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NIFM has a sprawling lush, green campus of 42 acres situated in N.C.R. It has state-of-art training halls, computer labs, hostels, indoor and outdoor sports complex and library having unique architectural design.


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Hostel Allotment Policy
  • The hostel accommodation is primarily meant for participants of residential training programmes / courses conducted by the Institute from time to time, visiting guest faculty and for the chairman & members of the Governing Body who visit the Institute for attending meetings or in connection with any other work.

  • Visitors to the hostel will not be permitted after 10.00 P.M. They will have to leave the campus by 10.00 P.M. NIFM reserves the right of admission of a visitor to the hostel.

  • The security personnel/Reception Desk are under instructions to keep the entrance doors of the Hostel locked from 11.00 PM till 5.00 A.M. Entrance or Exit during the said period shall have to be duly explained to the appropriate authority.

  • Cooking of any food item or preparation of tea/coffee in the hostel room is not permitted.

  • Hostel residents will be responsible for any loss or damage caused to the property of the Institute, whether movable or immovable, either by themselves or by the spouse, relative(s) or visitor(s).

  • The residents are expected to allow employees of the Hostel Administration to access their rooms for cleaning, repairs, maintenance and security purposes.

  • The residents are required to use ash-trays, waste-paper baskets etc and otherwise cooperate with the hostel management in maintaining cleanliness.

  • The residents are not allowed to assign any personal work to the employees of the Hostel Administration.

  • In order to conserve energy & water and avoid waste, the residents are expected to switch off the lights, fans etc. and close the bathroom and washbasin taps after use. They should put the Main Switch off while leaving their rooms.

  •  Any music system etc. which causes disturbance and inconvenience to others will not be allowed to be used in the Hostel premises.

  •  Electrical appliances such as TV, Fridge, AC etc. cannot be installed in the allotted rooms.

  • Officer trainees who have been permitted station leave by the Course Coordinator must inform the Hostel Manager before leaving.  A register is available at the Hostel Reception in which Departure and Arrival time has to be recorded.  Officer trainees are not allowed to stay outside the Hostel overnight without prior permission. 

  • Particulars of all motor vehicles (cars, scooters, motor cycles) owned by Probationers residing in the hostel must be intimated to the Hostel Manager. Their parking in the Campus will be solely at the risk and responsibility of the owner. NIFM will be in no way responsible for any loss.

  • Consumption of alcoholic drinks, narcotics or any kind of intoxicants is strictly prohibited in the Hostel premises. Those found violating this rule are liable for disciplinary action. Smoking is not permitted during lectures, practical classes, tests etc.

  • The residents should take care of their personal belongings and use their own locks in the rooms. However, keys of built-in cupboards/tables are to be kept in possession by the residents carefully. In case of misplacement or loss, the fact should be immediately reported to the Hostel Administration. In case of loss of key to furniture/fixture or room, a sum of Rs.100/- per key shall be charged for replacement.

  • The Hostel Administration reserves the right to inspect the Hostel rooms at any time.

  • Officer trainees should take the Morning tea, Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner in the Mess only.

  • Food is not served in hostel rooms except in the case of declared sickness followed by a sick diet.


National Institute of Financial Managment Sector 48,Pali Road, Faridabad 121 001 Haryana India