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Management Development Institute of Singapore

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Management Development Institute of Singapore is situated at 501 Stirling Rd, Singapore 148951 in Singapore.

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Courses Offered

Bachelor of Engineering (Hons) Mechanical Engineering - Northumbria University
  • 28 Months
  • Bachelor of Engineering-B.E.
  • Engineering
  • SGD 41730 (Annually)
Bachelor of Engineering (Hons) Electrical and Electronic Engineering
  • 28 Months
  • Bachelor of Engineering-B.E.
  • Engineering
  • SGD 41730 (Annually)
Bachelor of Science (Hons) Biotechnology (Awarded by Northumbria University,UK)
  • 36 Months
  • Bachelor of Science-B.Sc.
  • Sciences
  • SGD 39590 (Annually)
Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Banking and Finance (Awarded by Bangor University, UK)
  • 24 Months
  • Bachelor of Science-B.Sc.
  • Banking / Finance / Accounts / Commerce
  • SGD 28890 (Annually)
Bachelor of Arts (Hons) Fashion Design (Awarded by Nottingham Trent University, UK)
  • 36 Months
  • Bachelor of Fashion and Apparel Design-B.F.A.D.
  • Design
  • SGD 37236 (Annually)
Bachelor of Arts (Hons) Fashion Marketing and Branding (Awarded by Nottingham Trent University, UK)
  • 36 Months
  • Bachelor of Business Administration-B.B.A.
  • Management - BBA / MBA / Diploma
  • SGD 35096 (Annually)
Bachelor of Science (Hons) International Tourism and Hospitality Management (Top-Up) (Awarded by the University of Sunderland, UK)
  • 12 Months
  • Bachelor of International Hospitality Administration
  • Hospitality / Aviation / Tourism
  • SGD 18725 (Annually)
Bachelor of Business Administration (Top-Up) ** (Awarded by Southern Cross University, Australia) - Southern Cross University, Australia
  • 12 Months
  • Bachelor of Business Administration-B.B.A.
  • Management - BBA / MBA / Diploma
  • SGD 20330 (Annually)

Management Development Institute of Singapore - MDIS

Founded in 1956, the Management Development Institute of Singapore (MDIS) is Singapore’s oldest not-for-profit professional institute for lifelong learning. MDIS has two main subsidiaries: Management Development Institute of Singapore Pte Ltd to oversee its Singapore academic operations, and MDIS International Pte Ltd to further its globalisation strategy. MDIS offers well-accredited courses in Business and Management, Engineering, Fashion Design, Health and Life Sciences, Information Technology, Mass Communications, Psychology and Travel, Tourism and Hospitality Management. These programmes are offered in collaboration with renowned universities in Australia, France, the United Kingdom and the United States of America. The institute set up the MDIS Education Trust Fund in 1999 to support deserving students who have financial difficulties in pursuing their education in Singapore. To date, MDIS has awarded more than some 7,000 scholarships and bursaries totalling more than S$5 million.  The institute also upholds the spirit of giving by actively reaching out to help the young, elderly and disabled, supporting various charities, and providing community assistance.  MDIS’ corporate training arm, the Management Development and Consultancy was set up in 1995 to cater to the training needs of the workforce. In 2014, MDIS acquired the Service Quality Centre to diversify its offerings in training solutions and secure the institute’s position as a premium provider of training solutions in the region. Apart from the main Singapore campus, MDIS has three international campuses – Tashkent, Uzbekistan; Johor, Malaysia; and Chennai, India, set up in 2008, 2013 and 2015 respectively. MDIS also has representative offices in China, India, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, and Thailand, as well as agents throughout Southeast asia.

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13 Type Courses Available

  • 8 UG Courses
  • 4 PG Courses
  • 1 Diploma Courses


  • Singapore Service Class Certification was awarded to MDIS by SPRING Singapore in June 2015 to acknowledge MDIS’ commendable performance in service excellence.
  • MDIS was awarded the Enterprise 50 Award in November 2015 in recognition of MDIS’ contributions and resilience in spurring Singapore’s economy. This award honours visionary companies for embracing the true spirit of enterprise in the competitive business arena. 
  • Record Achievement of First Class Honours in 2015

  • Institute's newly renovated Block A won the Green Mark GoldPlus Award 2013
  • MDIS was awarded the Best Eco Practices Award (Merit) 2014
  • Building and Construction Authority's Green Mark GoldPlus Award in 2013
  • Building and Construction Authority's Green Mark GoldPlus Award in 2010

Management Development Institute of Singapore Placements

MDIS Career Assistance Unit (CAU) was formed specially for MDIS students and members with these objectives: To train and equip students with the necessary knowledge and skills to increase their chances of securing jobs To create channels or links to assist students/members in their job search To provide students with the opportunity through the internship program to be exposed to the corporate world while studying (Local students only) To assist our graduands in their job search, they can submit the Resume Application Form via MDIS Career Portal. The resumes will be forwarded to our partnering employment agencies for job consideration and selection.  In addition, we also organise annual Career Fair at MDIS Campus.


Visiting Companies


Student Placement


Management Development Institute of Singapore

MDIS Malaysia is developed on a 29.7 acres land. The Campus will consist of the Main Spine which links the various buildings and facilities such as the Library Block, Administration Block, Academic Blocks, Sports Hub and Student Hostels.


The Main Spine is designed in such a way for easy accessibility so that one can walk from one location to another under all kinds of weather conditions.

The Main Spine consists of three (3) levels. It has a sheltered car park for staff, visitors and students. The second level has a sheltered pedestrian walkway, bicycle track and shop fronts. Within this levose to walk or cycle to the various buildings and facilities of the Campus, or buy necessities from the shops available along the walkway. The third level is an open-top viewing platform that houses several el, one can choF&B outlets.


The Library Block serves as the entrance to the Main Spine, welcoming visitors with MDIS’ signature globe dome and a grand staircase that is lined with water features.

The Library Block consists of five (5) levels. It marks the location of the main entrance and vehicular drop-off point with reserved parking lots for guests. It houses the main reception area with counselling rooms and meeting rooms where staff can discuss with potential students on the course details. There will also be a spacious library area, seminar rooms and classrooms.


The Administration Block is constructed on top of a small hill. It has a rotunda with a roof shaped like a mortar board, and this will be the main focal point of the entire Campus.

The Administration Block consists of nine (9) levels. It comprises of cafeteria and training labs for the various Schools. It also houses the administration office, classrooms, seminar rooms, lecture rooms, training centre, staff lounge and board room.


The Multi-Purpose Hall comprises of a stage and two (2) basketball courts. The seating arrangement can be arranged easily for examination, celebration events, seminars, sports and meetings.


The Academic Blocks comprises of classrooms, seminar rooms, lecture rooms and plenty of open terrace areas for the students to rest, study and interact. There are also car parks at the lower levels.

The Academic Blocks are equipped with solar panels and rain water collection tanks on the roofs. The sun energy harvested will be used for common lightings and hot/cold water dispenser machines. The rain water harvested will be used for irrigation.

There are “green walls” on the sides of the buildings to help shield direct sunlight.

All of the above factors help to reduce heat energy from the sunlight, thus reducing the electricity consumption.


The Student Hostels are also equipped with solar panels and rain water collection tanks on the roofs as well as “green walls” on the sides of the buildings.

The square openings on the facades of the Student Hostels are provided to break the monotonous tone of the buildings but also allowing wind to flow through the buildings freely, thereby creating a wind tunnel effect.

There are three types of rooms available; Single Bed, Double Bed and Triple Bed.

The rooms are fitted up with furniture in modular forms comprising of study tables, beds and cabinets. A separate compartment with clear glass cover and louvers at the side, allowing sunlight and free air movement, is also provided in each room for laundry to dry.

Following are the facilities provided in the Student Hostels.

  1. Student lounge – one each for male and female block, with TV set, tables and chairs

  2. Study room – one each for male and female block with shared tables and individual cubicles

  3. Praying room at each Student Hostel

  4. Pantry – two on each Student Hostel, one for halal and the other for non-halal food consumption

  5. Communal area – for students to rest, study and interact


The following facilities are provided as follows.

  1. Classrooms / Seminar Rooms – each classroom / seminar room has a capacity of 40 pax. Classrooms are separated by a partition, so that when necessary, two classrooms can be combined to become one 80 pax classroom.

  2. The Lecture Room has a tiered seating with a capacity of 150.


Some specific training facilities will be provided for the various Schools and they are as follows.

a. School of Media and Communications

• Filming Studio has a mock-up setting with high headroom for scene shootings such as news broadcast, interview and performances.

• Observation Studio/TV Studio Control and Editing Room is where the students are able to experience the production and editing of TV programmes via an LED screen. This room has a tiered seating to facilitate better communication between the instructor and the students.

• Audio Recording Studio/Radio Studio has a mock-up DJ studio with attached editing bay which will allow the students to experience the production and editing of radio programmes.

b. School of Tourism and Hospitality

• Hotel Lobby and Restaurant has a mock-up hotel lobby with reception counter, lounge, bar counter and restaurant which will allow the students to experience the operation of a hotel. The restaurant will be opened to public on some special occasions whereby the students will be able to experience first hands-on operation.

• Hotel Room has a mock-up setting of a hotel guest room with complete facilities such as a twin bed with divan, writing desk, bedside table, desk chair, bedside reading lamps, sofa, luggage rack, and side table/coffee table and attached bathroom.

c. School of Information Technology

• Computer labs of 40 pax each are separated by a partition, so that when necessary, two labs can be combined into a larger one.


The following indoor and outdoor sports facilities will be provided.

a. Indoor Facilities – a sports hub with shower facilities for Gym/Fitness Centre, Badminton, Table Tennis and Basketball Court.

b. Outdoor Facilities – Jogging Tracks, Football / Cricket Field, Tennis and Sepak Takraw


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