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Government College of Engineering (GECA), Aurangabad Cutoff 2021

Aurangabad (Maharashtra) Approved by : AICTE
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Get details on Fee, Cut off marks, Admission Process for session 2021.

MHT-CET 2019 Cutoffs for GECA Aurangabad

Course NameCategoryRoundClosing Rank/Percentile
B.E. (Civil)State Level - DEFOPENS114617
B.E. (Civil)State Level - EWS119569
B.E. (Civil)State Level - GNT1S19816
B.E. (Civil)State Level - GNT2S18080
B.E. (Civil)State Level - GNT3S17735
B.E. (Civil)State Level - GOBCS18941
B.E. (Civil)State Level - GOPENS17190
B.E. (Civil)State Level - GSCS115369
B.E. (Civil)State Level - GSEBCS19437
B.E. (Civil)State Level - GSTS127260
B.E. (Civil)State Level - GVJS19383
B.E. (Civil)State Level - LNT2S115935
B.E. (Civil)State Level - LOBCS110254
B.E. (Civil)State Level - LOPENS19401
B.E. (Civil)State Level - LSCS110612
B.E. (Civil)State Level - LSEBCS110722
B.E. (Civil)State Level - LSTS134018
B.E. (Civil)State Level - LVJS127232
B.E. (Civil)State Level - PWDOBCS129147
B.E. (Civil)State Level - PWDOPENS132241
B.E. (Civil)State Level - TFWS15633
Course NameCategoryRoundClosing Rank/Percentile
B.E.(Mechanical)State Level - DEFSEBCS110517
B.E.(Mechanical)State Level - EWS110782
B.E.(Mechanical)State Level - GNT1S17534
B.E.(Mechanical)State Level - GNT2S110919
B.E.(Mechanical)State Level - GNT3S14855
B.E.(Mechanical)State Level - GOBCS15159
B.E.(Mechanical)State Level - GOPENS14473
B.E.(Mechanical)State Level - GSCS114376
B.E.(Mechanical)State Level - GSEBCS16280
B.E.(Mechanical)State Level - GSTS134920
B.E.(Mechanical)State Level - GVJS113114
B.E.(Mechanical)State Level - LNT2S125639
B.E.(Mechanical)State Level - LOBCS114873
B.E.(Mechanical)State Level - LOPENS113316
B.E.(Mechanical)State Level - LSCS118256
B.E.(Mechanical)State Level - LSEBCS115634
B.E.(Mechanical)State Level - LSTS139421
B.E.(Mechanical)State Level - LVJS128816
B.E.(Mechanical)State Level - PWDOBCS158842
B.E.(Mechanical)State Level - PWDOPENS153264
B.E.(Mechanical)State Level - TFWS13916
Course NameCategoryRoundClosing Rank/Percentile
B.E.(Electronics & Telecommunication)State Level - DEFSTS134588
B.E.(Electronics & Telecommunication)State Level - EWS116312
B.E.(Electronics & Telecommunication)State Level - GNT1S111146
B.E.(Electronics & Telecommunication)State Level - GNT2S112758
B.E.(Electronics & Telecommunication)State Level - GOBCS18671
B.E.(Electronics & Telecommunication)State Level - GOPENS17290
B.E.(Electronics & Telecommunication)State Level - GSCS117953
B.E.(Electronics & Telecommunication)State Level - GSEBCS110658
B.E.(Electronics & Telecommunication)State Level - GSTS149717
B.E.(Electronics & Telecommunication)State Level - GVJS116494
B.E.(Electronics & Telecommunication)State Level - LNT1S126601
B.E.(Electronics & Telecommunication)State Level - LNT2S119262
B.E.(Electronics & Telecommunication)State Level - LOBCS111527
B.E.(Electronics & Telecommunication)State Level - LOPENS18134
B.E.(Electronics & Telecommunication)State Level - LSCS121776
B.E.(Electronics & Telecommunication)State Level - LSEBCS114301
B.E.(Electronics & Telecommunication)State Level - LSTS146526
B.E.(Electronics & Telecommunication)State Level - PWDOPENS132293
B.E.(Electronics & Telecommunication)State Level - TFWS16775
Course NameCategoryRoundClosing Rank/Percentile
B.E.(Computer Science)State Level - DEFOPENS17378
B.E.(Computer Science)State Level - EWS16852
B.E.(Computer Science)State Level - GNT1S17578
B.E.(Computer Science)State Level - GNT2S17603
B.E.(Computer Science)State Level - GNT3S12978
B.E.(Computer Science)State Level - GOBCS13029
B.E.(Computer Science)State Level - GOPENS12339
B.E.(Computer Science)State Level - GSCS110109
B.E.(Computer Science)State Level - GSEBCS14566
B.E.(Computer Science)State Level - GSTS124084
B.E.(Computer Science)State Level - GVJS13992
B.E.(Computer Science)State Level - LNT2S111702
B.E.(Computer Science)State Level - LOBCS15427
B.E.(Computer Science)State Level - LOPENS14349
B.E.(Computer Science)State Level - LSCS17309
B.E.(Computer Science)State Level - LSEBCS15306
B.E.(Computer Science)State Level - LVJS113164
B.E.(Computer Science)State Level - PWDOBCS132728
B.E.(Computer Science)State Level - PWDOPENS124498
B.E.(Computer Science)State Level - TFWS12055
Course NameCategoryRoundClosing Rank/Percentile
B.E. (Information Technology)State Level - DEFOBCS110866
B.E. (Information Technology)State Level - EWS18414
B.E. (Information Technology)State Level - GNT1S18331
B.E. (Information Technology)State Level - GNT2S110725
B.E. (Information Technology)State Level - GNT3S16248
B.E. (Information Technology)State Level - GOBCS15268
B.E. (Information Technology)State Level - GOPENS14408
B.E. (Information Technology)State Level - GSCS114857
B.E. (Information Technology)State Level - GSEBCS15838
B.E. (Information Technology)State Level - GSTS142061
B.E. (Information Technology)State Level - GVJS19270
B.E. (Information Technology)State Level - LNT3S19335
B.E. (Information Technology)State Level - LOBCS17425
B.E. (Information Technology)State Level - LOPENS16198
B.E. (Information Technology)State Level - LSCS113750
B.E. (Information Technology)State Level - LSEBCS18582
B.E. (Information Technology)State Level - LSTS126139
B.E. (Information Technology)State Level - LVJS113541
B.E. (Information Technology)State Level - PWDOPENS139632
B.E. (Information Technology)State Level - PWDSEBCS168351
B.E. (Information Technology)State Level - TFWS13207
Course NameCategoryRoundClosing Rank/Percentile
B.E. (Electrical)State Level - EWS110673
B.E. (Electrical)State Level - GNT2S19462
B.E. (Electrical)State Level - GNT3S17483
B.E. (Electrical)State Level - GOBCS17704
B.E. (Electrical)State Level - GOPENS16291
B.E. (Electrical)State Level - GSCS112216
B.E. (Electrical)State Level - GSEBCS19339
B.E. (Electrical)State Level - GSTS121690
B.E. (Electrical)State Level - GVJS111762
B.E. (Electrical)State Level - LOBCS111109
B.E. (Electrical)State Level - LOPENS19614
B.E. (Electrical)State Level - LSCS110125
B.E. (Electrical)State Level - LSEBCS110471
B.E. (Electrical)State Level - LSTS132351
B.E. (Electrical)State Level - TFWS15483

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I want to know about the Civil Engineering admission process 2020 for Government College of Engineering, Aurangabad.

-saquiboddin khatibUpdated on July 27, 2020 11:28 AM
  • 1 Answer
Diksha Sharma, Student / Alumni

Dear Student,

For admission to Civil Engineering at Government College of Engineering, Aurangabad, you will have to qualify MHT CET entrance test. The admission to the course is strictly based on the score in MHT CET test. The candidates who wish to take admission will have to fill the MHT CET application form from the official DTE website. To know about complete details of MHT CET such as dates, eligibility, selection process, etc., check MHT CET 2020.

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