LOR Supervisor Format - How to Write a Professional Letter of Recommendation?

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A well-written LOR can show impressive characteristics that go beyond self-promotion. Scroll through the article to get insights into writing a professional LOR along with bonus tips.

While researching to apply to universities abroad, you may have probably heard of something called a letter of recommendation. The quality of your letter of recommendation can make an immense disparity between receiving an offer of admission regardless of which university, program, or country you are applying to.

Your application can be more competitive if you provide a well-crafted professional LOR from someone who knows you well and can articulate your persona, morality, and professional performance. The purpose of this is to help the Admission Officers gain an insight into your profile, recent behaviours, etiquettes and decide whether or not you would be a good fit at their university/workplace.

What is a Professional Letter of Recommendation?

LORs are important documents, especially for admission to a master's program or any other post-graduate program, as well as when applying for jobs and demonstrating the person's work ethic and skills. Specifically, it evaluates the candidate's ability to work in diverse environments and references their domain knowledge.

A supervisor or manager writes an official recommendation letter when recommending a student, employee, or colleague to advance their career. This is an excellent tool for highlighting the strengths and most significant characteristics of an applicant from the standpoint of their supervisor, guide, mentor, or professor.

As opposed to an academic recommendation letter, a professional one is primarily concerned with your leadership skills and professional accomplishments. Additionally, they must be issued only on the organization's letterhead, duly signed and stamped.

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Why is a Professional Letter of Recommendation Important?

A LOR is one of the most important requirements and is even considered to be an influential document for candidates applying to MBA programs and/or research-based courses abroad. Generally, professional letters of recommendation are required for admission to professional programs like MBA, MS, BBA, etc. The LORs submitted by MBA candidates often receive a weighting of almost 8% by the top-most MBA universities abroad. In the case of volunteers, social workers, or professionals who took a break from their studies to work, a letter of recommendation from a supervisor will both help vouch for their skills and provide verification of the reasons for taking a break.

Note: Professional LORs provide a picture of your leadership abilities, and more importantly, how well you can work in teams and collaborate with other teams. Therefore, only your immediate manager/supervisor should compose the letter of recommendation because they fully understand the importance of it and will therefore include accurate or faultless information.

Important Attributes to Mention in a Professional LOR

Fabricate a recommendation letter that portrays your skills, both managerial as well as techniques which integrate your unique abilities. Use the following attributes to provide a brief explanation (in a concise manner):

  • Soft skills.

  • Leadership abilities.

  • Instances of strengths in the workplace.

  • Territories of expertise.

How to Write a Professional Letter of Recommendation?

The letter of recommendation should begin with the following:

Always start by saying: To Whomsoever It May Concern

First Paragraph

An introductory paragraph should describe the recommender's credentials, such as the recommender's name, company name, title, their relationship with the candidate, and how long they have known each other.

Second Paragraph

The purpose of this paragraph is to highlight the qualities of the applicant, such as research aptitude, academic proficiency, leadership, communication skills, teamwork, innovative ability, initiative, responsibility, work ethics, and maturity.

Third Paragraph

In the third paragraph, the admission committee is told about the other qualities the candidate possesses. Remember, the third paragraph should not repeat the second paragraph. The gist should help the admissions committee to get a better sense of the candidate, which will help make the decision-making process more efficient.

Fourth Paragraph

At this point, the recommender should discuss the extracurricular activities and achievements of the candidate. By emphasizing important characteristics such as passion, devotion, enthusiasm, etc., it helps in highlighting important traits.

Fifth Paragraph

As the conclusion of the letter, it should summarize the letter's key points.




  • No grades or scores of competitive tests should be mentioned in a recommendation letter unless they are necessary for interpreting some academic details.

  • Unless considered absolutely necessary, private and sensitive information about you should only be included if it is relevant.

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The Length, Format, and Font of LOR

A reference letter's style is just as important as its content. Below you'll find tips for how long your letter should be and how to format it.

  • Length: Avoid writing more than one page of the letter, and keep the letter succinct and to the point. A standard length of three or four paragraphs is perfect to explain how you know the person and why you are recommending them. (Do not write a letter that's too short as it may indicate you don't know the person well or you aren't fully supporting them.)

  • Format: You should single-space your letter of recommendation and separate each paragraph with a space. The top, bottom, left, and right margins of the page should be about 1" wide, and the text should be aligned to the left (the normal position for most documents). 

  • Font: Choose traditional fonts such as Arial, Calibri, or Times New Roman. It's best to use a font between 10 and 12 points so that it's easy to read. Keeping your letter to one page is easy by adjusting the font size.


  •  Make sure your letter is proofread before you send it.

  •  The letter can be edited by another person but the candidate's name must be omitted to protect the candidate's privacy. 

Always Remember!

Professional letters of recommendation are crucial documents that can make the difference between getting into a top university and not. Obtaining a letter of recommendation for higher studies from an employer can prove to be a credible and influential document during decision-making. Do not make the same mistake, contact the right people when you are asking for a letter of recommendation.

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