PES Scholastic Aptitude Test (PESSAT) - MCA (PESSAT MCA - 2016)

Online | Institute Level Exam
Important Dates
Registration Date
Oct 01, 2015
Test Date
Jan 06, 2016
Result Date
Jul 31, 2016

PESSAT MCA Counselling FAQ

1) How many Seats are covered under the PESSAT- MCA Entrance test ?

60 seats are filled up every year in the First year of MCA. Course.

  • No of PGCET Quota seats:- 24
  • No of PESSAT Quota seats :-36.

2) I have applied for revaluation, but your website is asking the candidates to upload their marks for the counseling process. It will take some time before I get my revaluation marks. What can I do?

You need to upload your marks before the last date mentioned on the website. If you do not get your revaluation marks before that please upload the existing one.

3) Can a parent/ guardian represent the candidate at the counseling as the candidate cannot make it?

Please download the authorization letter from our website , fill it up, bring that authorization letter to the PES University campus before the counseling and get prior approval on it so that one of the parent/ guardian can represent the candidate with that. Please be informed that without the prior approval (seal and sign), the authorization letter will not be valid.

4) Can a parent/ guardian represent the candidate at the counseling as the candidate cannot make it? If I fail to attend the counseling on the day specified for me as per my rank, can I attend the same on the next day?

If the candidate who has secured a better rank wants to attend the counseling on the next day which is earmarked for the candidates who have secured a lower rank, they may do so. But the vice-versa will not be possible.

5) Are there any Scholarships for meritorious students?

Scholarships will only be available to those who get into our University and prove their merit here and not before he/ she gets into our University. If the candidate is in top 20% of his/her class for a particular academic year at our University, then he/she is eligible for a tuition fee waiver of 25% for the next academic year.

6) What is the annual fee structure for 'Indian' students for MCA?

The annual fee structure for  
Master of Computer Applications (MCA):-

  • PESSAT Quota Fee – INR 2,00,000 / Annum
  • PGCET Quota Fee – INR 1,00,000 / Annum.

7) How do I apply for PhD program at PES University? Do I have to take PESSAT as well?

No, PESSAT is not applicable for PhD aspirants at PES University. Instead, please go through the website wherein you will find most of the information about our PhD program. Even after that if you have any doubt, please call our University landline at 080-26721983 and ask for Dr. Kavi Mahesh, Dean of Research who will answer the queries for you.

8) Does department assist in Industrial Training?

Yes, department ensures Industrial Training of students in various reputed properties of India. 

9) Does University help in placement?

Yes, University provides assistance in placement to the students.