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Gargi College, New Delhi is located in one of the greener areas of Delhi surrounded by trees and greenery all around the campus. The College is one of the most popular female colleges in India. With its immense number of facilities that Gargi College provides its students, the campus feels inviting and a warm place to be. Facilities like Bioinformatics infrastructure facility, which is one of the only two colleges for women to offer such great infrastructure. The college also comes equipped with computer labs, all kinds of science labs, medical room, students’ common room, seminar hall, open-air theatre, etc. These facilities not only help the students for their academic purposes but also aimed at improving the quality of life during their college life.

There are a total of 23 societies that the students can join depending on their interests. There is a society for almost anything and everything that the student might have an interest for. From Hindi and English creative writing society, fine arts, to Western and Indian dance societies, music societies, dramatics societies, quiz society, English and Hindi Debating society, Street play society, photography society, film clubs, etc. These are all student-run societies that compile the strengths of all the student and churn them into products that have won them many awards and competitions in various colleges within DU and other universities as well. The college also provides the opportunity to work in various social outreach programmes like the NCC and NSS.

Gargi College, New Delhi, also has a placement cell that helps the students in getting internships and job placements through the colleges in their respective fields. Through this placement cell, the college also helps the students to groom themselves to be better candidates for the job opportunities with the help of organising various seminars and workshops that help them understand what they, as probable candidates for the various job opportunities. 

Some of the major games and sports played by the students in the college are aerobics, archery, athletics, basketball, chess, cricket, judo, volleyball, etc. The students have participated in many sports competitions for the college and have been able to win many games as well as achieve high positions for some of the games. Along with sports awards, the students are also awarded various academic awards for being extremely good at academics.


  • Area
    10 Acres
  • Buit up area
    1 Acres
  • Classroom
  • Sports Grounds


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Students Activities & Clubs

NAZAAKAT: Indian Dance Society

The Indian Dance Society of Gargi College- Nazaakat justifies this quote. This society is blessed with amazing versatile dancers. Every single member is an invaluable asset to this team. None of their achievements would have been possible if even one member was not present.

Each one of the members have put their heart and soul to build the society through the years, stumbling and floundering through mistakes and blunders and bring the society into a level which not only Delhi University recognizes and appreciates but also various other universities, IIT Kanpur, NIIT University, IIT Bombay are just to name some.

This year the society’s production was Bengali Folk and was choreographed by Mrs. Rai Ghosh and Mr. Ram. They run their own Dance School in Kolkatta and have more than 20 years of teaching experience. The production depicts the rich and cultural heritage of the state, Kolkatta. The dance is well known for its fervour and beauty and is performed by both men and women.


The Society began the year with an intensely packed schedule and a series of consistently timed workshops, wherein professional photographer Ms. Sukhman Dhillon shared her experiences and gave important lessons regarding technique in photography.

Every year, the society has actively organized multiple Photo-walks, exhibitions and trips to encourage the budding Gargi cohort of photographers Iris also organized various other local trips throughout the year to places such as Chandni Chowk, Jantar Mantar, Dilli Hat, Agrasen Ki Bowli, etc.—walks where the society initiated several theme-based projects which largely formed the body of the work they presented at Reverie.

Each year, Iris participates in the Annual Cultural College Festival – Reverie and displays the massive corpus of work it produces annually. 


KSHITIJ- The Street Play Society

the street play society focused on the theme “BE THE CHANGE YOU WISH TO SEE”. Bringing about change in the society has been a struggle ever since humans have learned to contradict, accuse, blame and rule!The annual street play production of Gargi College, JOOTA, a political satire, introduces a person in search of change who finds a ‘shoe’ that’ll bring about the change everyone is waiting for. The person transforms into ‘Jooteshwar’, personifying the ‘Joota’ and gains the support of people to not only fight the elections, but win them too and let the ‘joota’ start the revolutionary change. The question is




KSHITIJ performed at the orientation to promote the ragging-free zone policy of the college. A spoof on ‘Twilight’ series was performed by KSHITIJ as a part of the Fresher’s party that was themed on Halloween. In order to promote new security rules of the college, KSHITIJ performed in the college to popularize the regulations.

ENLIVEN: The Western Dance Society

"Dance like nobody's watching", a very famous motivational quote for dancers across the world, is justified best by none but Enliven, the western dance society of Gargi College. This society is defined by it's un-inhibition, it's courage to try out everything out there fearlessly. It has built itself through the years, stumbling and floundering through mistakes and blunders, but has come to find a strong and unflinching footing in the Delhi University Dance circuit

 Enliven takes it's strength from it's relentless and tremendously hard working team members, be it the new members who put in everything they had into the team to the senior members who have been working extremely hard for many years now. Every single member is an invaluable asset to this team. None of their achievements would have been possible if even one member was not present. Their solid partnership has proven to be nothing but beneficial for the society. They started out as a team and remained a team throughout the year despite all the hiccups. They are the ones who held the team together and did not let go.

Here's wishing Enliven good luck for it's future endeavours, and may it see many more successful years.


Euphony, the Western Music Society of Gargi College is known for specializing in Acapella and has had the opportunity of performing and participating in various University of Delhi’s events and cultural fests. Every year, the eclectic tastes of the members of the society are incorporated in the productions of solos, duets and quartets along with choir. This year’s production included pieces exploring jazz harmonies and medleys of popular songs arranged by the members.

GLASS EYE: The Film Society

GLASS EYE the film society of Gargi College previously involved only in screening films and documentaries is now one of the most active societies of the college. Our main focus at this bend in road was to try our hands at making films of all genres and we have successfully completed our first year into the same. We have, till recently, mainly focused on making films on social issues like Drinking & Driving, Atrocities in the Life of a Widow, Being a Woman in the Society, etc. But now as the competitions demand we have expanded our horizons by making short films on variety of other topics like the Seven Sins & also advertisements and trailers.

Our first movie “Rooh Se Raag” was highly appreciated in IIT-Kanpur and won the best film award at Shivaji College, DU where the judges were highly appreciative about the direction by Aparupa Datta & Srishti Mitra and the uniqueness of the script written by Kamna Gaur. The actor of the same movie Shraddha Aggarwal was nominated for the best actor category in IIT-Kanpur. The same movie was also selected for public viewing and revenue collection  from more than 900 short films sent from all across the country by the  presenters of Pink City Film Festival'14 held in Jaipur. Rooh se Raag also secured 1st position in the first round of the Economics fest (Zenith'14) of Miranda House and secured 2nd position in Indraprastha College for Women.

Also our advertisement on quit smoking made news and won the 3rd prize in IIT-Kanpur.

Yet our second movie “Deafening Silence” brought home the 3rd prize in n another short film event organised by Lakshmi Bai College. The movie was also chosen amongst 95 short films made by people across the country to star in the top 4 movies to be screened in the fest of Zakhir Hussian College. 

Apart from above Glass eye was also approached by the officials of KOSHISH, a school for special kids, to shoot for them their promotional video for an upcoming charity event. We have received with pride "letters of recommendation" from their end as a token of thanks and appreciation.

HUES- The Fine Arts Society
QED- The English Debating Society

The English Debating Society of Gargi College has grown to be one of the most active societies of the College. The society organized a number of events throughout the year. The Conventional Debate organized in association with The Center for Societal Research and the Annual Fresher’s Conventional Debate attracted huge participation. The members of the society were Octofinalist speakers at the National Law University Delhi’s Parliamentary Debate, quarterfinalist speakers at The National Parliamentary Debates organized by Kirori Mal College and Ramjas. Adjudicators from the society won prizes at various competitions. They were finals adjudicators at IP College’s Parliamentary Debate and Sportech Parliamentary Debating Tournament at IIT-Delhi, quarterfinalist adjudicators at the Parliamentary Debates organized by Sri Venkateswara College, St. Stephens College, Ramjas, Punjab Engineering College and Octofinalist adjudicators at IIT-Bombay’s Parliamentary Debate and National Law University Delhi’s tournament. QED has won around 22 prizes in Conventional Debates organized by colleges like LSR, Shaheed Bhagat Singh, Jindal Global Law School, and Kamala Nehru College among others. QED participated in more than 18 National Parliamentary debates in the country and numerous Conventional Debates as well. Through regular mock debates and workshops the members of the society aim to imbibe knowledge that will equip them to perform well at Tournaments

SPARX: The Choreography Society

Sparx, the choreography society of Gargi College takes immense pride in being able to express this philosophy through the art of choreography. The family of Sparx is a group of fourteen members working together, motivated by the same goals and establishing news standards of teamwork. We have bonded over excruciating sessions of practice, day and night of handwork, frequent injuries and yet felt no pain. While we often wound ourselves in the process, we only get stronger in determination. Our head choreographers - Rajiv and Alisha are a source of motivation and have never failed to push us in different directions. Our strategy aims at the optimal use of all talents of fourteen members and we have never failed to follow it.

SAMRANJINI: The Indian Music Society

With a year full of victories and smiling faces adorning trophies, Samranjini-The Indian Music of Gargi College has come a long way. It stands high headed at being referred to as the strongest team in Delhi University.

Though it started off weak, but gradually emerged to be the strongest competitor by the end of the festival season of 2013. It won the Ist positions at Hindu College, Miranda College, Sri Guru Gobind Singh College of Commerce, Gargi College and Kalindi College and IInd position at Indraprastha College for Women, St. Stephens College, etc. With an annual composition comprising of an amalgamation of the most difficult ragas such as Puriyadhanashri and Shuddh Basant, Samranjini has started the year 2014 on a very positive note by taking the trophies home from notable competitions held at Lady Sri Ram College, PGDAV College as well as IIT Kanpur.

Samranjini hosted Rasvarsha-The Indian Music Competitions at Reverie’14, the Annual Cultural Fest of Gargi College, Delhi University.

Samiksha- Hindi Debating Club
UPSTAGE: The Dramatics Society

The year began with a 10-day workshop conducted by the members of Upstage for the new entrants to the Society. The Society put together two productions, one in English called "Blind Spot" and a Bilingual production called "Potential for Violence".

Participation in Inter-College Theatre Festivals:

  • Selected for a non-competitive performance in Lady Shri Ram College in their Annual Fest Tarang, through a Preliminary Round and performed to great appreciation.

  • Selected in IIT Delhi during their Annual Fest, Rendezvous, where they won Third Place for Best Play. One of the actors, Seerat Sethi won the Best Actor award.

  • Selected through a Preliminary Round in Kamala Nehru College's Annual Theatre Fest, Concoction '14 for their play “Potential for Violence”.

  • Upstage participated in two out-station competitions, one at IIT Kanpur where they were selected in the top 5 to compete and the other at IIT Bombay.

  • Participated in the Inter-Rajpal One Act Play Competition in St. Stephen's College where they won the Best Direction award and the actors, Seerat Sethi and Shreya Khanna received a special mention for their acting.

  • Selected for the Atelier's Campus Theatre Festival Season 7, through which they got the opportunity to perform in the prestigious Shri Ram Centre Auditorium.

  • Organised the Gargi Annual Theatre Fest Nivacanna '14, which received 24 entries for the Preliminary Round after which 4 teams competed in the Finals. Team Upstage did not compete, but performed their play “Blind Spot” to great appreciation and commendation. 

  • Selected to perform at the Annual Theatre Event of Daulat Ram College on the 27th of February 2014.

  • Selected to be a part of Expressions, the theatre fest of Dyal Singh College which was held on the 4th of March.

QUIZZITO-The Quiz Society

The college started off the year with qualifying for two of the six AIIMS fest quizzes, a feat which was accomplished for the first time ever. After that we achieved our first victory at the women's league quiz held at IP College where we bagged the first prize. Then two of our members also bagged the fourth place among top 25 teams from India at the IIT Delhi, Tryst Bioathlon.

In the month of February, we bagged the third prize in the Business Quiz held by PGDAV and the first prize in the Literature quiz held at SGTB Khalsa. We have worked on Facebook to create a repository of sorts containing questions that we enjoyed solving.

As the year progressed we organized and assisted the quizzes happening in College. Also a quiz was organized by ITS, Ghaziabad. In Reverie quiz lasted for four hours straight.  One of our teams qualified for the Reverie finals.

Marketing Society

Being strong proponents of increasing knowledge by sharing it, the society has always worked to create synergies of skills and increase the pool of knowledge pertaining to the field of Marketing Management, create a 360 degree exposure and build expertise in this area, of anyone who comes in contact with the society and always keep its eyes on maintaining the name of Gargi College as one of the front-runners among the best performing colleges of University of Delhi, under all circumstances.

QUILLUMINATI- English Creative Writing Society

Quilluminati is the newest society of Gargi College formed in August 2013 and has 20 members in total. Apart from brainstorming about different writing styles in workshops organized for the members, we have also taken part in many inter-college events. 

UNMUKTI-Women's Development Cell

Unmukti, the Women’s Development Centre, Gargi College, has since inception been actively part of the college’s corporate life. Our inaugural event for the term was a powerful solo performance, “Walk” (on September 20, 2013), by teacher, activist and theatre performer of renown, Maya Krishna Rao. This performance, which had an audience of almost 1500 students, reflects on the tragic rape of December 16, 2012 that angered the nation’s collective consciousness; it is a performance that invites the viewer to “walk,” that is, act against, claim agency through the myriad ways available to those oppressed by gender violence, be they women or men.

The next major activity in the first term was a peer-education workshop, facilitated by NGO Raahi, for capacity building to tackle the difficult subject of child sexual abuse. Our final major event for the first term was a panel discussion on “Gender and Mental Health”, with psychologists from Manas Foundation Delhi serving as panelists in an open enquiry into various myths, ideas and concepts in the broad area of mental health and its relation to gender, especially the feminine gender.

The WDC every year in association with Delhi Police conducts a ten-day self-defence training program. As usual, it got an enthusiastic response from the college community: over 200 students completed the training this year. A special “Workshop on Police Procedure” was conducted by WDC teacher-members to supplement the physical training provided by Delhi Police.

Near By Hangouts within 5km From the Campus

  • Entertainment
  • Health & Grooming
  • Shopping
  • Nizam's Kathi Kabab
  • Shalom
  • Kunzum Travel Cafe
  • DeeZ
  • The Project At Park Balluchi
  • Gung The Palace
  • Eros One
  • Cocoberry
  • Smokeys BBQ & Grill
  • TLR Cafe
  • Karims Food Corner
  • Moolchand Medcity
  • Centre for Sight
  • Ogaan
  • Promod New Delhi Select City Walk
  • Pushpawati Singhania Research Institute
  • Select City Walk
  • Dilli Haat Food And Craft Bazar
  • Baskin Robbins

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