About Maeer's MIT Institute of Design (MITID), Pune

Pune (Maharashtra)   Estd : 2006 Approved by : AICTE, Govt. of Maharashtra Type : Private

About Maeer's MIT Institute of Design

  • MAEER's MIT Institute of Design started its operations in August 2006, guided by the days leading minds in the Indian design education, with a plan to develop its identity as a research & training institution of highest international quality.
  • In pursuance of one of our future aspirations, we at the MAEER's MIT Institute of Design added a further dimension to the programmes of design learning at our campus.
  • The concept of Design Habitat is in fact a logical and organic extension of our stated philosophy that ensures a total generalist ambience to enable design learning.
  • It would evolve as an overarching concept around the functional framework of the Design Institute which remains an integral component of the Habitat.
  • It is into this kind of stimulating and inspirational environment that mentors from various design related disciplines are invited to interact with the design learners and challenge their young minds to explore newer territories that should complement and reinforce their ongoing design learning.
  • Here are some of the disciplines from which these mentors would be selected: biomechanics, alternative energy systems, linguistics (semiotics), performing arts, plastic arts, design anthropology, sociology, perception and cognitive psychologies and several more.
  • The mentors would ensure that the level of interaction is such that it eventually leads to a learning that is comprehensive, sustained and focused in depth, and directly or indirectly design related.
  • Distributing the course contents in form of projects is an obvious and time tested method.
  • Each project would be formulated so as to necessitate participation of a mentor and one or two young aspirants pursuing the same discipline as the participating mentor.
  • The team thus formed would be led by a member of the permanent faculty of the Institute.
  • Sometimes the project might be so designed as to the participation of mentors from more than one discipline if needed.
  • The enhanced scope of activities at the Design Habitat would also mean that we reinforce, within the present areas of learning at the Institute.
  • To this effect, two new centers of advanced learning are being envisaged for the near future.
  • The first is the Faculty of Architecture.
  • The major emphasis here would be on humane and logical application of Twenty First Century technologies, arts and sciences toward solving the problems of human habitat in India.
  • The second is a Centre for Theatre and Body Language.
  • Even though it might seem to have been inspired by the Bauhaus Theatre of the 1930's, its major thrust would be on exploring the worlds of light and sound effects and ways of communication by means of body language.

Awards & Rankings

  • MITID Students Win Student Design Competition at Pune Design Festival 2017
  • YUJ Designs Uxplorer Awards 2016
  • Gaurav Nandi bags 1st prize for his vehicle design at the Auto Expo 2016

Maeer's MIT Institute of Design Vision and Mission


The College Vision is to build a world class Universally Respected Institution that fosters Innovative thinking.


MIT Institute of Design is committed to provide Education that will add an advantage to its students and will remain for their lives. Our Mission includes

  • To expose students to Multi-Cultural and Global Environment.

  • To make design profession as Multi-Cultural and not specific.

  • To provide an opportunity to the students to study abroad and experience the excitement of learning and living In a different environment and country.

  • To improve the understanding and acceptance of International Education and collaboration.

  • To provide Global opportunities for students.

  • To provide an exchange of knowledge by working with other professors and multisectorial research projects and to strengthen the networking between students and universities.

Director Message

The entire globe today is witnessing and experiencing the mind boggling Scientific and Technological developments like artificial intelligence, internet, web management on one hand and total chaos, confusion, clashes, conflicts, terrorism, bloodshed and massacre in the name of caste, creed or

religion on the other hand. Disregard for ethical, social, moral, cultural and ecological values is deeply rooted in the 'indifferent' and 'I don't care" culture.
The youth of today believes in revolt and action rather than patience and tolerance. In midst of this challenging environment, in order to promote good character building among the young generation, MAEER strictly follows the ethos of value-based education.

Today, it gives me deep sense of satisfaction and pride to pen these few lines about its glorious achievements and its dream of UNIVERSAL EDUCATION SYSTEM coming into reality.
MAEER nurtures the scientific spirit of mutual co-operation and blends it up with professional careers of its learners. For its thousands of students MAEER is a gateway to professional life. For more than 18 years, we have led the development of education in emerging technologies and modem professional practice to meet the needs of our country's economy and of its many employers. In this demanding environment, quality is paramount. MAEER aims to provide the finest environment for teaching, learning, research, innovation and character building. MAEER offers a range of academic and vocational opportunities. 
As a reputed academic institution, MAEER especially values its intellectual and academic relationship with local as well as national industrial community that forms its base and provides the foundation from which it will continue to look to the widest international horizons, enriching both itself and the society of which it is an inseparable part. 
I am confident that the students of MAEER family with wide exposure to academic and professional fields will leave a mark of their services, wherever they go, by exhibiting their sound professional knowledge, unimpeachable character, sense of discipline and commitment I wish best of luck and grand success to all the newcomers at MAEER.

Dr. Vishwanath Karad

Founder and Director General

Executive Director, Treasurer & Trustee

Education holds the key to a progressive world, along with being a crucial tool for solving some of the most complex issues. It hones the developmental potential of our youth and eventually shapes the future of humanity. Being associated with a variety of knowledge streams across Technology, Science, Social Science, Humanities, Health Science, Design and School Education verticals, I firmly believe that learning is far beyond facts and figures. Ideally, education should foster curiosity and analysis. It should be beyond ensuring literacy and inculcate realization of own’s potential.
With a liberal approach, we can imbibe a sense of social responsibility, and instill intellectual and practical dexterity in the citizens of tomorrow. It is upon us to guide these young minds to succeed in the realm full of opportunities

Dr. Sunil Karad

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