Rayat-Bahra College of Engineering & Nano Technology

Rayat-Bahra College of Engineering & Nano Technology - Campus

RBCENT Hoshiarpur - Hoshiarpur ( Punjab )

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About Campus

There are two hostels for girls within the campus. Each hostel has an activity centre, common room, reading room, dinning room with mess, canteen till late hours & other basic amenities like hot water supply in winter. Two new hostels are under construction to provide in house residential facilities to the aspiring students. The Campus has a fleet of 5 well-maintained buses, bringing students & staff from all important cities, towns and villages within a radius of 60 Kms. The campus has a well equipped medical center to provide first aid and prompt medical care round the clock. Doctors are available to meet any emergency in the institute or hostel. First aid facility is available in workshop, lab and buses as well. There are basic necessity shops in the campus. Stationers shop where students can purchase stationery, toiletries and other necessities. There is a confectionery shop, STD booth, Xerox facility in the campus.

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