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  • 30 Hours of rigorous coaching in 3 months' time

  • Practical exposure of theoretical concepts

About Course

Data Structures are typically used to organize, process, retrieve and store data on computers for efficient use. The right understanding of and using the right data structures help software engineers write the right code. Data structures are a key component of Computer Science and help in understanding the nature of a given problem at a deeper level. They're widely utilized in Artificial Intelligence, operating systems, graphics, and other fields.

Master the basics of DSA, practice coding questions & attempt the assessment tests. You will also learn algorithmic techniques for solving various problems, get to learn important topics for interviews and get fluent in the basics of programming. This course does not require any prior knowledge of Data Structure and Algorithms.

5 Topics will be covered in 30 Hours

  • Unit - I - (Introduction: Basic Terminology, Elementary Data Organization, Structure operations, Algorithm Complexity, Analysis of Algorithm, Time-Space trade-off. Arrays: ADT, Array Definition, Representation and Analysis, Single and Multidimensional Arrays, address calculation, application of arrays) - 5 Hour(s)

  • UNIT – II - (Stacks: Array representation and Implementation of stack, Operations on Stacks: Push & Pop, Application of stack: Conversion of Infix to Prefix and Postfix Expressions, Evaluation of postfix expression using stack, Recursion. Queues: Array representation and implementation of queues) - 6 Hour(s)

  • UNIT – III - (Trees: Basic terminology, Binary Trees, Binary tree representation, algebraic Expressions, Complete Binary Tree, Extended Binary Trees, AVL tree, Array and Linked Representation of Binary trees, Traversing Binary tree, Binary Search Tree (BST), B tree and B+ tree) - 6 Hour(s)

  • UNIT – IV - (Searching and Hashing: Sequential search, binary search, comparison and analysis, Hash Table, Hash Functions, Collision Resolution Strategies, Hash Table Implementation. Sorting: Selection sort, Bubble sort, Insertion Sort, Bubble Sorting, Quick Sort, Merge Sort, Heap Sort, and Internal Sorting) - 6 Hour(s)

  • UNIT – V - (Graphs: Terminology & Representations, Graphs & Multi-graphs, Directed Graphs, Sequential Representations of Graphs, Adjacency Matrices, Traversal.) - 7 Hour(s)

Inside the Program

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  • Course Duration 30 Hours
  • Languages English

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