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Jilin University, China Introduction

History, Affiliations & Rankings

Considered as one of the top 10 universities in China, Jilin University was founded in 1946. The university is situated in Changchun City of the Jilin Province, China. The university was selected under the Double First Class University Plan and in 2017, it was included in the list of 38 First-Class A-Category Universities. Five of the total disciplines offered at Jilin University were selected as First Class Disciplines, which were Archeology, Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry and Material Science and Engineering. This leading research university is approved by the Chinese Education Ministry, the World Health Organisation and the Medical Council of India. 

Infrastructure, Campus & Courses

Jilin University is distributed in 7 campuses covering an area of over 6.1 million square metres. Situated in the Jilin Province of China, the university is home to 1 national engineering laboratory, 5 national key laboratories, 6 state-local join engineering laboratories, one national engineering and technology research centre, 10 key labs of the Ministry of Education, 6 humanities and social sciences key research bases and 5 engineering research centres. According to the university, its library has a collection of over 5.2 million books. Jilin University offers 115 UG programmes, over 190 master’s courses, more than 100 doctoral degree programmes and about seventeen post-doctoral programmes covering 11 academic disciplines including economics, philosophy, history, literature, law, education, engineering, science, medicine, agriculture and management. 

Accomplishments & Facilities

The library of Jilin University is designated as the library of UNESCO, World Bank and UNIDO. The dedicated faculty of the university guarantees excellence in research and teaching. Ever since its inception, the university has been playing a major role in the economic, educational and cultural life of the Northeast Region of China. The facilities at the university include a fast gigabit computer network, more than 20,000 computer hooked up to the network, optic fibre cables connecting its 7 campuses together,  easily accessible internet/ intranet in dormitories, classrooms and at home, online education, over 50 multimedia and language learning classrooms (10 reserved for international students), etc.  

Student Diversity & International Collaboration

Jilin University focuses on cooperation with prestigious schools. The university has established cooperative relationships and international ties with over 280 universities, colleges and scientific research institutions in 40 different countries and regions. The faculty members of the university have visited international universities thousands of times and over 500 foreign experts attended conferences and delivered lectures at the university. With a total enrollment of over 70,000 full-time students and more than 6,500 faculty members, the university has over 2,300 international students coming from 122 different countries. The university provides international students with the best language learning experience, flexible curriculum and advanced living facilities, making it one of the most preferred institutions for international students. 

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Admissions open for 2020

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