Part-Time Jobs in Australia for International Students

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Thinking of part-time job opportunities in Australia whilst studying? Then check the list of part-time job roles, pay scale and procedure to apply for a part-time job in Australia here:

While studying abroad, a number of international students choose to work on a part-time basis and earn extra money. The money earned helps them to pay bills and spend on extra activities and travel. Different countries have their own set of regulations and guidelines to allow international students to work whilst studying at the university. 

Australia is one of the countries that gives flexibility to students to work on a part-time basis along with full-time studies at the university.

Find out details related to part-time job options for International Students in Australia here: 

Part-Time Job Regulations For International Students In Australia 

International students in Australia have the flexibility to work for a maximum of 20 hours a week on a part-time basis. One who thinks of a part-time job in Australia must abide by the rules and regulations defined by the government and policies defined in the visa. In case the rules are followed appropriately, the government holds all rights to cancel students' visas.

The rules and restrictions under Australian student visas regarding job includes the following:

  • The student must have a valid student visa grant allowing permission to work along with studies.

  • The student must be enrolled in a full time study programme approved by the Australian government.

  • He/ She must meet the requirements of the study program in which they are enrolled.

  • The student must attain the minimum attendance requirement of the course and the School of study. 

  • The Student will have to maintain the Overseas Student Health Cover. 

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Where Can I Find Jobs For International Students In Australia?  

Finding a part-time job for an international student is not that difficult provided you have good communication skills and you fulfil the basic requirement for a specific job profile. The foremost thing that needs to be done before finding a job is to create an appropriate CV. A good CV leaves the first impression on the employer and helps you get shortlisted for the job. As a part-time job does not require much experience and strong educational background, you must make sure to add interest and extra skills in the CV.  Now that you have a good CV, the next step is to apply for a job. Finding a job may be a little tedious as there are several factors that need to be considered as a student. It includes the location, work shifts, working hours, payscale and rules and regulations of the employer. 

Find out how to search and apply for part-time jobs in Australia:

Online Portal: You can search for part-time jobs on online sites. Sites like Indeed and seek to publish a lot of job openings on a daily basis. You can shortlist the job as per your requirement and apply for it. You can also directly contact the employer regarding any job opening.

Local Newspaper: The local newspapers publish job openings which you can find and apply. Ensure to go through the job opening sections in the local newspaper and contact the employer for details.

Reference: It is easiest to get a job through reference. You can contact the carer team of the university, alumni of the university, professors for a part-time job reference. As you may not be well accustomed to the new place, it is best to take help from the people of the university. 

Internal Jobs: There are some jobs that are offered to students on a part-time basis within the campus like assistant in the library, labs, gym area, parking lots and cleaning. You can look for internal job openings of the university and contact the concerned department. 

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A part-time job is a good option to utilise spare time to earn extra money while studying abroad. However, it is highly recommended that one must not compromise within his studies and not deviate from his actual goal. Also, they should take good care of health and time management.

Part-Time Job Profiles In Australia For International Students

There are ample part-time job opportunities for international students in Australia. Based on skills, interest, payscale and time schedule, students can work part-time in Australia and earn extra money. Check some of the best part-time job options for international students in India here. 

Private Tutor

The private tutor job is one of the highly preferred and most respectful part-time jobs for students. Students with good knowledge of a subject can apply for private teaching jobs and earn good amounts of money. The salary range of a private tutor ranges from AUD 20 to AUD 40 per hour. 

Food Chain Industry

The Food Chain Industry is perhaps the one that offers the largest part-time job opportunities for students in Australia. It includes jobs at restaurants and hotels with multiple job roles like cashier, waiter/ waitress, delivery boy, helper, assistant chef etc. The salary may vary depending on the type of restaurant and job role in a food chain industry. The average salary ranges between Rs 25 dollar to 30 dollars per hour.

Admin Executive 

Students can apply for the job roles as an admin executive and work at the front office or executive offices. Those who have good management and communication skills find it easier to get a job role as an Admin Executive. The salary range of an Admin Executive ranges from Dollar 25 to 030 per hour depending on the type of job role taken. 


In Australia, a part-time job as a Bartender is easily available. The job is available in shifts and students. Depending on the experience, one can earn a good amount of money. The average pay scale of a Bartender working on a part-time basis is Dollar 22 to 25 per hour. 

Customer Care Centres

Almost all organisations and sectors have Customer Care Centres to resolve queries of customers and meet their needs. The department requires a good number of candidates working on a part-time basis. The job is available in shifts and demand is also high. Students with good communication skills can apply for job roles in Customer Care Centres and earn good amounts of money. The pay scale may range from Dollar 25 to 30 per hour. 

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Pay-Scale And Taxes For International Students In Australia

As discussed above, the salary of a student working on a part-time basis depends on various factors like the working hours, type of job role, working shift and the organisation. However, one can estimate the average salary scale in Australia for a part-time job for a particular job role from the table given below: 

Job Role 


Private Tutor

20 to 40 Dollars 


21 to 25 Dollars 

Delivery Boy 

8 to 12 Dollar per Delivery 

Waiter/ Waitress 


21 to 25 Dollars 

Admin Officer 

25 to 30 Dollars 


22 to 25 Dollars 

Customer Care Executive 

25 to 30 Dollars 

An international student living in Australia for more than six months is considered as an Australian resident for tax purposes. All information related to tax is can be confirmed from the ATO’s website.  Even if the student chooses to work on a part-time basis he is considered to pay the tax provided the income is $18,200 or above. He/ She will have to pay income tax for the year ending on June 30 in Australia. 

Top Universities In Australia For International Students 

If Australia is the prefered destination for you to study abroad then check the list of some universities in Australia for higher education:

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University of Queensland Brisbane List of Courses
University of Adelaide Adelaide List of Courses
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The University of Newcastle Callaghan List of Courses
Victoria University Melbourne List of Courses
University of Canberra Canberra List of Courses

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