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History, Affiliations and Rankings

The University of Western Ontario was founded by Bishop Issac Hellmuth on 07th March 1878 as “The Western University of London Ontario”. Admissions began here from 1881 onwards with four faculties namely Medicine, Law, Divinity and Arts. The first class graduated in the year 1883. The University received its present name in 1923 after the Kingsmill Family sold the current campus in the year of 1916. Currently, the University of Western Ontario has 12 faculties and 3 affiliated university colleges. According to the QS Global World Ranking, the University of Western Ontario is placed at the 211th position. 

Infrastructure, Campus and Courses

The University of Western Ontario campus is always buzzing with activities of various kinds. Students indulge themselves in various Clubs & Associations, participate in sporting activities, indulge themselves in Arts and Culture and many such things without having to leave the campus area. The students are even offered shopping and retail facilities within the campus of the University of Western Ontario. Several undergraduate and graduate programmes in Engineering, Education, Health Sciences, Arts & Humanities etc are offered in both regular and distance mode to the students. 

Accomplishments and Alumni 

The University of Western Ontario alumni is known as Western Alumni have tasted success wherever they went. Be it any field, the Western alumni have made it to the top of the peak through sheer determination, dedication accompanied by hard work. In January 2020, out of the total 120 newly named appointments to the Order of Canada, 06 were Western Alumni. Similarly, in an article suggesting the name of the top 100 Canadian women, 11 western alumni were on board. The Western Alumni are the pioneers of change around the world. 

Student Diversity and Visiting Companies

The University of Western Ontario has been one of the top destinations for students around the globe for its undergraduate and graduate programmes. Over 39,400 students from more than 121 countries from all around the world have been a part of the rich University of Western Ontario tradition. One of the main reasons behind students choosing the University of Western Ontario is its astonishing first to second year retention rate of more than 93%. 90.6% of the University of Western Ontario grads recommend the University to their friend.  

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