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Jodhpur National University : Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences is situated at Jhanwar Road,Boranada, Jodhpur (Rajasthan) India in Jodhpur.

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  • 3 Years
  • B.Pharma
  • Medicine / Beauty / Health Care

Jodhpur National University : Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences - JNUFPS

Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences (FOPS) led to the foundation stone of Pharmacy. Education as a carrier in Western Rajasthan in the year 2003, to promote quality education and provide value based and affordable education to those who are desirous of outstanding achievements in learning, discovery and citizenship in a creative community, building one of the world’s great educational set up for the Good of All. Our Faculty is approved by Pharmacy Council of India (PCI) and All India Council of Technical Education. The institute offer the Diploma, Bachelor’s, Master’s degree and Doctorate (Ph.D.) in Pharmaceutical Sciences. The faculty instructional program provides a broader knowledge of the theoretical as well as practical concepts with continuous updates & inspired delivery of contents via discipline and hard work, for the betterment of the future pharmacists. The profession of Pharmacy deals with the identification, selection, screening, manufacturing, standardization, preservation, compounding and dispensing drug and medicinal substances. “The aim is to achieve ‘excellence in the field of Pharmacy through quality education'; to mitigate the sufferings of mankind and let the flame of knowledge glowing forever.” The institute has committed to achieve our aim. We are equipped with latest equipments in laboratory as well as classrooms and practicing modern methods of teaching, using newer teaching aids such as; LCD, OHP and various other audio-visual techniques, so as to facilitate our students with latest techniques, to make them creative and develops an innovative thinking in them; to do something unique. There are regular co-curricular activities such as; educational trips, picnic, tour, sports meet and cultural programs to provide better exposure to each & every field of life and to familiarize the students with their cultural heritage.

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College infrastructure is well furnished with all Modern facilities.



9 Type Courses Available

  • 1 UG Courses
  • 7 PG Courses
  • 1 Diploma Courses

Jodhpur National University : Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences Placements

A career at FOPS (JNU) is your gateway to professional growth and success. FOPS (JNU) has job opportunities in a variety of fields like R&D, industries, marketing along with higher studies too and offers a comprehensive benefits package. Job openings are updated periodically and all qualified persons are considered for employment without any discrimination. From 2005 we provide 100% placement to pass out students and gave unique opportunities for alumni students to avail benefits of pursuing higher studies too. Top pharmaceutical companies like Johnson and Johnson, Cadila, Torrent, Dr. Reddys, Cipla, Pfizer, Sun Pharma, Abott, Primal Life sciences, US Vitamins and lot more, gave platform to our students to shape their career in this unique life saving field.


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Jodhpur National University : Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences

Hostel :– Hostel facility is provided to the students with internet facility, homely environment and all the means to develop their overall personality. There are separate hostel for girls and boys. The hostel has two types rooms, air- conditioned and air-cooled with all the basic needs. Above all it has a disciplined life with a healthy atmosphere. .

32Laboratories :-The institute have well equipped following laboratories having all the modern technical devices, instruments and machines:-

(1) Pharmaceuties Laboratory

Pharmaceutics encompasses an understanding of basic physical chemistry necessary for the efficient design of dosage forms. The students will be trained to manufacture these medicines on both small and large scale. The excellent pharmaceutical preparations prepared by the students are preserved.

(2) Pharmacology and Human Anatomy and Physiology Laboratory:-

The laboratory is well equipped to determine pharmacological activities of drugs. A highly sophisticated animal house will supply the animals for this laboratory. Separate arrangements are made to breathe these animals (The animals include rabbits, mice, rats, guinea pigs, frogs etc. Which are legally allowed for experiments by the government ofIndia ).

In human anatomy and physiology various clinical and pathological experiments performed like Hemoglobin estimation, B.P. determination, R.B.C and W.B.C. count etc.

(3) Pharmaceutical Chemistry Laboratory:- The pharmaceutical (Natural) chemistry laboratory is to understanding the chemical aspects of drugs obtained from plants, their chemical constituents & its extraction and chemical examination.

(4) Pharmacognosy Laboratory:- In Pharmacy the only need to acquaint the students regarding identity of the drugs is to show them only a few salient features with which they can easily identify the drugs. There is a greater need of imparting instructions to Pharmacy students with regard to the biologically active chemical constituents present in the drugs and their uses in the modern medicines.

(5) Pharmaceutical Biochemistry laboratory:- Hospital and clinical Pharmacy Laboratory:-Modern medicine is rapidly advancing and laboratory research work has provided a perfect backdrop to the process. Laboratory tests and investigations have become the mainstay of to days clinical practice so much so that the emphasis seems to be shifting from the study of patients to the study of investigative data. The importance of laboratory investigations in diagnostic and prognostic studies and thus patient care can not be underestimated.

(6) Industrial Pharmaceutics laboratory:–
Industrial Pharmaceutics encompasses an understanding of basic concepts and techniques used in the pharmaceutical industry. It provides a platform to train the students to manufacture various dosage forms on small and large scale. The excellent pharmaceutical preparations prepared by the students are preserved.

pharmacy1(7) Pharmaceutical Chemistry (Synthetic) laboratory:–
Pharmaceutical chemistry (synthetic) lab deals with the drug design and synthesis of drugs or their precursor chemical moieties from various organic and inorganic substances, utilizing various synthetic chemical procedures.

(8) Pharmaceutical Microbiology laboratory:
Pharmaceutical Microbiology make the students familiarize with the microbiological aspects of medicines etc and their significance in various pathological studies
(9) Computer laboratory:-
Computer lab is well equipped with the newer and latest technology in the field of computers. Internet facility is also provided to the students to get updated with their field every second. This helps the students in solving their problems their efficiently and carrying out certain pharmaceutical exercises.

(10) Pharmaceutical Chemistry (Analytical) laboratory:–
Pharmaceutical Analytical chemistry helps in understanding the basics of analytical chemistry necessary for the efficient analysis of various chemical substances and pharmaceutical dosage forms using various instrumental and other techniques.

(11) Pharmaceutical Biology laboratory:-
In this lab study of various living systems is carried out at various levels i.e. cellular studies, tissue level, intact organism, physiological studies, etc. and includes both the plants and animals.

(12) Pharmaceutical Dispensing laboratory:-
Pharmaceutical dispensing let the students learn about various techniques utilized in the packaging, labeling and dispensing of the various pharmaceutical preparations. It also deals with the overall knowledge of storage of pharmaceuticals and the adverse effects associated with them.

(13) Pharmacology laboratory:-
Pharmacology emphasize over the animal studies for the pharmaceutical preparations and the pure compounds having physiological activities. The lab is well equipped with all the equipments and instruments required for the above stated purpose.

(14) Machine Room:-
Machine room is equipped with all the machines and equipments that are utilized in the manufacturing and packaging of various pharmaceutical preparations at small scale.

Museum:- A Museum is maintained which contains crude drugs, herbarium sheets, botanical specimens of drugs, charts, models, and various plants to aware students about rare species of crude drugs.


At Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, it is a belief to facilitate production and dissemination of knowledge, information, insights & intellect in all scientific communities. The Library plays a vital role in the collection development and dissemination of scientific and technical information to meet the present and future academic and research needs of varied users.
The library has soul software and library management software. All of these books are bar coded for ease of handling. The college library also provides internet facilities on computers for the students and faculty members to assist them in projects and research work.


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