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PTE Academic Result

The result of PTE Academic is usually announced within five working days of the test date. Once you are through with the test, you will receive an email regarding your Score Report. The report will contain details on how your scores can be accessed.

The Score Report will be available in a PDF format and it will only be accepted by an institution if your report is sent through Pearson's secure online website. Some of the popular universities that accept PTE Academic results for admission are  Oxford University, Birmingham University, Leeds University, University of New Haven, Manchester University, University of Glasgow, Hertfordshire University, Aston University, Auburn University, Yale University, University of Dayton, Arizona State University, Colorado State University, and others. 

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Highlights of PTE Result/ Score

Check the keys points or highlights of the PTE Result or Score: 

  • The overall PTE score ranges between 10 and 90

  • PTE Result is released within two to five days of taking the test

  • PTE Results is released in the form of a Score Report and it has 3 parts 

  • The validity of the PTE Test Score is two years

  • PTE Score can be sent directly to the universities through Pearson VUE Account

  • There is no additional fee to send PTE Score Report to Universities   

Sections of the PTE Score Report

  • The first section of the PTE score card will feature personal information and the photograph taken on the test day.

  • In the middle of the PTE Score Report, you can view your overall score. It is scored on a scale of 10 - 90. 

  • The final section provides a detailed insight into your performance in the test. The scores for Communicative Skills (listening, reading, speaking and writing) are shown, along with the scores for the six Enabling Skills (grammar, oral fluency, pronunciation, spelling, vocabulary and written discourse).

This detailed profiling will be extremely useful for you if you wish to review your strengths and weaknesses and want to know where you need to focus in the future.

How to View Your Score Report?

In order to view your score, you will have to log into your Pearson account at and follow th steps given below: 

  • Click ‘Sign In’ and enter your username & password and click ‘Sign In’

  • After logging in, click the ‘Current Activity’ link

  • Then click on the ‘View Score Report’ link for the score

  • The Score Report will be displayed in a PDF format, and you can use Adobe Reader to view the same

How to Send PTE Score to Universities?

Once your PTE score is released you can send it to multiple universities and colleges through Pearson VUE Account. There are no additional charges to send PTE Score.

Following are the steps you need to follow to send your PTE scores to universities:

  1.  Log in to Pearson VUE Account. You must have valid credentials to log in to the account

  2.  Access ‘View Score Report’. Section to View your PTE Score

  3.  Now Click the ‘Send Scores’ button

  4.  Type and search the university you want to send your PTE Score to

  5. Select the institution as the name appears. You can select upto 7 institutions at one time

  6.  Click Next until you select all the institutions and then send the score 

Interpretation of PTE Score

PTE is scored on a scale of 10 to 90. You can measure your English language test skills based on the score range you obtain. Refer to the following table to interpret your PTE score:

PTE Score Range  Description    Acceptance of Score at Universities Abroad

85- 90 

  • High level of English proficiency.

  • Proficient in the English language

  • Very fluent in the English language

  • Excellent English writing and speaking skills 

  • Ability to interpret complex paragraphs, phrases and sentences

Usually, the universities do not require such high scores. 

84- 76 

  • Fluent in English

  • Highly effective social, academic and professional communication skills 

  • Ability to understand long texts and expressions.

  • Ability to write well structured and  grammatically correct sentences

  • Usually, top Universities have such high PTE cutoff 

  • Such a high PTE score is usually not required for undergraduate admissions 

75- 59 

  • Ability to Interpret the main idea of a topic

  • Ability to produce clear and concise content 

  • Decent language use and vocabulary    

  • The acceptable rate of speech

  • Some grammar errors and pronunciation issues expected  

Most universities require this PTE score range for undergraduate and postgraduate admissions 

  • Language use is appropriate

  • Fluent in speaking

  • Few grammatical errors expected

  • Demonstrates a wide range of vocabulary

  • Tone and stress is appropriate 

Most universities require this PTE score range for undergraduate and postgraduate 

59- 75 

  • Ability to understand the main idea of topics 

  • Can produce clear and detailed text

  • Grammatical errors and incorrect use of sentences expected

  • Vocabulary is weak 

  • Acceptable rate of speech  

Most universities require this PTE score range for undergraduate and postgraduate.



  • Hesitation while speaking 

  • Poor Pronunciation and language use

  • Numerous grammatical issues

Required at universities for undergraduate admissions 

30- 42

  • Understands simple terms 

  • Ability to interpret the language 

  • Numerous grammatical errors and incorrect use of sentence 

Low score for acceptance at universities

10- 29 

  • Understands only familiar words 

  • Interprets simple sentences 

  • Very basic knowledge of the English language 

Too low score for acceptance at universities

PTE Score vs IELTS Score

Know how you can compare PTE Score to the IELTS band score:

PTE Score ( 10- 90)

IELTS Band Score (0- 9)





















PTE Score vs TOEFL Score

The PTE score comes on a scale of 10-90 whereas the TOEFL score is measured in a range of 0-120. Here is a direct comparison of the PTE Academic and TOEFL score:

PTE Score (10- 90)

TOEFL Score (0- 120)























FAQs on PTE Academic 2022 Result/Scores

Who scores PTE Academic?

PTE Academic is based on automated scoring, with no instructor, ensuring quicker results to share with intended institutions.

How many institutions can I send my PTE scores to?

You can send your PTE Academic scores to an unlimited number of institutions for free,

For how long will my PTE Academic scores be valid?

PTE Academic score report will be valid for two years from the test date.

Can I send my PTE Academic scores to Universities?

Candidates can share their Score Report Code (SRC) with any institution through your PTE Academic account. The institution can take around 48 hours to verify the scores.

What will my PTE Academic scorecard include?

PTE Academic score report will include the overall score, skills scores and communicative skills

How is PTE Academic scored?

PTE Academic is scored on a granular scale from 10 to 90, which is based on machine-scoring, sophisticated algorithms ensuring accuracy, consistency and fairness.

Can I request a rescore in PTE Academic?

Since PTE Academic is a computer-scored test, candidates would not be able to get their scores changed.

What if I don't receive my PTE Academic score report?

Candidates can check their PTE Academic scores by logging into their Pearson account. You can download it in PDF format.

Will I receive an email whenever my PTE Academic scores are released?

Yes, Pearson will send you an email when it releases your PTE Academic result.

When will my PTE Academic scores be announced?

PTE Academic scores are typically released within 48 hours from the test date.

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