Study in the UK: Timeline for May Intake 2022 for International Students

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Along with the major intakes in the UK i.e. September and January, some UK universities also accept admission for the May intake, which is the Summer intake in UK. Check all the details related to UK summer intake for international students here:

UK Universities accept admissions for three terms in a year, which are categoried into Autumn, Winter and Summer intakes. Most of the intakes in the UK for international students happen in the Autumn and Winter Term that begin in the month of September and January respectively with September being the primary intake for international students. However, there are some UK universities that accept admissions for the summer intake, which usually begins in the month of May.

Although the courses offered in the summer term and universities offering it are limited, the Summer/ May intake in the UK is a good opportunity for those international students who miss the September or January deadlines. Also, students who do not want to wait until the September intake can also apply for Summer/ May intakes in universities offering the courses of their choice. 

Scroll down to know the list of courses and universities in the UK offering to international students admission for the Summer intake. Also, check the timeline for summer intake in the UK.

Important Dates to Apply for Summer Intake 2022 in the UK

Students who desire to study in one of the universities in the UK need not wait for September as one can see from the above table that there are a number of universities that enrol students for summer intakes. Students can start applying for summer intakes as early as possible, however, no applications are accepted after the application deadline. Check the following table to know the deadlines to apply for summer intakes in the UK: 


Application Deadline

Summer/ May

April 30 

Note: These dates apply to most universities, however, there may be variations depending on the course of study and students should check specific programme dates with the department that offer the course.

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Timeline For Summer (May) 2022 Intake in the UK

Most UK universities offering courses for the summer term have a predefined schedule to accept the application and complete the admission process. 

As the summer intake is offered by a few universities/colleges, the number of applicants is less and hence the chances of getting the offer for an international student is quite high.

However, there are also some universities that announce the summer intake schedule, plans and course once the admissions for rest of the intake is complete. In such a case, candidates need to complete the formalities of the application process and visa process in a short span of time. 

Following is the general timeline for Summer intake in the UK:


August to September: Explore Colleges Offering Courses for Summer Intake

Usually the admission process for Summer intake in the UK is completed by the month of August. By this time, students who are not able to get enrolled for the September term can look forward to applying for upcoming terms for admissions in the UK.

Apart from the winter intake, candidates can shortlist the list of colleges offering admission for Summer (May) intake and also check the courses offered by them for the specific term: 

September to October: Take the Test

Based on the course requirement of the specific UK institute, the candidate must take the Test like GRE, GMAT, IELTS, TOEFL or PTE.  The test must be taken as early as possible to keep the scorecard ready while filling the application form for admission. 

October To February: Apply for Admission

After shortlisting the colleges and courses offered by UK universities for Summer Intake, candidates can start applying at the university. One must ensure to have the required test scores to be uploaded at the time of filling the application form, as defined by the specific institute. 

International students are highly recommended to apply for summer intake as early as possible. If they already have a good test scorecard taken before August, they can also start filling the application as early as August (if the application window is open for summer intake.

February to March: Wait for Decision

After completing the application form, candidates must wait for the final decision from the institute. The admission related communication is mostly done through the emails.

Applicants must regularly check their registered emails ID for any updates related to admission. Also, one can log in to the application portal of the university to check the status of the application. 

March to April: Apply for Visa

Once the admission is confirmed by the university, international students must apply for a UK study visa. 

Visa process is an important step to complete the admission process and is mandatory to be approved by the embassy to travel to the UK for higher studies.

Check the list of documents required for UK Visa Application for Indian students.

April to May: Plan your Travel

Once the UK study visa is approved, students can plan their travel. They must book the flight tickets according to the academic schedule. Also, they can book for accommodation at the university campus or private residence before arrival in the UK.

Note: There might be changes in the class schedule and travel guidelines for the UK due to the COVID-19 conditions. Students must confirm the decisions taken by the respective institute and also verify the travel guidelines for international travellers in the UK before making any travel plans. 

How to Apply for Summer (May) Intake in the UK?

The application process of Summer (May) intake is similar to that of the primary intakes in the UK universities i.e September and January. The only difference is in the dates of completing the application process. Also, the fee structure of courses offered in May term at various UK universities is more or less similar.

List of UK Universities Offering Courses for Summer/ May Term 2022

The January application intake of 2022 is already complete and now few universities are ready to accept admission for May/ April intake. The popular courses offered for Summer/ May intake in the UK includes Business & Management, Computer Science, Information Technology and Tourism. 

Check the list of universities in the UK that are accepting application for April/ May intake for 2022:



Courses Available 

Bedfordshire University

May 2022

  • MBA in Data Analytics

  • M.Sc Computer Networking with Project Management

  • M.Sc International Business with Data Analytics

  • M.Sc Computer Security and Forensics with Project Management

  • M.Sc Software Engineering and Applications with Project Management

  • M.Sc Accounting and Business Finance with Data Analytics

  • M.Sc Project Management with Data Analytics

  • M.Sc Applied Computing and Information Technology with Project Management

  • M.Sc Computer Science with Project Management

  • M.Sc Cyber Security with Project Management

  • M.Sc Purchasing Logistics and Supply Chain Management with Data Analytics

  • M.Sc Electronic Engineering with Project Management

  • M.Sc Sensors and Smart Cities with Project Management

University of West London

  • Adult Nursing

  • BNursing (Hons)

  • Midwifery- BMidwifery (Hons)

  • Nursing (Adult)

  • PG Diploma in Nursing

South Bank University

April 2022


Northumbria University

May 2022

  • M.Sc Business with Human Resource Management

  • M.Sc Business with International Management

  • M.Sc Business with Business Analytics

  • M.Sc Business with Entrepreneurship

  • M.Sc Business with Hospitality and Tourism Management

  • M.Sc Business with Financial Management

  • M.Sc Business with Marketing Management

  • M.Sc Computing and Technology

  • M.Sc Cyber Security

  • BA Business Enterprise, Creation and Management 

Ulster University

May 2022

  • Extended M.Sc International Business

  • Extended M.Sc Marketing

  • Extended M.Sc International Business with Data Analytics

  • Extended M.Sc International Business with Human Resource Management

  • Extended M.Sc International Business with Advanced Practice

  • Extended M.Sc Marketing with Advanced Practice

  • M.Sc International Business with Human Resource Management with Advanced Practice

  • Extended M.Sc International Business with Data Analytics with Advanced Practice

  • Extended M.Sc International Business with Human Resource Management with Advanced Practice

  • M.Sc International Business with Human Resource Management

  • M.Sc International Business

  • M.Sc Marketing

  • M.Sc International Business with Data Analytics

  • M.Sc International Business with Advanced Practice

  • M.Sc Marketing with Advanced Practice

  • M.Sc International Business with Data Analytics with Advanced Practice

University of East London


May 2022


  • MBA with/without placement

  • General LLM with/without placement

  • M.Sc Computer science with/without placement

  • M.Sc Construction Management with/without placement

  • M.Sc IBM

Coventry University

May 2022

  • M. Sc Psychology 

  • BA (Hons) Accounting and Finance for International Business 

  • M.Sc Adult Nursing (pre-registration)

  • M.Sc Biomedical Science

  • M.Sc Biotechnology

  • BBA (Hons) Business Administration

  • M.Sc Civil Engineering

  • M.Sc Computer Science

  • M.Sc Cyber Security

  • M.Sc Data Science and Computational  Intelligence etc. 


Keele University

April 2022

  • M.Sc Adult Nursing

  • M.Sc Mental Health Nursing

  • M.Sc Learning Disability Nursing

  • M.Sc Children’s Nursing

Kingston University

March 2022

  • M.Sc Information Systems

  • M.Sc  IT & Strategic Innovation

  • M.Sc Software Engineering

  • M.Sc Network & Information Security

  • M.Sc  Networking & Data Communications

  • M.Sc  Advanced Product Design Engineering & Manufacturing

  • M.Sc Mechanical Engineering

  • M.Sc Aerospace Engineering

  • M.Sc Mechatronic Systems

  • M.Sc Renewable Energy Engineering

  • M.Sc  Engineering Projects & Systems Management

Liverpool John Moores University

March 2022

  • Pre-Masters Programme in Business, Management and Law

  • Pre-Masters Programme in Engineering and Computing

University of Salford

March/ June 2022


  • M.Sc International Business (Placement Year Option available)

  • M.Sc Project Management (Placement Year Option available)

  • M.Sc Management

  • M.Sc Managing Innovation & IT

  • M.Sc Procurement, Logistics & Supply Chain Management (Placement Year Option available)

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