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Established Date - 2016   |   Accredited By - Other  
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At CT Institute of Hospitality Management the students are endowed with modern infra and convenient amenities that make their life 'go easy' in college hours, alongside make learning more interesting. Some of the facilities include well ventilated classrooms, recreational areas,  indoor and outdoor games, stocked library, seamless internet connectivity, medical facilities etc.


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Hostel Allotment Policy
  • Resident scholars are expected to maintain perfect discipline and proper atmosphere of studies in Hostel. They should remain in their rooms from 9:30 PM to 5 AM

  • If any resident scholar tries to disturb the academic atmosphere of the hostel, he/she will be immediately expelled from Hostel.

  • Resident Scholars are not allowed to entertain day scholars in Hostel Rooms even during day time.

  • Taking of wine or beer or any other intoxicant in Hostel is strictly prohibited.

  • Smoking in Hostel Campus and in rooms is strictly prohibited. Defaulters would be fined and the guardians will be informed of the same.

  • Resident Scholars should be regular for classes.

  • Quarrels and disputes with fellow boarders should be avoided. In case of dispute report the matter to hostel warden.

  • All routine complaints, in first instance, shall be lodged with the Hostel Warden.

  • The boarders in their own interest must use strong and reliable locks for Hostel Rooms.

  • The resident scholars are advised not to write, display or paste any indecent photographs, posters etc on walls or glass panes or in their Rooms.

  • All boarders must visit the hostel notice board once every day.

  • No resident scholar is allowed to keep any sharp edged weapon/firearm/fire crackers etc in his/her possession or in room.

  • Resident Scholars are not permitted to leave the Hostel till completion of the academic year for any reason whatsoever.

  • The hostel facility shall remain suspended for long vacat

  • Resident Scholars are required to adhere to the Mess timings strictly as notified.

  • Hostlers are advised not to indulge in any kind of bribe lent to mess workers.

  • Leave of a boarder from the institute does not mean leave from hostel. The boarder must apply for the same on a prescribed application form.

  • Leave from the hostel shall be sanctioned by respective wardens.

  • Students absenting themselves from Hostel without getting leave shall be penalized.


Urban Estate Phase-II, Partappura Road, Shahpur Jalandhar - 144020, Punjab, INDIA
website http://www.ctgroup.in/institutions/hospatality_mgt/ct_institute_of_hospatality_mgt.php


₹ 1.8 Lakh Average Salary
₹ 4.8 Lakh Maximum Salary
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