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Wenzhou Medical University, China Introduction

History, Affiliations & Rankings

Wenzhou Medical University (WZMU) is regarded as a multi- disciplinary University, which is working under the Department of Education (Zhejiang Province). The foundation of the University lay back to Zhejiang Medical College which was founded in 1912. In August 1958, Zhejiang Medical College was relocated from Hangzhou to Wenzhou and was renamed to Wenzhou Medical University in 2013. Wenzhou Medical University became a university jointly established by the Ministry of Education, Zhejiang Provincial Government and the National Health and Health Commission in 2015. It became a key university of Zhejiang Province in 2017. 

Infrastructure, Campus & Courses

WZMU has three campuses covering a total area of 8,00,000 meters. The main campus of WZMU is located at Chashan University Town of Wenzhou. The campus of WZMU is equipped with the latest facilities, technologies and laboratories for providing quality medical education. The classrooms have modern technologies to enhance the learning experience of students. The laboratories enhance the practical learning of students. The school started offering a five-year undergraduate programme in 1958, and master’s programme in 1978. Currently, the university offers 27 undergraduate programmes in four major various disciplines namely medicine, science, engineering and management.  

Accomplishments & Alumni 

WZMU has always been aiming to show excellence in teaching and research. Medical graduates of WZMU are employed in various countries across the globe. WZMU is known for its multi- disciplinary approach in the field of medical sciences education and research. The mandatory internship rule for medical and dental students at WZMU is the major source of attaining practical experience. Medical and dental students of WZMU take up internships to attain practical experience and exposure. Students who complete an internship can be termed as a complete doctor. The medical or dental degree is awarded only after completing the mandatory internship. 

Student Diversity & Visiting Companies

WZMU is one of the favourite destinations in China to pursue MBBS/ BDS courses for international students. Every year, students from various countries apply for MBBS/ BDS admission at WZMU. The admission is granted depending on the candidates’ suitability to medical education. There are more than 13,000 students who are enrolled in undergraduate courses offered at the university, 4,966 graduate students and 890 international students. 

Campus Location

Wenzhou Medical University

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