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Social Media- Ban or Boon

Anjani Chaand
Anjani ChaandUpdated On: September 17, 2015 04:09 pm IST
Social Media, a new world for today’s youth is like a home to them. It is a platform where they can cross the boundaries and stay in their own w
Social Media- Ban or Boon

Social Media, a new world for today’s youth is like a home to them. It is a platform where they can cross the boundaries and stay in their own world- which is far from reality.

Social Media includes several Platforms like- Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Whats app etc. These platforms have connected the whole and the communication have become far more easy. But the unlimited freedom without any control is harmful to the youth. See, freedom is not bad and it is necessary, also but freedom without responsibility lead to wrong things.

Due to social media, the life of youth is getting affected in both ways, positive and negative.

1. Addiction The addiction of social media is not less than any drugs. The unlimited data packs and access to any video and different content may exploit the teens. Focus is shifting from studies to social media.

2. No Regulation Parents can keep a watch on their kids for the certain age, but later they can’t control their choice of medium. The exploit and sexual content is also available on several sites. Facebook and other sites also have pages which show porn videos, so, filtration and regulation is a must.

3. Improper Verification If the online medium and certain sites are only for people of certain age, there should be something that could detect the an actual age. Students, teens are using it vividly.

4. Inaccurate Sometimes, the internet can be very fatal. The freedom of posting happenings leads to several misconceptions and create chaos. It can make a mountain out of a molehill and without verifying it, people trust it. As I said, there is always a positive side too!

5. Updated There are always two sides of a coin. Similarly, there are some benefits of social sites also. If one has access to different sources to news and other sites which provide useful information, then it is very useful.

6. Fastest Medium The internet is undoubtedly the fastest medium in today's scenario. One can get a minute to minute news and information from the internet and moreover, people are so active that they keep on posting and updating their account. A message takes no time to gain a hype.

7. High Consumption is bad in any case Kaiser’s 2010 report, a study on media in the lives of young people between the ages of eight and 18 consuming more than 7-12 hours of media a day, Nielsen found in 2011 that social networks were the most visited sites on the web.

And in 2014, Browser Media, Socialnomics, MacWorld discovered that nearly a quarter of all teens logs on to Facebook over 10 times a day. Making something good or bad depends on us.

Keep yourself updated and enjoy the freedom but with some responsibilities!!


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