Popular STEM Degree Courses in Canada

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Since STEM curricula focus on applied, transdisciplinary modus operandi of learning, aspirants earn a degree with a set of highbrow skills that are in demand in the workplace. There are exemplary popular STEM degree courses in Canada. Scroll through the article to know more!

Let’s admit it, it is quite hard to decide the right discipline of study for postsecondary education. Spending lakhs of rupees as an investment on education overseas means you are required to plan or think carefully about which discrete program you will choose to enrol in to complete your bachelor's degree even before emigrating across the world for specialised courses.

This decision is perhaps even more difficult for aspirants who are yearning to get educated in foreign lands, than for domestic ones. As a result of increased opportunities in fields such as computing and engineering in Canada, STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) programs are magnetizing a broad spectrum of international students situated at divergent tips of the globe.  

In this article, we will examine why you should study STEM at Canadian universities, what a degree in STEM means, career paths/opportunities in or after STEM, and the most popular STEM degree courses in Canada.

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Why Study STEM at a Canadian university?

Canadian education systems are not only known for their structure, but also for their internationally recognized degree programs. More than 2.8 million STEM graduates are living in Canada, helping it maintain its place as the world's most educated workforce. Cities such as Vancouver, Montreal, Ottawa, and Toronto rank in CBRE's top 20 tech talent markets across North America. Growing STEM education has contributed to technological advancements in Canada. Currently, the country has more than 41,500 tech companies and nearly one million tech jobs. And the good news is, this number is amplifying! 

A key reason for Canada's popularity as a study abroad destination is its affordability. As a result, Canadian universities like Brandon University & Memorial University offer superior education at economical tuition fees compared to American and British counterparts. For students completing their degrees in certain regions, Canada offers a post-graduation work permit for up to three years, as well as pathways to permanent residency.

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What are Degrees in STEM?

As the acronym suggests, STEM degrees are to be trailed in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics programs. Each program requires research and rational analysis. As the BLS report reveals, STEM edifying candidates have the potential to pursue manifold career streams.

Engineering students, for instance, can take classes in civil, computer engineering, and electrical whereas science students can take classes in biology, veterinary medicine, or animal science. Or, they could even work tirelessly towards an array of goals, ranging from maintaining servers networks safely to structuring gigantic bridges.

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What are Career Pathways in the STEM Field?

The Government of Canada has put in place various programs aimed at enhancing the involvement of the young generation in STEM fields. The Council of Canadian Academics reports that STEM skills provide people with options for education and employment in uncertain economic times.

A report by the World Economic Forum in 2018 says- Globally, technological change and shifting job roles and occupations have dramatically changed the skills demand. Whereas, BLS data indicates that math-related jobs will grow the fastest by 2029, with 33% more jobs projected. Also, science career paths are projected to grow more rapidly than ever. Therefore, no matter what career path you may choose, STEM careers are certainly a doorway to a promising future.

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Popular STEM Degree Courses in Canada

Numerous Canadian universities also offer specialized STEM programs and that’s the reason Canada has become one of the top destinations for international students pursuing STEM-related courses. While another reason is it's much easier to obtain permanent residency and perceive work after graduation. Please find the list of top courses down below in the stated fields of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics.


Among academia's high-quality research outputs in the natural sciences, Canada ranks in the 7th position worldwide. Learn the analytical and research skills you need to build for a rewarding career by studying programs such as:

  • Environmental sciences.

  • Biology and microbiology.

  • Chemistry.


Develop skills that are in demand across industries, including digital and technical skills. Tech studies offer career opportunities in a range of areas, such as:

  • Information systems.

  • Computer science.

  • Cyber security.

  • Data science and machine learning.


An engineering degree prepares you to handle real-world issues on a daily basis. Various engineering disciplines are available to suit your interests, such as:

  • Computer engineering.

  • Civil engineering.

  • Power engineering.

  • Chemical engineering.


You will learn the skills necessary to solve analytical problems in a variety of industries. The degree you earn will open up global career opportunities, such as:

  • Mathematics and applied mathematics.

  • Data science.

  • Computing science.

  • Statistics.

To summarize, a university with a higher reputation and greater popularity will put a stamp on your resume, a STEM field of your interest will leave an indelible mark on your career path. It is this brand of top-notch careers in life that can pave the way for sustainable and exceptional salaries in the future. Thus, the return on investment for these popular STEM courses in Canada will be that much faster and better because you will have to consider what colleges will offer you as a payback.

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You can request more information about STEM degree courses in Canada by emailing us at abroad@collegedekho.com. In collaboration with our study abroad experts, we place many students at the best Canadian academic institutions for STEM courses. In reviewing the list of our students enrolled at the best Canadian universities, we find out that many of them are now pursuing their dreams of studying abroad. Know More.

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