Cost of Living in Australia for International Students

Student Living Cost in Australia

Managing finances is the foremost priority of any student who plans to study abroad. The obvious question ‘What is the cost of studying in Australia?’ can be answered taking a number of factors into account. The type of education you are pursuing, your location in Australia, the university you are enrolled in and many such factors will help you determine the cost. But, knowing the average cost of quotidian things is an important part of your financial planning.

Along with lakhs of rupees which is spent on tuition fees, there are other costs that add to the total expenses of studying abroad such as accommodation, transportation, groceries and food, and other miscellaneous expenses. Not to mention the evidence of having at least AU$20,209 for living costs a year needs to be produced by an international student in order to get an Australian student visa.

Mentioned below are various expenses and prices that will help you know the cost of living in Australia. You can also compare the cost with India to plan your budget in a better way.

Education Cost in Australia

Cost of studying in Australia is the tuition fees for the programme in which a student is enrolled. Tuition fee covers close to 70% of the total cost of studying in Australia.

Tuition fees vary and depend on your education provider, programme, level of study and many other factors. While you must collect detailed and accurate information for specific courses of study offered at an institute for the current academic year, you can check the list of tuition fees for international students at some of the top Australian universities for an estimate of tuition fees in Australia.


Tuition Fee Range (Per Annum)

Southern Cross University (SCU)

AUD $25,200 - AUD $32,000

Australian National University (ANU)

AUD $36,480 - AUD $48,480

University of Melbourne

AUD $25,280 - AUD $52,812

University of Sydney

AUD $9,750 - AUD $67,000

The University of Queensland (QU)

AUD $26,096 - AUD $76,584

The University of Western Australia (UWA)

AUD $31,600 - AUD $161,600

University of New South Wales (UNSW)

AUD $9,359 - AUD $48,000

Note: The above mentioned is for reference. The fee may be revised for the current academic year.

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Accommodation/ Living Cost in Australia

An international student can choose to stay in the residential facilities provided by institutes on campus or they can stay off-campus. The expense varies for both on-campus and off-campus stay in Australia depending on the location, facilities and other such factors.

Here you can refer to the average cost so that you can plan your budget accordingly.


Cost in USD

Cost in INR

Rental Apartments (Per Week)

$185 - $440

INR 9,230 - 21,953

Shared Rentals (Per Week)

$95 - $215

INR 4,739 - INR 10,727

On-Campus Accommodation (Per Week)

$110 - $280

INR 5,488 - INR 13,970

Guest Houses and Hostels (Per Week) 

$90 - $150

INR 4,490 - INR 7,484

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Cost of Groceries and Food Items in Australia

In Australia, you can find all types of cuisines be it Indian, Chinese, Continental, American or Italian. There are also a number of hotels and restaurants around the cities where food is available at reasonable prices which primarily depends on factors such as quality, type of restaurant, brand and season. However, the average cost of a meal in a good restaurant may cost around AUD$40. For expenses on groceries in Australia, refer to the table given below:


Cost in USD

Cost in INR

Whole Fat Milk (1 Litre)


INR 62.87

Eggs (a Dozen)


INR 272.51

Apples (1 KG)


INR 214.11

Tomatoes (1 KG)


INR 246.55

Potatoes (1 KG)


INR 163.20

Beef (1 KG)


INR 812.03

Bread for a Person for Two Days


INR 126.27

Domestic Beer (Half Litre)


INR 287.48

Cold Drink (2 Litres) 


INR 148.73

Red Table Wine (One Bottle)


INR 948.28

Transportation Cost in Australia

Public transport is easily accessible in Australia and the cities are also well connected by airways and roadways. One can use buses, trams, taxis and trains to move to and fro within the city. Transportation costs isn’t something that can be estimated accurately as it depends on the distance of travel and the mode of transportation.

However, if you are looking for the answer to ‘what is the average transportation cost in Australia?’ then check out the table below.

Transportation Medium

Cost in AUD

Cost in INR

Local Transport (one-way ticket)


INR 209.62

One Litre of Gasoline


INR 73.87

Monthly Pass


INR 7,486.46

Taxi - Normal Tariff (1 KM)


INR 99.82

Taxi Start (normal tariff)


INR 224.59

Miscellaneous Expenses In Australia

Along with the major expenses mentioned above, students must have some extra money to spend on miscellaneous things such as recreation, entertainment, hobbies, shopping, medicines etc. To get an overview of additional expenses while staying in Australia, check the table below: 

Facility/ Activity 

Cost in AUD

Cost in INR

Fitness Clubs (Per Month)


INR 3,248.12

2 Movie Tickets 


INR 1,846.66

A Pair of Jeans

$50 - $95.97

INR 2,495.49 - INR 4,789.84

A Pair of Running Shoes (mid-range)


INR 6,488.26

Cold Medicine (Coldrex, Frenadol, Tylenol or Equivalent Brand) 


INR 449.19

A Box of Tampons (32 pieces)


INR 299.46

Dinner at an Italian Restaurant (for two)


INR 5,340.34

Two Tickets to a Theatre

Up to $224

INR 11,179.78

Minimum Cost of Living in Australia

As of October 2019, the minimum 12-month cost of living is as follows:


Living Cost per Year

Student or Guardian(s)


Partners Coming with the Student


Child Coming with the Student


Source: Australian Trade and Investment Commission

Cost of Living in the Top 3 Cities in Australia

To get a better idea of how much you are likely to spend if you choose to study in the top Australian cities of Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne, go through the tables below:


Type of Expense





Milk per Gallon- AUD$5.55

Bread- AUD$2.56

Chicken per Pound- AUD$4.57




Gas- AUD$5/gallon

Monthly Pass- AUD$180


Type of Expense





Milk per Gallon- AUD$4.95

Bread- AUD$2

Chicken per Pound- AUD$4.53




Gas- AUD$5.24/gallon

Monthly Pass- AUD$150


Movie- AUD$14

Coffee- AUD$4.62


Type of Expense





Milk per Gallon- AUD$4.93

Bread- AUD$2.46

Chicken per Pound- AUD$4.45




Gas- AUD$5.16/gallon

Monthly Pass- AUD$147


Movie- AUD$19

Coffee- AUD$4.23

Cheapest Cities in Australia for International Students

Although home to thousands of international students, Sydney is rather the least affordable city in Australia for an international student. Given below is a table listing the top six cities in Australia that are the cheapest for international students:


Average Tuition Fee a Year

Gold Coast












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