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The campus infrastructure ensures that you have what you need to work and play hard! The University boasts of a sprawling 14-acre Wi-Fi-enabled well-maintained, green campus. Besides well-lit, well-ventilated and fully-equipped lecture theatres and classrooms, the University has state-of-the-art computer and other laboratories, language labs, hotel management labs, a modern networked library, round-the-clock high-speed Internet access through a leased line, video conferencing facilities, a sports complex, a well-laid amphitheatre for cultural and other events, on-campus lockers, on-campus housing for boys and girls, a fleet of buses to cover transportation from major parts of Delhi, Gurgaon and Faridabad, a cafeteria, snack bars, kiosks, Café Coffee Day and other recreational facilities on the campus to enrich the overall educational experience of a student. Besides recreational facilities, the entertainment groups bring a variety of shows to the campus each year including reputed musicians and singers performing live on our campus. So come, make the best of student's campus experience.

Facilities like Banks, ATMs, Shopping Malls, and leading hospitals are available within two Km from the campus.

Emergency medical help and preliminary first aid are available on the campus in case of need. The doctor visits the Campus on Monday and Thursday every week. The doctor is also available at the hostels on Tuesdays and Fridays. The University urge everyone to take responsibility in providing a safe and healthy environment.


Students Activities & Clubs

Near By Hangouts within 5 KM from the campus
Hotel ibis Gurgaon (Restaurant)
Berco's Restaurant (Restaurant)
Domino's Pizza - Hong Kong Bazaar (Restaurant)
Pizza Hut Delivery (Meal Delivery)
Vaango (Restaurant)
AREA 69 (Restaurant)
Verdhan Vegetarian Restaurant (Restaurant)
Shreyas Restaurant (Restaurant)
56 Ristorante Italiano Restaurant Gurgaon (Restaurant)
Lord Hestia Foods (P) Ltd (Food)
Paras Hospitals (Hospital)
Elemention Gym (Gym)
NationWide Indira Nagar Clinic (Doctor)
Azaaya Spa & Salon (Spa)
Acharya Tulsi Meditation Center (Gym)
Gurgaon Knee And Shoulder Clinic (Doctor)
KRV Healthcare and Physiotherapy (Hospital)
Hardev Opticals (Store)
Centrum Plaza (Shopping Mall)
The Ardee Mall (Shopping Mall)

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Hostel Allotment Policy
  • Students admitted to the hostel are assumed to be ladies/gentlemen, and of sufficient maturity to enable them to live in an adult environment. Such living involves full respect for the rights of others; a regard for self-discipline and a high standard of honesty and moral conduct. These regulations are framed not to restrict the conduct of individuals but to ensure that a large student body live and work harmoniously together with minimum of friction and misunderstanding.
  • All hostel residents shall strictly adhere to the mess and other timings of the hostel as may be prescribed from time to time. All Hostel residents are required to return to campus latest by 8:00 pm. In special circumstances where a student is required to return later than the prescribed time, due to some academic work, he/she is required to submit written authorization from his HOD/Dean, mentioning the specific time limits for which the student is to be permitted. Hostel residents are required to return to the hostel by 9:00 pm.
  • All hostel residents are expected to be in their rooms after 10:00 pm.
  • It is obligatory for every hostel resident to provide prior information to the Warden for leaving hostel for overnight stay at his/her parents place or local guardian authorized by the parents. If any hostel resident provides false information about his/her night stay (leave), it will be considered as a severe indisciplinary act, which may result into penal action.
  • Students are required to submit the hostel leave form if they wish to go on leave one day before leaving at the time of attendance to prefect.
  • Every hostel resident while proceeding on leave or coming back from leave is required to enter his/her time of entry/exit in the register maintained by the Hostel Caretaker for the purpose.
  • Any association, active or passive, by any hostel resident with any unlawful organization, possession and/or consumption of alcoholic drinks, drugs, or any other intoxicant by whatsoever name, smoking or possession of any kind of ammunition or weapon of assault or fire-arm or any other illegal possession are strictly prohibited within the hostel premises. They can not even come to the hostel after consuming any of the prohibited things. If any hostel resident is found/reported in possession of/usage of any of the items mentioned above by the university authorities or local authorities like civil administration/police, the concerned student will be held responsible and may be rusticated from the hostel as well as from the university.
  • Regular checking of the rooms by hostel authorities is routine procedure and residents are expected to cooperate in this. In case of any doubt or otherwise room may be opened in the absence of the residents by the hostel authorities.
  • If any student indulges in any act of indiscipline in the hostel, the designated Hostel disciplinary committee will take appropriate penal measures. If a student is expelled from the hostel due to any reason his hostel security may be forfeited.
  • Ragging, canvassing and/or harassment of any kind to other students by whatsoever names are strictly prohibited. Strict disciplinary action shall be taken against defaulters. Supreme Court guidelines on ragging will be applicable.
  • No hostel resident is permitted to use music systems & speakers etc. in their rooms. Students found/reported using such items in the room may be charged a financial penalty of min Rs. 500/- and the objectionable appliance may be confiscated.
  • Residents may keep hot air blowers, in their rooms. However, the residents are suggested to use the electrical appliances carefully. If there is any damage found/occurred in the room because of these appliances, the student will be charged a financial penalty of Rs 500/- and they will also have to bear the cost of damage.
  • Hanging of clothes in the balcony is not allowed on week days. If found, a fine of Rs 100/- may be charged. However, the residents may use the balcony on Saturdays/ Sundays and holidays to dry the clothes.
  • In case of damage to any building, furniture or other hostel property, the cost of repairing and/or replacement along with appropriate penalty/fine (a stringent deterrent) will be charged from the student(s) known to be immediately responsible. But, if the person(s) causing the damage is unidentifiable, the cost and penalty shall be recovered equally from all the residents of the hostel in the form of common fine.
  • Any hostel resident who is suffering from a communicable disease which requires constant medical attention shall vacate the hostel unconditionally immediately on having knowledge of disease/ailment.
  • University is not obliged to take the student to the hospital. However, in emergency cases, help may be provided to the students to reach to the hospital.
  • In case of any emergency, the University will try to contact the parent/local guardian of the hostel resident to take their view. In case, due to any reason, the guardian could not be contacted, then the decision taken by the University will be acceptable to the parents/guardians. All expenses related to treatment will be borne by the parent / guardian. Students are required to provide information if they have been suffereing from any particular medical problems/allergy with any medicine.
  • The students may be allowed to keep their vehicles in the hostels. The permission is purely at the discretion of the respective warden. However, movement of vehicles is not allowed in the campus from 9 am to 5 pm, except on non-teaching days.
  • Request for room allocation with specific location or partners cannot be guaranteed; nevertheless, efforts will be made to meet the desired request.
  • Students are strongly recommended not to keep valuables with them in the room and should lock respective cupboards all the time as a precaution. Room should always be kept locked when not in use. University will not be responsible for the personal belongings.
  • The warden may, at his / her discretion, may appoint one or more student prefects to serve as a coordinating link between the Hostel Warden and the residents.
  • No hostel resident is permitted to invite or entertain any visitor specifically day scholars inside the hostel. Hostel residents can meet their parents in the Meeting Room. In emergencies, parents may contact the warden for meeting their wards in the hostel room.
  • No female visitor(s) are allowed entry into the boy’s hostel. Similarly no male visitor(s) are allowed entry into girl’s hostel.
  • No food delivery is allowed inside the hostel from outside after 9.00 PM.
  • Possession of ID card is mandatory and all services would be given on ID card being shown. In case of losing hostel ID card, a fine of Rs 50/- will be charged for issuing a duplicate hostel ID card.
  • It is mandatory for the hostel residents to have at least 75% attendance, hostel allotment in next session may be denied if it is less than it.
  • Residents shall vacate the hostels within 2 days from the end of the final examinations, unless specific permission from the hostel warden is obtained for extension. Cloakroom facility may be granted to the residents who wish to rejoin from next semester. University will not be responsible for any items kept in cloak room.
  • Each student shall be responsible for the furniture and the electrical fittings provided in his/her room while vacating the hostel. Each resident should get his/her room checked, for furniture/fittings & fixtures etc, by the Warden /Caretaker.
  • While vacating the Hostel Room, the resident must ensure that bills of all services availed by him, in his personal capacity, are duly paid for speedy settlement of their security money. No dues clearance on the prescribed format is essential.
  • Hostel in next session will be given to those residents only who have shown good conduct in the previous session.


Sector 55, Golf Course Road, Gurgaon, Haryana, India- 122003


₹ 5.85 Lakh Average Salary
₹ 8 Lakh Maximum Salary
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