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International Institute of Management and Technical Studies Kota Placements

When companies reorganize and jobs disappear, companies may turn to an employee placement program to minimize the number of layoffs. Usually other job opportunities offered through an employee placement program are jobs that are “in house” and comparable to the current job the employee holds. Sometimes, employees in a employee placement program may be asked to take a lower paid and lower responsibilities job, or accept relocation in order to remain employed. In rare cases, the downsizing company may offer an employee placement program that helps workers find jobs outside of the company.

 The number of available jobs determines the degree to which a company is likely to offer an employee placement program after reorganization. Often the employee is directed to human resources where his or her skills are analyzed to see what other jobs might be a good fit for the person. Sometimes an employer uses an outside service to run its employee placement program, like an employment agency or a company specializing in human resources.

Those participating in an employee placement program in lieu of losing their chances to work for the same company usually must have a good employee record. The employee placement program may only be open to those employees who have worked for the company for a certain period of time. Employees with seniority may have access to better job choices.

One can often find an employee placement program in federal and state agencies, since there tend to be jobs available elsewhere. However, if salary or job requirements are less than the employee’s current job, he or she may wish to look elsewhere for a job that better fits requirements. Sometimes a layoff, though scary in the onset, can actually propel people to move up in their field or find work for which they are better suited.

With the current economic climate, however, job searches, and time before rehire with another company can take several months. It may be better to take advantage of an employee placement program and then actively search for a job with another company.

In some cases, an employee placement program of this type may mean the company takes advantage of its previous relationship with its clients or fellow companies to try to place employees. This may also mean an employee must relocate. However, the benefits of having a job right away may be worth the stress and cost of relocation.

Institute Placement associations and Placement cell enables students to exist with their current job with a handsome package, internal promotions, future growth, and new placements. Recruitment agencies and consultancies approach institute for the placement of its students. As majority of the students are corporate employees + institute education gives an additional effect, an immediate effect comes on placements. For further information on placement; contact institute representative.

Some companies feel badly when large numbers of layoffs must occur, and work with employees to help find them work with other companies. Such an employee placement program might assist an employee with putting together a good resume, giving them leads on other jobs, and helping provide recommendations that make the employee an attractive candidate to companies that are hiring.

Degrees Placement % Average / Max Salary
Master of Engineering-M.E. NA NA / NA
Certificate NA NA / NA
Certificate NA NA / NA