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Hindu college campus is spread over 25 acres with all modern educational and recreational facilities. It has a large auditorium and a seminar hall. It has well-maintained gardens with flooded greeneries in its campus. Hindu College Hostel facilities are available for boys and girls separately. Each hostel has accommodation facilities for 120 Hindu college students. There are scholarships available for meritorious needy students to reduce the hostel fees. Hostels are well maintained with all facilities of entertainment and recreational purposes. Hostels have common rooms for residents to sit and discuss academics and other topics. Common rooms are equipped with Television sets and board games.

Hindu college encourages students to have student societies for following their hobbies in arts like dance, music, debate, drama, language, photography, etc. Student Societies in Hindu college includes Arambh Western Dance Society, Abhirang Hindi Dramatics Society, Abstractions Fine Art Society, Adrita Classical Dance Society, Alankar Indian Music Society, Aria Western Music Society, Vivre Film and Photography society and many more. The College has a dedicated cell of NCC or National Cadet Corps for those who have always dreamed to join the defence. Except that, there are many linguistic, debating, choreography, Fashion, Science, Social Cause, Travel student societies in Hindu College that gives the students a versatile outlook of life and the importance of art in it. Hindu College Sports Grounds allows students to play basketball, volleyball, cricket, lawn tennis, etc. Hindu College has 2 sports grounds accessible to students.

Hindu College Faculty staffs are highly experienced stalwarts of education and guide the students to the right path. The faculty staff of Hindu college are the greatest pillars of the student’s academic life in Hindu College. Hindu College library situated in 1899 is one of the oldest libraries of Delhi. It has books on about all the topics and one of the largest college libraries in India. Hindu College festival Mecca is one of the largest in Delhi and gives an enjoyable time to students. Artists like Papon and Amit Trivedi has been a part of the Mecca fest of Hindu College in recent years.

  • Buit up area
    25 Acres
  • Classroom
  • Sports Grounds
  • Hostel Facility

Hindu College Facilities

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Hindu College Hostel and Fees Structure

Hostels in academic institutions are the epicenter of the dynamics of the campus life. Spread over vast area and surrounded by green cover, encompassing gardens, inside and outside lawns, Hindu College Hostel, for over a half century has been providing fuel and force to the life and motion of College’s liberal democratic academic culture. Hindu College Hostel, with its architectural grandeur and aesthetics, has been an abode to many luminaries in a wonderful kaleidoscope that the time-space spectrum is.

Situated next to the sports complex, the Hostel is a spacious structure with 119 rooms enclosing eight lawns with rose beds and hedges. The Hostel provides residential facilities to about two hundred undergraduate and postgraduate male students. The Common Room provides the residents recreational facilities such as Table-tennis, Carom-board, Chess-board, and a separate TV room apart from the newspapers and magazines to keep them on the qui vive.

Get details on Fee, Cut off marks, Admission Process for session 2020.

Students Activities & Clubs

Masque - The English Dramatics Society

Masque is the English Dramatics Society of Hindu College. A premier and well-reputed society,it is the often the first choice of the freshmen student body. A three-round audition process and dedicated work-ethic have allowed Masque to achieve excellence year after year, a tradition its members have worked tirelessly to uphold. Since 2011, the society has staged over seventy performances and gone on to place at prestigious competitions in and outside Delhi. Every year, the society holds the fest Masquerade where they showcase the best of stage theatre that Delhi has to offer.

Ibtida - The Dramatics Society

Ibtida is the acclaimed dramatics society of Hindu College. It has consistently raised the standards and expectations of doing theatre and is thus perceived as one of the most sought after groups in the Delhi University theatre circuit. The society nurtures various forms of theatre ranging from the regular and classical stage performances to the more spontaneous and thoughtfully improvised street plays. Over the years, Ibtida has gradually incorporated electronic multimedia into the performances and at the same time it also stands as one of the only college in Delhi university that still retains the old world art of mime theatre. Ibtida was established in 1991 by the joint efforts of faculty members, Dr. Harish Naval (Department of Hindi) and Ms. Suchitra Gupta (Department of History) as well as theatre enthusiast Mr. Imtiaz Ali, who went on to become the famous and much loved Bollywood director. Ibtida equally owes its legacy to the unrelenting hard work and dedication of its members. At the beginning of the annual calendar, subsequent to new admissions, Ibtida holds auditions for students who wish to be part of the society. Ibtida on an average has more than a dozen stagings of street theatre every year on various social concerns ranging from gender discrimination to corruption. The theatre group also participates in motivating target groups with regard to specific social initiatives. Medina the annual festival of the society is organized on social issues. 

Abhirang - The Hindi Dramatics Society
English Debating Society
The English Debating Society, which was founded in the pre-indendence period ( around the 1930s), is undoubtedly one of the most succesful societies of our college. Comprising of 25 members from a variety of departments from all three streams, its primary focus is towards taking part in two kinds of debates, the Parliamentary form and the Conventional form. We understand that skills like eloqution can come with practice, which is why that isn't our main focus. What we do focus on instead is the ability to think, analyse, how to argue, how to structure arguments and how to build our knowledge base. We aim to make the debaters the best in terms of how well they argue and how convincing they are. We aim to create an atmosphere conducive to learning and a platform that allows for free debate, discussion and airing of all opinions. We organise two debates each year- the Premchand Memorial Parliamentary Debate and the Thadani Memorial Debate, both being extremely prestigious across the country. In the year 2015, we had also organised the Mecca Parliamentary Debate 2015, which was a one day knock-out debate. We participate in debates all across the country, right from the debates held at the various DU colleges to the debates held by engineering colleges as well as law schools in Bhopal, Patna, Chandigarh, Ahmedabad along with Bombay, Pilani and several others.
Alankar - The Indian Music Society

Alankar, The Indian Music Society of Hindu College has been an integral part of the institution's culture since it was founded in 1998. The love for classical music is the core of the group even if the members are not classically trained. The changing times inspires further, strengthening the belief in our age old traditions and the timelessness of Indian Classical Music. Alankar has created compositions in some of the most fascinating and soul stirring ragas like Miya Malhar and Bageshree sung by budding musicians who have been the spirit behind the group, leaving their mark on history book. Alankar is honoured to have been led by some of the most gifted individuals of the generation at Hindu College and blessed to have the best of talent across the Delhi University and the country as its members . It has won accolades and awards at prestigious college events across the country and creativity promotes individuality and innovation in the minds of the group members as they leave for their careers ahead, to be able to imbibe Indian Classical Music in their world. Alankar holds its Annual Music Fest, Harmony, which is held in high esteem, amongst the best colleges who participate with gusto to compete and win this prestigious event. They say 'A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step', and the college believe that they can make the difference in the lives of all with whom the college come in touch through the power of music. The college not only create Musicians but also Music Lovers who would represent the Institution on the World stage. "Next to the word of God, the noble art of music is the greatest treasure in the world " – Martin Luther King

Aria - The Western Music Society

ARIA, the Western Music Society of Hindu College has been one of the most successful cultural societies of the University of Delhi over the last few years. Its setup consists of a Staff Supervisor and then among the student members it has President, Vice President, General Secretary and the Treasurer. ARIA's year begins in August with rigorous auditions, an yearly ritual through which the freshers get a chance to join the society. A five member team of seniors with varying musical specializations is set up to judge around 100 applicants that apply for the membership every year. After a three stage process that tests the applicant's tonality, rhythm, scale, vocal range and creative and compositional skills, around 10 talented musicians are chosen, thereby taking the total members of the society to 20-30 including the senior members. After an initial welcome meeting for the freshers, practices start out in full flow. The society is divided into a) Acapella Vocal Group; and b) Instrumental Band. The society holds practices 4 days a week for 3-4 hours each day. These are diligently attended by all members of the society. The first event on the calendar is usually the College Freshers where ARIA, puts up a splendid show for the new members of the Hindu College family. After this, the society participates in all the prestigious competitions all over the country and also participates in non-competitive gigs and concerts as well. One of the most successful endeavors of the society in past few years was the gig that the society performed in 2013 Fomula 1 Grand Prix at the Buddh International Curcuit, a massive global event which was being held in India only for the second time. ARIAs band, 'Stoned Age' led by Vice-President, Nisa Shetty stood 1st in the zonal preliminary round and eventually went on to perform at the day of the Formula 1 race, winning the second prize on that day. It was a proud moment for the society as this win established a place for the society on the music scene of Delhi University. Ever since, the society has been practicing regularly and participating in almost all the festivals across Delhi University winning accolades and praise in the process. Annual Festival Arpeggioof the Society is organized every year, with participation from lots of colleges.

Manthan is the quiz society of Hindu College. Dedicated to bringing together the quizzers of Hindu College in order to facilitate balanced team formation and thus win as many quizzes as possible, the society also organizes quizzes on behalf of the college. It most recently organized three quizzes for Mecca, the annual Hindu college fest. Members are selected on the basis of their performance in a selection test as well as their performance and quiz-making throughout the year. They are trained in common quiz formats, quizmaking, hosting and organization. The society has won top accolades at various quiz competitions.

‘SAMHITA’ - the language, literature and cultured society of Hindu College is one of the oldest and recognized societies of the College.  The society was incorporated into the plethora of societies under Hindu College in the year 2007. Abiding by its name, Samhita aims to provide a platform for all the societies to put forth their performances. Not only this, it encompasses events of not only a cultural kind but that of language and literature too. The society collaborates with literary departments of English, Hindi and Sanskrit to bring forth presentations, symposiums, transcript readings etc to encourage students to study the literatures and languages thoroughly. This exercise also imbibes into them, a sense of pride,to be able to come up with innovative presentations.

“This society organizes several events every year.  In November 2015, Society had orgnised a group discussion between students and teachers on the topic ‘Role of Language and Literature in Culture’ in which the students and teachers of College took part with great enthusiasm.

Srijya, the choreography society of Hindu College, is a dance team dedicated to learning through experience and overwhelming passion. Through active training in ballet, modern and contemporary, it strives to achieve its fullest potential, with its members trying to encourage each other constantly. Former training in dance is not a necessary criterion for being eligible for the society, as it believes in its own ability to bring out the best in its dancers. What the society looks for instead are young dancers who are sincere, hardworking and love dance enough to want it in their lives even when it’s not simply easy. The art form of dance gives the members an opportunity to break from the monotony of life and indulge into a fun learning experience. In the past years, Srijya has participated and won laurels at a number of fests in various universities in and outside of Delhi. It intends to achieve even more in the years to come, and its belief is that the undying spirit for dance and the unity of teammates will help it win every battle as well as the audience’s heart and cheer.
The fashion society NAKSHATRA provides a platform to budding fashion designers and models to showcase their talents as well as provide a common ground to both the streams to function synchronously for participation and organization of inter-colleges fashion shows and events. The members have been participating and bringing laurels to the society in various in-house and intercollege/university competitions.
Aarambh - The Western Dance Society

Aarambh was formed in 2013. The society strives to promote western dance in all its myriad forms. People here at Aarambh not only dance but perform our hearts out. Students are given a manifesting platform and also compete in various competitions of several colleges. The society endeavours to give chance not only to trained professionals but also to those who possess the potential and try to nurture their talents.

The underlying motive of Aarambh is 'Dance is an art, paint your dream and follow it'. Since it's inception in the year 2013 the society has witnessed immense growth. It has  been an active participant in western dance competition in college festival Mecca and Quarks –the annual fest of the Department of Physics(Hindu College). It has also joined at Amity Youth fest, Pearl Academy fest and Women’s Empowerment programmes. The college envision taking the society to new heights by experimenting with different dance forms, reinventing students and growing together as a team. Aarambh along with Srijya & Adhirta have been organizing the festival Aramya every year.


Adhrita - The Classical Dance Society

Adhrita the classical dance society has its practice sessions and performances at the Bharat Ram centre. Ever since its commencement, Adhrita, has taken part in various competitions and has won in many like IIT Bombay (Mood Indigo), Antardhwani (Delhi University festival), AIIMS (Pulse) and many more. Apart from taking part in various festivals and hosting its own festival, Natarang, Adhrita has had the opportunity to perform on various platforms in college and elsewhere. The society has performed in college on occasions like the opening ceremony of Mecca, the Founder’s Day and the Orientation Day. The society has also performed in front of foreign delegates in the college. Apart from that, it has performed for NSS, Hindu Youth Summit, Youth Alliance.


Abstractions - The Fine Art Society

Abstraction, the Fine Art society of Hindu College has a history of over 25 years. Ever since its inception ,Abstraction has endeavored to support and stimulate various forms of art work like Painting, Sketching, Calligraphy, Graffiti, Clay modelling and Sculpturing. It has provided platform not only to the students of various colleges but also to the teachers to show case their talent and prove their creative activity. Prior to 2008 all the events organized by Abstraction were being held at different sites in the college, presently Bharat Ram Centre of Art, has become the hub of creative activities. With its quiet and green ambience this centre has been an instant hit among the art connoisseurs and much sought after rendezvous for art lovers. Abstraction has glorified the college by the outstanding art work of its artists at various inter college competitions. Its members have been actively associated with various committees engaged in cultural events. Be it the Meeca committee, the Founders Day Committee , the members have formed an indispensable part. Abstraction organizes cultural festival ‘Canvas’every year which is an eagerly awaited event in the college. It attracts talent from various other colleges and is a huge success.

Ankur - Society for the Needs of the Differently Abled

The College society, Ankur, which addresses the needs of the differently-abled, works in unison with the Equal Opportunity Cell (EOC) and various student volunteer groups like the NSS, NCC, etc. to create a amiable atmosphere for differently-abled students and to provide them any sustenance they might require.. The motto of the Society is “Strength in Weakness”. The society organizes various activities for these students in addition to addressing their welfare concerns. The society also organizes an annual festival- “Goonj”. As part of this fest, back-to-back inter college competitions have been conducted like: Poetry Recitation, Quiz, Just-a-Minute Debate, Talent Hunt, and Drama.

Earthlings - The Wildlife Society

Out of the ecological societies of the College, Earthlings, is extremely active and popular. It efforts both evidence the success of the College’s commitment to environmental education, and generate education & awareness for the rest of the College’s members also. Earthlings, the wildlife society organizes trips to zoological and biodiversity parks such as Kamla Nehru Ridge, National Zoological Park and Asola Bhatti wildlife sanctuary. The society has active collaboration with bigger organizations such as WWF engaged in fund raising and awareness campaigns. 

Earthlings, was also the part of a plantation drive organized by Dr. Faiyaz Khudsar, the Scientist in-Charge of the Yamuna Biodiversity Park. The plantation program aimed at planting 50,000 saplings of 15 species native to the Aravalis to bring back birds and animals to their natural habitat. Alongwith Panchtatva society, Earthlings have organized numerous cleanliness campaigns over the last few years. GAIA- Annual festival of Earthlings, is celebrated every year with lots of activities with zeal and excitement.

Friends Corner

FRIENDS CORNER (Counselling Cell) recognizes all students as a valuable “Human Resource”. It organizes counselling sessions and interactive workshops that provide the students a platform to voice their opinions and discuss topics which interest or concern them. The idea is to spread awareness on key issues, infuse a sense of responsibility and empower the students, so that they become confident, independent and responsible individuals. Major emphasis is given on human values, positive thinking, physical, mental & emotional health,stressmanagement,self-awareness,personality development, inter-personal relations,soft skills, personal and social responsibility, and many others. Thus, FRIENDS CORNER aims to promote a general feeling of “well-being” amongst the students. The endeavor is to motivate students and inculcate high levels of self-esteem among them, besides encouraging, motivating and preparing them to help themselves become efficient, effective and responsible individuals, to be able to lead a happy and contented life. Core message to students: “THINK POSITIVE----- FEEL GOOD----BE HAPPY”

Panchtatva - The Environmental Society

Nature provides a free lunch, but only if we control our appetites. This has been inspiration behind the working of the society. This society has always helped enhance its ever growing stature by providing record number of environ-mentalists, nature lovers and well-groomed citizens. Established in 2005, Panchtatva brings awareness among students as well as the College staff about the environment and its protection. Amongst its committed activities are the paper collection drive during the student elections (pamphlets, posters etc.) and donating the collected paper to an NGO for blind students, tree plantation drives in and outside the campus, and anti-smoking campaign in association with the World Lung Foundation.

Manthan - The Quizzing Society

Manthan,the quizzing societyhave proved to be crucibles where the intellectual abilities of students are refined. It is dedicated to bring together the quizzers of Hindu College in order to facilitate balanced team formation and thus win as many quizzes as possible. The society have been organizing quizzes for Mecca, the annual Hindu college fest. Members are selected on the basis of their performance in a selection test as well as their performance and quiz-making throughout the year. They are trained in common quiz formats, quizmaking, hosting and organization. The society has won top accolades at various quiz competitions.

NCC - National Cadet Corps

Hindu College runs the Naval Wing of NCC since 2004. It aims to develop character, discipline, and the ideals of selfless service amongst the youth of country and to contribute to creation of organized, trained and motivated youth. It also aims to provide leaderships to students in all walks of life and be always available for the service of the nation.The national cadet corps navy wing Hindu College 1DNU, has given exemplary performance in various activities & actively participated in various national integration camps and training camps such as Yoga Camp, Swimming Cadre, NauSainik camp, Annual Training Camp, Republic Day Camp, Prime Minister's Rally. Dr. Harinder Kumar was chosen for the Best ANO Award by DG, NCC in 2010.The College started "Arihant", the annual festival of the NCC wing in 2013.

NSS - National Social Service
  • The NSS Wing of the College focuses its activities on three key sectors of providing equal rights, access and opportunities to the underprivileged and/or differently-abled: education, health, and work with the visually challenged.
  • NSS volunteers have been conducting classes (mainly Mathematics and English) at Gandhi Ashram for students from 1st-5th standard, starting from July 2013. They also conduct free tuitions, educational and co-curricular activities for underprivileged children at Timarpur slum near Wazirabad from January 2015.
  • Volunteers are assigned to act as readers and scribers for the visually impaired students of the College to assist them with their academics and examinations.
  • NSS volunteers have collaborated with a number of NGOs and external organizations, including ‘Save the Quest’ (self-reliance for the visually challenged), celebrated White Cane Day (15 October 2015), to mark the achievements of the visually impaired and to pledge never to discriminate on the basis of disability.
  • NSS educates students and society regarding many issues like health, sanitation, palliation, etc. Various health camps and cleanliness drives across campus and slum areas near it have been taken out to create awareness and also to motivate people to work towards a clean environment. They have been conducting free medical camps at various slums in Timarpur, Kabir Nagar, Shakti Nagar, etc. as well as ‘Health and Sanitation Camps’ in similar areas.
  • The volunteers have conducted orientation/sensitization programme by DNipCare (Delhi ties National Initiative in Palliative Care) and are doing various collaborative projects with them.
  • The NSS provides a platform for NGOs like ‘Save the Quest’, ‘Teaching for a Cause’, ‘Helpiez’, ‘DNipCare’ etc. to raise awareness across campus, and also give an opportunity to students to intern in these NGOs.
The Science Forum

The Science Forum of Hindu College was instituted by a group of inspired students and devoted faculty members to pursue science outside the classrooms and to facilitate open dialogue between the science departments of the College taking along social sciences and humanities. Acknowledging the significance of interdisciplinary research, the forum regularly organizes talks and seminars of inter disciplinary nature.  “Intelligent Design vs Evolution” , “Ethics in Science” were the recent topics on which discussions were held.

Scribe - The Creative Writing Society

The literary society, Scribe, hone the writing skills of students and boost their Creative Talents.

The  Society  has  been  collaborating  with  magazines, online blogs  and other societies to augment its talent. Scribe successfully partnered with Campus Diaries, a popular online blog for college students. It has been collaborating with the Parliament  of  Hindu  College  for  the edition of Mushairah. It  aims to host various literary events in future.

Spic Macay - Society for the Promotion of Indian Classical Music And Culture Amongst Youth
The Society for the Promotion of Indian Classical Music And Culture Amongst Youth (SPIC MACAY) is a voluntary youth movement which promotes intangible aspects of Indian cultural heritage by promoting Indian classical music, classical dance, folk music, yoga, meditation, crafts and other aspects of Indian culture.  SPIC MACAY was established by Dr. Kiran Seth in 1977 at IIT Delhi. It seeks to foster the traditional Indian values and to generate awareness of the cultural traditions and heritage of India. In order to achieve its goals, SPICMACAY organizes concerts, lectures, demonstrations, workshops, informal discussions, and talks by eminent scholars and thinkers. These programs are hosted in schools and colleges with support of the local chapters of the organization.
The Hindu College Chapter of SPIC MACAY had organised four events in the 2015-16 session with phenomenal success. The society begun its year by organising a talk cum orientation programme  by Padmashri  Dr. Seth , an Indian Academician, Professor, who  also informed the audience about the society and the projects it undertakes with world renowned artists along with briefing  about the upcoming events of the society. The talk  was followed by the Classic Cinema Screening of the movie CHARULATA directed by Satyajit Ray. The society on 16th January, 2016, warmed up the gathering with a lively discussion organized with 18 Pakistani Delegates who had come to India for attending the meditation session at Igatpuri, Maharashtra.  The issues discussed included terrorism, art and culture between the two countires.  The discussion was then followed by a Cinema Screening of the classic  JALSAGHAR directed by Satyajit Ray.
Vivre- The Film and Photographic Society

Vivre,the Film and Photographic Society, is one of the College’s most active societies, which by screening films and exhibitions provides exposure to students in these areas. It regularly organises events such as film screenings , discussion sessions, photography festivals & contests etc. Vivre organized the screening of Pratibha Advani’s documentary film ‘Tiranga’, which she called a heady mix of “cinema and country”. A photo walk to Connaught Place was organized on, capturing the essence of Lutyen’s Delhi.

Vivre collaborated with The Symposium Society of Hindu College to cover the Prime Ministerial  Debate. Videos were made, wherein the candidates standing for various posts were questioned about their agenda for the ensuing year.

Srijya - The Choreography Society

Srijya is the choreography society of Hindu college which has been functional since 2003. Unlike western dance societies, the choreography societies follow the contemporary form of dance. Every year the society comes up with a ten minutes production based on a theme. Last year the production was based on an episode of the epic, Mahabharata and the society broke all choreography records by winning 10/12 competitions. Srijya has been performing at the Freshers' Welcome, Graduation Night, Founder's Day and Mecca. The team has participated in a number of competitions till now, conducted by IIT’s and have been securing Ist & 2nd Positions. Srijya along with Aarambh & Adhirta have been organizing the festival Aramya every year.

The society aims to spread powerful messages through its productions and create an impact. The society also aim to promote contemporary as a dance form so that more and more people get familiar with it. Ultimately through the vision the society aim to maintain the bench mark the society set last year and become one of the best choreography dance societies in the collegiate level.


Enactus: Enactus at Hindu College was established in 2014 which brings students, business and academic leaders together with the goal of improving the quality of life and living standard of people in need, through the positive effects of business endeavours.Enactuslaunched Project Shreshthin collaboration with the Khadi Department of the Ministry of Small and Medium Enterprises, GOI, to inculcate entrepreneurship skills among women living in Badli Industrial Area.The society identified women of Badli Industrial Area, Delhi and helped them become self-reliant by acquiring the skill of making incense sticks. It is now helping the women set up their business of making and selling incense sticks.

Abhyas - The Internship Cell

Abhyasis a student society of members from various Departments. Since its inception in 2013, Abhyas has made significant strides in making the campus a meeting ground for potential employers and students. Its achievements include a dramatic increase in student awareness of fields of work they may be attracted to and suitable for, as well as a culture of utilizing time out of classes in the acquisition of real-world skills, exploration of various opportunities in advance of graduation, and building resumes of work experience. 

The following companies have been coming to campus to offer internships:Outlook India, Happily Unmarried, Design Karkhana, Philip Morris International, Indiabulls, Teach For India,Make A Difference, Empower India ,Youth Alliance, Thilio, FudFill etc. 

In addition to and supplementing Abhyas’ work, the visits of distinguished practitioners and professionals (often alumni) to Departments for lectures and other academic events serve as occasions for both stakeholders in the employment market to hear each other.

Caucus-The Discussion Forum

Caucus-The Discussion Forum is the premier Group Discussion and Model United Nations Society of Hindu College, University of Delhi. It is a society which aims to sensitize the youth towards the pertinent issues surrounding them and creates a platform to make them conscious of their roles as informed and intelligent individuals in the global society. To achieve the same, Caucus undertakes group discussions and formal debate in the Model United Nations format. The society conducts group discussions every week, throughout the academic term, on issues ranging from general interest to current affairs. Since the founding of Caucus in 2007, the society has grown by leaps and bounds and its reach has extended beyond the walls of Hindu College. Through Vaktavya – the Annual Group Discussion Fest, and IHMUN (International Hindu College Model United Nations) (IHCMUN) , Caucus aims to extend its grasp and reach out to a wider range of people, issues and levels of debate than ever before. It encourages students to:

  • Think out of the box
  • Nurture ideologies
  • Welcome pragmatic changes
  • Infuse in the students the qualities of a good diplomat: Confidence, Cognizance, Coherence, Cogency

In Model UN, students take on roles as foreign diplomats and participate in a stimulated session of an UN, bodies, intergovernmental organization and regional organizations. IHMUN is one of the biggest MUN conferences in the country. So far, IHMUN has seen six successful conferences, organized entirely by the members of the society and backed by sponsorship from major brands. The speciality of IHMUN is that it has consistently had one committee designed for school-going delegates only. IHMUN has seen participation from premier institutions in India, including various IITs, St. Stephen's College, St. Xavier's College, NLS (National Law School) Bangalore, and NLU (National Law University) Delhi. It has also seen international participation from Students .


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FAQs about Hindu College Campus

What are the facilities available at Hindu College?

Hindu College offers various facilities including auditorium, bank, food court, helath centre, library, photostat stop and more.

Is the campus safe for students coming from different cities?

Yes, Hindu College is completely safe for female students. There are CCTC cameras to ensure the safety of all the students.

Is there a gym at Hindu College?

Yes, there is a gymnasium at Hindu College. It has all the fitness equiment such as treadmills, gym cycles, leg press, chest press, etc.

What are the facilities available at Hindu College Hostel?

Hindu College hostels are spread over a vast area. Aaprt from residential facilities, the hostel also offer recreational facilitues such as a separate TV room, table tennis, carom board, etc. It also has several employees such as office cllerk, cooks, watchmen, newspaper vendor, dry cleaner, etc. who assist students in their daily chores.

Is there any sports facility available at Hindu College?

Hindu College doehas a sports complex for various sports such as cricket, football, basketball, volleyball, table tennis, chess, etc.

Which all extracurricular activities are provided by Hindu College?

At Hindu College gives students the opportunity to participate in various extracurricular activities such as drama, dance, photography, fine art, debating, quiz, social service, creative writing, etc.

What are the various facilities available on campus at Hindu College , New Delhi ?

Hindu College , New Delhi offers various facilities to its students including A/C, Boys Hostel, Canteen, Computer Lab, Counselling and more.

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