B.Tech Genetic Engineering - Course Overview

Duration: 4 yrs | Mode: Regular|

2 colleges

About B.Tech Genetic Engineering

B.Tech in Genetic Engineering is one of the newest fields of engineering that is still being explored by researchers and scientists across the globe. This branch of engineering deals with the study of foreign DNA and developing synthetic genes that can be used to replicate living organisms.

Genetic engineering is quite popular as it can have various medical utilities and can help cure various problems in humans as well as other species. There is a lot of scope in this field for aspirants who want to foray into genealogy research. From grafting technology to DNA synthesis, there are different domains in this field that one can pursue.

Since Genetic engineering is such a new field of study, research and study are a major part of the course as well as employment opportunities. However, the career prospects are bright for individuals who are really interested in this field and are eager to learn.

B.Tech - Genetic Engineering Syllabus

First Year:

Professional Communication

Environmental Studies

Fundamentals of Mechanical Engineering

Engineering Mathematics – 1

Engineering Physics

Engineering Mathematics – 2

Engineering Chemistry

Fundamentals of Electrical Engineering

Technical Communication

Fundamentals of Electronics Engineering

Engineering Drawing

Fundamentals of Computer


Second Year:

Enzyme Technology

Stoichiometry and Energy Thermodynamics

Molecular Biology

Mechanical Operation and Heat Transfer

Genetic and Cytogenetics


Foreign Language – 1

Bioprocess Principles



Foreign Language – 2

Basic Molecular Techniques


Third Year:

Advanced Molecular Techniques

Chemical Reaction Engineering


Plant Tissue Culture and Transgenic Technology

Functional Genomics and Microarray Technology

Recombinant DNA Technology

Bioprocess Engineering

Biosensors and Biochips

Momentum Transfer

Gene Therapy

Elective – 1



Fourth Year:

Bio-separation Technology


Industrial Training

Nano-biotechnology in Healthcare

Animal Cell Culture and Transgenic Technology

Project Work

Bio-safety, Bio-ethics, IPR & Patents

Elective – 2


Stem Cell Biology

Elective – 3


Popular Specializations of B.Tech - Genetic Engineering

Career Options and Job Prospects

There are various iob opportunities available after completing B.Tech in genetic engineering apart from research. Following are some of the jobs profiles that graduates can pursue after completing after completing B.Tech in genetic engineering:

  • Information Security Engineer
  • Scientific/ Medical Writer
  • Junior Research Fellow
  • Information Management Specialist
  • Control Engineer
  • Production Control Analyst
  • Technical Writer
  • Research Scientist

There are few jobs available in this field in India as we are still adapting higher technological advancements. However, there are various job opportunities and research programmes available abroad that graduates can pursue after completing B.Tech in genetic engineering.