B.Tech Ceramic Engineering - Course Overview

Duration: 4 yrs | Mode: Regular|

6 colleges

About B.Tech Ceramic Engineering

B.Tech in Ceramic Engineering is amongst the new engineering specializations that covers the production and manufacturing of ceramic products for use in different industries. Being one of the newest fields of engineering, research is one of the major part of this field.

In this branch of engineering students learn about different types of ceramic materials and ways to develop and crystalize them. Material strength and mechanics is also a major part of B.Tech in Ceramic Engineering.

Ceramic Engineering covers the study of the crystalline properties of ceramic materials in order to come up with different ways in which it can be used. The programme also covers the utility of ceramic materials in the mechanical, chemical and electrical engineering.

B.Tech - Ceramic Engineering Syllabus

First Year:

Professional Communication

Environmental Studies

Fundamentals of Mechanical Engineering

Engineering Mathematics – 1

Engineering Physics

Engineering Mathematics – 2

Engineering Chemistry

Fundamentals of Electrical Engineering

Technical Communication

Fundamentals of Electronics Engineering

Engineering Drawing

Fundamentals of Computer


Second Year:

Materials Science

Manufacturing Practices

Structure and Properties of Ceramic Materials

Mathematical Methods

Ceramic Raw Materials

Ceramic Phase Diagrams and Phase Transformation

Basic Ceramic Practices

Heat and Mass Transfer

Thermodynamics and Phase Equilibria in Ceramic


Particle Mechanics and Fluid Flow Process


Universal Human Values


Third Year:

Techniques for Materials Characterization

Process Calculations

Humanities / Language


Glass and Glass Ceramics

Ceramic Whitewares

Advanced Ceramics

Industrial Training – 1


Glass Engineering

Department Elective

Nano Technology


Fourth Year:

Fuel, Furnace & Pyrometry

Steel Plant Refractories

Ceramic Composites

Cement and Concrete

Ceramic Coating & High Temperature Ceramic Processes

Ceramic Coating & High Temperature Ceramic Processes

Industrial Training – 2

Glass Technology & Application

Industrial whitewares

Advanced Electro-ceramics



Popular Specializations of B.Tech - Ceramic Engineering

Career Options and Job Prospects

Since this is a new branch of engineering, job opportunities in the core sector are scares, however, there is a lot of scope in research and development. Following are some of the jobs that ceramic engineers can seek:

  • Polymer Chemist
  • Research Assistant
  • Research Engineer
  • Ceramic Sales Manager
  • Senior Research Fellow
  • Ceramic Technologist
  • Ceramic Designer

Salaries in this sector vary from Rs. 2.5 lakh to Rs. 4 lakh per annum. However, if candidates have pursued the course from a reputed institute such as an IIT or NIT, the salary packages can be very lucrative. The highest package at the institute can go up to Rs. 11 lakh per annum.