B.Sc Forensic Science - Course Overview

Duration: 3.0 yrs |Mode: Regular|Avg. Fees: 80,000 / Year

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About B.Sc Forensic Science

B.Sc in Forensic Science is a three-year undergraduate program which offers the study of scientific applications and knowledge that helps in the investigation of crimes. This course covers a wide range of subjects and how to carefully analyze and study different objects at crime scenes as they are the most important proofs. Analysis at the crime scenes could be of anything from blood stains, soil, bones, fingerprints, recovering data from mobiles, laptops, computers, DNA profiling, etc. The students planning to take forensic science as their career choice must have academic skills and fundamental knowledge of forensic science along with keen interest in the same. Listed below are few of the ideal skillsets a forensic student must possess:

  • Analytical skills
  • Technical skills
  • Observation skills
  • Attention to detail towards one’s work
  • Team spirit
  • Ability to work for long hours and under pressure

B.Sc - Forensic Science Syllabus

First Year:

Introduction to Crimnology

Pyschological Factors

Crime and Socio-Cultural

Criminal Behaviour

Introduction to Forensic Science


Forensic Science Laboratory Expert, Testimony & Laws

Foregn Language 1 & 2

Crime Scene Investigation Importance

Behavioural Science 1

Physical Evidence in Forensic Science

Behavioural Science 2

Blood Pattern Analysis

Benzedine Test, Blood Analysis

Practical 1 & 2


Second Year:

Fundamental Introduction to Biology

Analysis of Biological Fluids

Behavioural Science 3 & 4

Fundamental Introduction to Chemsitry

Classfication of Poisons and their Effect on Human Body

Foreign Language 3 & 4

Introduction to Toxicaology

Communication Skills 1

Typewriting & Handwriting Analysis

Forensic Anthropology

Examination of Fraudulent Documents, Overwriting, Intended writing etc.



Third Year:

Arson & Explosion Investigation

Compund Microscope, Microscopy-Simple Microscope

DNA Fingerprinting

Behavioural Science 5 & 6

Personal Identification

Ballistics - Classification of Firearms, Collection of Firearm-Related Evidences

Foreign Language 5 &  6

Wound and its Medico-Legal Aspects

X-RAY Diffraction Techniques

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Career Options and Job Prospects

Successful forensic science graduates can find a job in both public and the private sector. The graduates are hired in organizations such as cyber-crime investigation, protection of consumer rights, anti-terrorist operations, environment, and protection of human rights. They are also hired by CBI - Central Bureau of Investigation, IB - Intelligence Bureau, FSL - Forensic Science Laboratories, clinical research, civil services, police departments, and others. Some job profiles which the Forensic Science graduates can get are as follows:

  • Forensic Scientist
  • Private Investigator
  • Drug Analyst
  • Crime Laboratory Analyst
  • Forensic Serologist
  • Forensic Architect
  • Forensic Engineer
  • Forensic Toxicologist
  • Police Officer
  • Forensic Consultant 

The average annual salary for a forensic graduate is Rs. 2 lakh to Rs. 7 lakh. It can go up with years of experience and the quality of work one does.


What are the top colleges offering B.Sc - Forensic Science courses ?

Following are some of the top colleges offering Science courses : St. Xavier's College (Kolkata) , The Oxford College of Science (Bangalore) , St. Xaviers College (Mumbai) , Miranda House University College for Women (Delhi) , Hindu College (New Delhi). You can explore these colleges on our website to check if they offer B.Sc - Forensic Science or not.

What is the average fee for the course B.Sc - Forensic Science ?

The average fee for B.Sc - Forensic Science is INR 80,000 per year.

What is the duration of the course B.Sc - Forensic Science ?

B.Sc - Forensic Science is a 3 year course.

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