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Debanjalee Sen
Debanjalee Sen
Debanjalee Sen

Since her younger days, Debanjalee has always been drawn into the creative and contemplative fields, which attracted her to the creative domain of writing and poetry. Writing has always been a close associate to her, since school days; a medium through which she would pour her thoughts onto a notebook on any topic she felt expressing. Other than that, she used to religiously maintain her daily diary and penned down the daily affairs. 

Since her college days, she took to editing and writing and was the co-editor of the departmental college journal. Her formal education was in Biotechnology, which she completed in 2008 from Assam University, and she had a temporary stint as a QA/QC chemist at a renowned FMCG Company. 

But life had other plans, and her love for creative writing made her join the field of content writing. She eventually had her romantic novel published by a renowned publisher of New Delhi, Shristi Publishers, in 2012. 

Her literary pursuit continued, and she started composing spiritual poems, some of which got published in a reputed journal named “Samvit,” which has a worldwide circulation by the Sarada Math, a monastic order in India. From publishing romantic fiction novels to spiritual poetry, she has always been associated with some form of content, storytelling, and creativity. 

Debanjalee has always been interested in poetry, especially spiritual and philosophical poems. Over the last couple of years, she has composed more than 120 spiritual poems. Recently she has published an anthology of spiritual poems as an e-book Kindle edition. She might publish a few more in the near future.

As a writer, education management, e-learning, spirituality, positive psychology, emotional intelligence, problem-solving, stress management, and related fields have always attracted her attention. 

Currently, Debanjalee is a Content Specialist at an Indian EdTech startup Debanjalee believes there is no end to learning and is always trying her best for professional and personal growth.

Other than content writing, Debanjalee has been trying to imbibe SEO skills as much as possible. She took up a training program in SEO recently, to have a better grip on SEO concepts and provide the best to the readers through gripping SEO-optimized content. 

She tries to maintain her primary focus on solving the reader’s queries and doubts through useful content and not just exaggerating and providing baseless information on the topic.

She believes, “not only Content is the King but the readers too and rightly so”. If your readers get the help they needed from your content, your job is done.

Debanjalee firmly believes in the mantra “the biggest risk in life is not taking a risk”. She believes If you learn from your mistakes, you grow through your failures even. She is a self-motivated kind of individual, who draws her strength from both the infinite spiritual power. She firmly holds the conviction that success is an outcome of persistence and discipline. Motivation is temporary. 

Other than writing, she loves to read. A mix of poetry, spiritual books, psychological, philosophical, and self-motivating books catch her attention. She has always been influenced by the writings of Tagore, Gibran, Nietzsche, Emily Dickinson, Rumi, Whitman, Yeats to mention a few. 

If a book has changed Debanjalee’s life, it has to be “Gitanjali” by Rabindranath Tagore. 

Besides reading and writing, she loves traveling and listening to instrumentals, Lata Mangeshkar, Rabindra sangeet, Yanni, Coldplay, and MLTR.

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