CEED (CEED - 2015)

Both Online and Pen & Paper | National Level Exam
Important Dates
Registration Date
Aug 10, 2015
Test Date
Dec 06, 2015
Result Date
Jan 15, 2016

CEED Counselling FAQ

1) How will the seats be allotted?

Seats will be allotted in order of rank in each category. 

2) I belong to a reserved category. Am I eligible for the Open Seats?

Yes, provided you have an Open Rank. Open Category seats are Open to everyone, that is, both non-reserved and reserved categories of candidates.

3) I have got Open Rank 'xyz' or OBC-NCL Rank 'abc'. Will I get IIT Bombay?

We will strictly NOT entertain such questions, so please don't send them. We will neither advice you on your chances nor speculate on what might or might not happen with this year's admissions before it happens.

4) What is the Overall Standing?

Overall Standing refers to your standing among all qualified students. In other words it is your rank among the 1344 students who qualified in CEED . It gives you an idea of where you stand and is not used in admissions. Only Category Ranks are used for seat allotment.

5) What programs are available After CEED ?

Available Programs are mentioned Below:

  • IISc Bangalore: M.Des. in Product Design and Engineering*
  • IIT Bombay: M.Des. in  
    • Industrial Design,  
    • Visual Communication,  
    • Animation,
    • Interaction Design
  • IIT Delhi: M.Des. in Industrial Design
  • IIT Kanpur: M.Des. in Industrial Design*.

6) Is the M. Des. degree recognised by the government?

Yes.M. Des. degree recognised by the government.

7) What Your Study Material Contains for CEED ?

Our Study Material Covers Entire Syllabus of PART-A and PART-B in the form of step by step tutorials, sample papers, mocktest papers, drawings, sketching techniques, tips and techniques etc.:-
CEED Syllabus:-

  • Visual Perception and Creative Ability Test to judge Visual sensitivity and imagination.  
  • Written Communication  
  • Ability to express precisely one's thoughts on a given topic.  
  • Ability to comprehend a given passage in English and summarize it  .

Development of new product/ visual concepts and creative ideas based on analytical observation of problems from daily life situations. Choice of product concepts suitable for small and large scale production. Generation of solution in a given material and process such as sheet metal work wood fabrication, plastic moulding, wire fabrication, etc. or representations of visual concepts into visual symbols and form, aided with drawings and illustrations. Drawings based on your analysis.  
Imagination of objects, people and places from our immediate or distant environments. 

8) How similar or different is the M. Des. programme at IIT Bombay compared to the M. Des. at IIT Delhi or IIT Kanpur?

In terms of curriculum, there may be substantial similarities just as there are significant differences. For details related to course content refer to respective department websites.

9) Can one withdraw his/her admission after payment of the commitment fee? In such a case will his/her commitment fee be refunded?

Yes. One can withdraw his/her admission after one pays the commitment fee. His/her commitment fee will be returned as per the norms of the Government.