BTech Salary: Job Role Wise, Average Salary Per Month, Experience Wise, Scope

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Sep 26, 2023 20:28PM IST

B Tech Salary

Bachelor of Technology, or B Tech, is a four-year undergraduate programme created to impart technical knowledge and applied practical expertise. Among all courses, the BTech course offers the best placement opportunities. In India's top IITs, the average B Tech salary ranges between INR 25,00,000 and INR 80,00,000. Both the Indian and global markets are in need of B Tech graduates. The highest wages for BTech graduates are offered via international employment.

BTech employment possibilities are numerous and provide new graduates with a competitive beginning salary. The average BTech salary per month falls between INR 17,000 and INR 20,000. Software developer, data analyst, research associate, car engineer, etc. are among the B Tech employment that is open to new graduates. 

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What is the Average Salary of a B Tech?

In India, the average BTech salary varies from INR 2,50,000 to INR 6,00,000 annually. By pursuing more education or gaining professional experience, graduates can raise their income even further. The breakdown of Salary in B Tech in India is presented in the table below.

Salary in B Tech Salary in B Tech 
Average B Tech SalaryINR 2,50,000 Per Annum
Highest B Tech SalaryINR 5,00,000 Per Annum
Lowest B Tech SalaryINR 1,50,000 Per Annum

B Tech Salary Per Month

BTech JobsBTech Salary Per Month
Software EngineerINR 41,812 - INR 42,950
Software DeveloperINR 35,957 - INR 37,183
Mechanical EngineerINR 21,899 - INR 23,959
IT AnalystINR 58,924 - INR 60,411
Service DevelopersINR 43,114 - INR 44,232
Application Software DevelopersINR 52,442 - INR 53,745
System Software DevelopersINR 40,761 - INR 41,915
Full Stack DevelopersINR 42,162 - INR 43,295
QA EngineerINR 28,862 - INR 30,219
Security EngineersINR 45,942 - INR 47,032
MachinistINR 15,875 - INR 18,924
Production OfficerINR 21,498 - INR 23,139
Maintenance EngineerINR 21,498 - INR 23,139
Hardware ArchitectINR 1,36,284 - INR 1,41,130
Research AssociateINR 26,528 - INR 28,880
Civil EngineerINR 23,926 - INR 25,356
Structural EngineerINR 29,531 - INR 30,852
Design EngineerINR 24,711 - INR 26,129
Geotechnical EngineerINR 37,564 - INR 38,765
Aerospace EngineerINR 34,351 - INR 35,600
Security AnalystINR 37,935 - INR 39,131
CryptographerINR 58,612 - INR 62,667
Security EngineerINR 42,196 - INR 44,880
Security Software DeveloperINR 35,890 - INR 39,991
CryptanalystsINR 50,119 - INR 53,842
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Company-Wise Salary of B Tech in India

There are several B Tech jobs available in both the public and commercial sectors. The top recruiters and average wage for both the private and governmental sectors are divided in the table below.

B Tech Salary in Private Sector

Some of the top private companies hiring BTech candidates in India along with the average salary have been listed in the table below.

Top RecruitersAverage Salary After B Tech
CapgeminiINR 4,95,000 Per Annum
Ernst and Young (EY)INR 4,00,000 Per Annum
Accenture INR 6,50,000 Per Annum

B Tech Salary in Public Sector

Candidates can check the list of government companies offering BTech salary to the candidates 

Top RecruitersAverage B Tech Salary
Engineers India Limited (EIL)INR 2,50,000 Per Annum
Bharat Electronics Limited (BEL)INR 4,10,000 Per Annum
Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL)INR 5,90,000 Per Annum
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Specialization Wise Salary of B Tech in India

The table below has a detailed description of the Specialization Wise Salary of B Tech in India-

Job TitleDescriptionAverage Salary in B Tech 
Project EngineerAccountable for overseeing the engineering and technical parts of a project.INR 2,98,000 Per Annum
Java DeveloperAccountable for creating software and applications using the Java programming language. INR 3,20,000 Per Annum
Data Science EngineerResponsible for gathering, controlling, and turning raw data into informationINR 3,00,000 Per Annum
Technical ConsultantBrings specialized knowledge to the development, delivery, or use of technical solutions.INR 3,14,000 Per Annum
Software Engineer Developing and putting into practice methods for testing and validating software systems.INR 4,80,000 Per Annum
Specialization Wise Salary of B Tech in India
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Salary after BTech in India Qualification Wise

Students can choose from a variety of specializations in the B Tech program depending on their aptitude and interests. The following B Tech specializations are available:

  • Automotive Engineering
  • Engineering in Electrical and Electronics
  • Engineering, Chemical
  • Engineering in biomedicine, etc.

The following are the B Tech positions that are accessible to graduates, sorted by specialization.

Salary After BTech in Civil Engineering  

A B Tech Civil Engineering graduate may expect to get a yearly salary of INR 2,40,000. Graduates of B Tech in Civil Engineering will receive a range of salary packages depending on their city, industry, degree of experience, and sector. Following graduation, the following jobs in B Tech Civil Engineering are available to fresh graduates:

  • Civil Site Engineer
  • Structural Engineer
  • Design Engineer
  • Document Controller
  • Junior Civil Engineer 

Salary After B Tech in Mechanical Engineering Jobs

Due to the high demand for mechanical engineering graduates, B Tech mechanical engineering graduates may easily get jobs following graduation. Graduates in the field of B Tech Mechanical Engineering may expect to earn between INR 4,00,000 and INR 6,00,000 annually. The job roles consist of:

  1. Scientific Writer 
  2. Hardware Architect 
  3. Associate Professor 
  4. Principle Engineer 

Salary After B Tech in Electronics Engineering

The need for B Tech Electrical Engineering graduates is quite significant since this field of engineering works with electronic circuits, devices, equipment, and systems that utilize electronics. The typical B Tech Electronics Engineering salary is between INR 4,00,000 and INR 6,00,000 per annum. 

The job prospects for B Tech Electronics Engineering graduates are as follows:

  1. Electrician
  2. Sales Engineer
  3. Electronics Installer
  4. Technician
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Job Opportunities After B Tech in India

B.Tech graduates have the opportunity to work in a variety of industries, including construction and engineering. The students' education makes sure they are current on all the knowledge they could require while pursuing the course. The following are some of the top industries hiring candidates with B.Tech engineering degrees:

  • Research and Development Organization
  • Software Company
  • Information Technology Company
  • Robotics Engineering 
  • Company
  • Educational Institutions
  • Scientific Research Center
  • Army
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BTech Salary Abroad

Candidates have multiple job opportunities in abroad after the conclusion of BTech courses. For the reference of the candidates, we have mentioned the salary after BTech based on the countries in the following headers.

BTech Salary in Dubai

Some of the job roles of the candidates pursuing BTech in Dubai along with the potential BTech salary have been listed in the table below. 

Job RoleAverage Salary after BTech
Site Engineer42,10,000
Quantity Surveyor31,26,000
Production Engineer44,01,000
Civil Field Inspector35,19,000
Civil Engineer50,03,000

BTech Salary in USA

USA is one of the most summoned countries for Engineering offering specializations in various domains such as computer science, database management, artificial intelligence, mechanical, etc. Some of the top Engineering job profiles in the United States of America (USA) along with average BTech salary packages are tabulated below.

Job RoleAverage Salary after BTech
Design Engineer54,23,000
Project Engineer57,89,000
Mechanical Engineer65,12,000
Software Engineer71,74,000
Process Engineer67,71,000

BTech Salary in UK 

Some of the top Engineering job profiles in the UK along with the average BTech salary package have been tabulated below.

Job RoleAverage Salary after BTech
Robotics Engineer77,13,000
Aerospace Engineer92,17,000
Chemical Engineer69,66,000
Biomedical Engineer65,18,000
Database Analyst43,36,000

BTech Salary in Canada 

The average BTech salary in Canada is INR 54,62,000. The starting salary after BTech is INR 30,00,000 which can reach the highest up to INR 1 crore per annum. Candidates can check their salary from the table below.

Job RoleAverage Salary after BTech
Project Engineer67,17,960
Software Development Engineers79,17,600
Systems Engineer59,68,000
Software Engineer67,00,000
System Analyst47,11,800

BTech Salary in Australia 

There are a number of specializations offered by B.Tech in various fields in Australia such as in Artificial Intelligence, Database management, Engineering management, consultancy, computer science, etc. 

Job RoleAverage Salary after BTech
Mining Engineer79,35,000
Aerospace Engineer67,85,000
Chemical Engineer48,04,000
Biomedical Engineer48,04,200
Network Architect91,36,000
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Jobs after B Tech - Government and Private

Following completion of the B.Tech course, there are many opportunities in the government sector. Below is a list of a few government positions available to BTech graduates, along with a description of each position and the typical compensation package. 

Job TitleDescriptionSalary
Software DeveloperAccountable for producing efficient, clean code based on specificationsINR 2,50,000 Per Annum
Aeronautical EngineerDesigns aircraft and propulsion systemsINR 5,90,000 Per Annum
Electrical EngineerDesign, develop, test, and supervise the manufacture of electrical equipmentINR 4,10,000 Per Annum

Private Jobs for B.Tech Graduates

The IT sector has been growing in the past years, and today it is one of India's largest booming sectors. Every year, lakhs of B.Tech aspirants complete their education and seek jobs. Listed below are the top private jobs for engineers in India, along with the average starting salary for the graduates

Job TitleDescriptionSalary
System AnalystThe skilled professional works to enhance user experience with software programs.INR 4,00,000 Per Annum
Data AnalystDiagnosing data and estimating outcomes with statistical approachesINR 4,95,000 Per Annum
Full Stack DeveloperWorks on both frontend and backend development techniques. INR 6,50,000 Per Annum
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Top Recruiters for B Tech

BTech is one of the top courses in demand to start as a fresher. Given below are some of the top Indian companies that take in BTech graduates. 

Top Recruiters for B TechAverage B Tech Salary 
TCSINR 4,50,000 Per Annum
WiproINR 2,80,000 Per Annum
AmazonINR 2,90,000 Per Annum
AccentureINR 2,40,000 Per Annum
Tech MahindraINR 1,70,000 Per Annum
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FAQs about Bachelor of Technology Salary

Is B. Tech a good job?

Yes, BTech is one of the greatest job profiles all across the world offering handsome salary options to the candidates.

What is the salary of IIT B. Tech per month?

The average salary for IIT Engineer is INR 50,000 per month in India. 

Which B. Tech course is highest salary?

Artificial intelligence, Chemical Engineer, Computer Science Engineer, and Machine Learning Engineer are some of the highest-paid BTech job roles.

What is the salary after B. Tech?

The average BTech salary is INR 16,678 - 18,391 per month. Candidates with more than 1 year of experience can earn INR 1,70,000 per annum. The highest salary of a BTech Engineer ranges between INR 30,00,000 to 1,20,00,000 per annum.

Is a BA psychologist a doctor by profession?

No, a Clinical Psychologist is not a doctor by profession. However, after pursuing Masters in Psychology and getting a licence, you can work as an assistant to doctors in hospitals. Psychiatrists are doctors who work in this field.

Is B Tech a good career?

Any engineering graduate can get an excellent career in the private sector in along with the public sector. B. Tech graduates are employed as engineers as well as researchers, consultants, subject matter experts, and other positions. 



What is the monthly salary of a B Tech in India?

In India, a B Tech Engineer makes an average pay of 2.3 Lakhs per year, or Rs19.2K per month.


What are the top paying companies that employ B Tech?

Top paying companies that employ B Tech- TCS, Wipro, Amazon, Accenture.


What is the starting salary for a B Tech in India?

With less than one year of experience to four years of experience, B Tech Engineer salaries in India range from 0.2 lakhs to 4.8 lakhs, with an average yearly pay of 2.3 lakhs. 


What is the highest salary for a B Tech in India?

The highest salary of BTech in India can go upto crores.


How does B Tech Salary in India change with experience?

 B Tech Salary in India gets higher with experience.


What are the top paying industries for B Tech in India?

The top-paying industries for B Tech in India are - IT, Banks, Defense, PSUs, Energy Industry.


What are the top paying cities for B Tech in India?

The top paying cities for B Tech in India are Bangalore, Chennai, Mumbai etc..


What are the popular/top skills required to become a B Tech Engineer?

Engineering requires critical thinking, which is a crucial ability. In your professional life, you may encounter a number of problems, obstacles, and challenges. As a result, you should be driven to find a solution rather than making things worse for yourself.

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