert or mentor to lead the way may help you put your mind at ease.

Step 3: Complete the Graduate Application

Kickstart your journey by simply registering with us here. We have top study abroad consultants on board to help you with your entire admission process. Apart from ensuring admission to your preferred university, our experts assist you in writing essays, LORs, SOPs and provide the necessary visa assistance. You can also browse through our carefully curated list of popular US universities here, which you can further narrow down based on the stream, level, fees range and so on. Our exceptional services will help you get into your dream school with scholarships.

Step 4: Pay the Application Fee

You will have to submit a non-refundable or refundable application fee to complete your application for admission to a US university. You may make the payment using a Visa or Mastercard.

Step 5: Send Official Transcripts

Have your original academic transcripts from each secondary school, university, college or technical school sent directly to the university's Graduate Admission Services. The same must include courses completed, grades or marks earned and so on along with a certified English translation of all documents not issued in English.

Step 6: Send English Language Proficiency Test Scores

Have your TOEFL, IELTS or PTE scores sent directly to the university using the university’s institutional code.

Step 7: Submit GMAT/GRE Scores

If your program requires you to submit GMAT or GRE scores, have your official scores sent directly to the university. Some might need you to submit additional documents based on the program you are applying for. These may include LORs, SOPs, an updated resume and so on.

Step 8: Arrange Visa and Immigration Documentation

You will need to first apply for an I-20 to apply for an F-1 or J-1 student visa. In case you are in the US on a valid visa, you will have to provide proof of the same.

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Popular US Universities for 2022-23 Admissions

Here are some other popular US universities apart from ASU, to which you can apply in the upcoming academic year:

Name of University

Admission Intakes

Courses on Offer

Tuition Fee Range

Boston University

Fall & Spring

List of Courses

Bachelors - $62,267; Masters - $58,560



List of Courses

Bachelors - $43,012; Masters - $32,858

University of Southern California

Fall & Spring

List of Courses

Bachelors - $60,446; Masters - $59,260

Carnegie Mellon University

Fall, Spring & Summer

List of Courses

Bachelors - $57,560; Masters - $52,420

University of Pennsylvania

Fall & Spring

List of Courses

Bachelors - $54,652; Masters - $49,000

Duke University

Fall & Spring

List of Courses

Bachelors - $60,594; Masters - $28,950

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Fall & Spring

List of Courses

Bachelors - $53,450; Masters - $55,510

Northwestern University

Fall & Spring

List of Courses

Bachelors - $60,276; Masters - $56,567

University of Florida

Summer, Fall & Spring

List of Courses

Bachelors - $48,340; Masters - $49,810

Manchester University

Fall & Spring

List of Courses

Bachelors - $35,206-$44,758; Masters - $47,100

Purdue University

Summer, Fall & Spring

List of Courses

Bachelors - $31,104; Masters - $9,401

University of Michigan

Fall, Summer & Winter

List of Courses

Bachelors - $53,232; Masters - $48,542

Ottawa University

Spring-Summer, Fall & Winter

List of Courses

$14,389 to $26,354 per term

University of Illinois

Fall & Spring

List of Courses

Bachelors - $35,206-$44,758; Masters - $28,464

You can also write to us at to get in touch with our admissions counsellors who would guide you through the entire US university admissions process.

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