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Established Date - 2002   |   Accredited By - NBA, AICTE  
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Life @ SJEC Mangaluru
St. Joseph  Engineering College


  • It has well qualified staff, state of the art laboratories and all facilities. Presently about 2300 students are studying in the College.
  • Peaceful and most conducive environment for academic excellence.
  • The institute provides technical & spiritual environment that is conducive to the personal & professional development of the student
  • Spacious well equipped laboratories.
  • Well equipped Library and online resources.
  • Computer Centre, internet, wi-fi connectivity.
  • Spacious Play Grounds for outdoor games, Indoor Games and Gymnasium.
  • Canteen and Cafeteria facilities to serve delicious food to students and staff.
  • Dispensary to provide basic medical needs College buses provide transport to and from Mangalore.
  • Moodabidri and Surathkal Separate Utility Block comprising of Canteen, STD booth, General Stores & bank extension counters to assist the students.


Students Activities & Clubs

Hostel Allotment Policy


  • Students who seek admission to the College Hostel shall give their details in an application form which must be filled in the Asst. Director’s Office and submitted to him.
  • Every student admitted to the hostel shall pay the Hostel service charges as notified by the College.
  • Every student staying in the hostel should provide for his/ her own bedding, linen, washing vessels and other personal effects as required during his/her stay in the hostel.
  • Students will be allotted rooms by the Warden. One room shall be shared by two students. The students are not permitted to shift to rooms other than the one assigned to them. The Warden may reallocate rooms if found necessary at any time during the semester.
  • Should any student withdraw from the hostel during the academic year, he/she will forfeit the admission fees, mess establishment charges and hostel establishment charges paid for the year. The caution deposit will be returned only at the end of the academic year subject to ‘No Due Certificate’ from the hostel authorities.  
  • Admission will be done only after an undertaking is signed by the Parent/Guardian and the student in the prescribed format. Submission of application form does not entitle students to be admitted to the hostel.
  • Hostel facility is annual/semester wise and it requires to be renewed annually/semester wise in the prescribed form available in the Asst. Director’s office, before the students proceed for vacation.
  • Failed students automatically forfeit the facility of the hostel.
  • The Management expects that the Parent should meet the Warden/Asst. Director in person at least once a year to know the progress of the student. If the parent fails to do so, the student will forfeit the facility of the hostel.
  • Ragging: Ragging is strictly prohibited in any place, including college campus, hostels and buses. Ragging is a cognizable offence under IPC and those indulging in ragging will be dismissed from the College and will be handed over to police and are liable to imprisonment and payment of heavy fine.


  • Hostelers are responsible for the rooms, including the furniture, allotted to them. They are not permitted to allow their rooms to be used by other students of the college or outsiders.


  • There is an attendance register in the hostel. All the hostelites have to sign in the register daily between 7.00 p.m. to 9.00 p.m. Failure to sign the register will be viewed as misconduct, which may lead to disciplinary action at the discretion of the management.

Hostel Gate:

  • The Hostel gate will be closed by 9.00 p.m. daily. Before 7.30 p.m. all the hostelites should be present in the campus. Once the gate is closed, it will not be opened without genuine reason. If the hostelites come after 7.30 p.m. due to some urgency of work, they have to deposit the Hostel ID with the security at the gate and it should be collected from the Asst. Director on the following day by noon.

Silent Hours:

  • Perfect silence will be maintained from 9.00 p.m. to 7.00 a.m. everyday. Singing aloud, shouting, howling, making noise etc. that is likely to distract the attention of others from studies, should be strictly avoided. After 9.00 p.m. students are not permitted to enter the rooms of other students.

Overnight stay outside the hostels:

  • No students should leave the hostel or stay away from the room during the night unless there is a genuine reason. Invariably the student must give in writing to the Warden the address and phone number (if any) of the place of stay, stating the reason for the same. Prior permission from the Warden/Parents should be taken in this regard.

Staying back in Hostels:

  • No student shall stay back in the hostel during the college hours except on sick leave. Those who have fallen sick may however stay back in the hostel for not more than 2 days with the written consent of the warden. Leave application should be signed by the Warden before it is forwarded to the Principal.


  • Students who fall sick will be hospitalized if advised by the medical officer. All admissions wIll be done at Fr Muller Hospital, Kankanady, Mangalore. The student is required to bear the cost of the treatment.
  • Students staying in the hostel are prohibited from smoking, consumption of alcohol, chewing pan masala and taking drugs in the hostel, on pain of dismissal from the hostel.
  • Sticking papers or writing on walls and doors is strictly prohibited. The inmates of the respective rooms shall be held responsible for any such activity in and around their rooms.
  • Every student should respect his religion and that of the fellow inmate. Catholic students must attend to their religious obligations and attend Sunday service regularly in the college chapel. 
  • All the Catholic students are exhorted to attend daily mass and join the evening prayers.
  • Management or their representatives/Principal/Warden may enter any room for verification at any time of the day or night.

Lights and Electric Fittings:

  • Any private electric heating appliance is not permitted in the rooms of the hostels.
  • Students must bring to the notice of the Supervisor/ Warden any breakdown in electric supply.
  • When leaving the room, the occupants must take care to see that the fans and lights are switched off. Every effort must be made to economise the use of electricity.
  • Repair work of any nature is done only by the Hostel authorities and not by the hostelers.

Cleanliness in the Hostel:

  • Residents are responsbile for the cleanliness of their rooms etc. They should see that they are properly swept everyday. All the waste articles should be deposited in the dustbins provided in the rooms and they should not be thrown out through the windows or flung around the room


Vamanjoor Mangaluru 575028 Karnataka


₹ 2.4 Lakh Average Salary
₹ 6.5 Lakh Maximum Salary
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