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Life @ BIET Davangere
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English Language Lab

The institution provides Language lab facility to enhance the communication skills of the students. Today’s world requires a student who is in good in English. It is the communication media which is needed for our students to advance their careers. The language laboratory plays an important role in learning language. It has a number of facilities to help the student to learn the language and to communicate proficiently. In the language lab the text, video and audio are integrated. The teacher will help to use the features of the language lab. The students can record their voice, playback their recording and can interact with each other and also with the teacher. The purpose or the language lab is to actively involve the students in the learning process of English. The language plays an important role in assessing the student’s speech.


  • Reflection on the organization of sentence components.

  • The use of vocabulary and grammar in fill-in-the-blanks exercises.

  • Vocabulary practice with association exercises, which consist of matching a word with its synonym.

  • Reflection on vocabulary or grammar using texts or lexical groups, in which students must identify words belonging to a specific grammatical or lexical group.

  • The language lab helps the student to become proficient in using the language.


  • An on campus banking facility is provided by Bapuji bank, our college bank is tied up with the Axis bank. 

  • Bapuji bank is fully computerized . It caters to the need of more than 5000 students and staff. The ATM facility is a boon to the hostelites and faculty. The bank takes care of all the college transaction.


  • Reprographic facilities are provided on Campus, located in the central library, in the office and in the placement cell. The facility caters to the documentation needs of the students and staff and adds to their convenience.



Students Activities & Clubs

Hostel Allotment Policy
  • The student & parent/guardian should meet the warden along with his C.E.T. identity card & college fee receipt.
  • Application form shall be collected in the Hostel Office showing the Warden’s consent letter.
  • After duly filling application form get the signature of the admission clerk and the Principal before obtaining the Warden’s signature.
  • The duly filled application form along with two passport size photographs & a pay order of Rs.25,000/- from Bapuji Co-op Bank must be submitted in the office.
  • The pay order shall be taken in the name of the DR.S.S.D.J. LADIES HOSTEL, Davangere.
  • Three students will be accommodated in each room.
  • Every student will be provided with a cot, a table and a chair.
  • Rooms will be allotted by the Warden/Deputy Warden.
  • Students should bring own bed, bedspread, blanket, mosquito net bucket, mug & lock.


Bapuji Institute Of Engineering & Technology P.O.Box No. 325, Shamanur Road, Davangere, Karnataka


₹ 4 Lakh Average Salary
₹ 11 Lakh Maximum Salary
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