Undergraduate Common Entrance Exam for Design UCEED- B.Des. -

Undergraduate Common Entrance Exam for Design UCEED- B.Des. (Undergraduate Common Entrance Exam for Design UCEED- B.Des. - 2016)

Online | National Level Exam
Important Dates
Registration Date
Oct 17, 2015
Admit Card Date
Dec 23, 2015
Test Date
Jan 17, 2016
Result Date
Feb 28, 2016

Undergraduate Common Entrance Exam for Design UCEED- B.Des. Counselling FAQ

1) Is the B. Des. degree recognised by the government?

Yes.B. Des. degree recognised by the government.

2) Can I appear for UPSC and other such competitive exams after B. Des.?

Yes, you will be eligible to appear for such exams.

3) How similar or different is the B. Des. programme at IIT Bombay compared to the B. Des. at IIT Guwahati or IIITDM Jabalpur?

In terms of curriculum, there may be substantial similarities just as there are significant differences. For details related to course content refer to respective department websites.

4) What kind of careers can I look forward to after B. Des.?

Design jobs are becoming ubiquitous in nearly every area of business and governance. Organisations involved with technology, management, manufacturing, retail, IT services, government, planning & policy, entertainment, communication, user centered research and lifestyle have seen the biggest growth in terms of employing designers. For a more elaborate list, please search the Internet, there are a lot of resources on design careers.

5) What is design education like at IITB?

Visit the IDC website. There you will find faculty and student projects, the research work happening in IDC, facilities, events, and much more. They will give you a good idea of what generally happens in a design school and how the education is carried out.

6) What is the B. Des. course fee structure?

The detailed fee structure for the B. Des courses at IITB, IITG and IIITDMJ

  • Fee Structure for B. Des at IIT Bombay:-Rs. 114750 Per Semester Fee
  • Fee Structure for B. Des at IIT Guwahati :-Rs. 1,11,450 Per Semester Fee.

7) Will there be any portfolio presentation/review and/or personal interview following the UCEED, for admission to B.Des.?

Your performance in UCEED will be the only selection criteria for B.Des. admissions at IITB, IITG and IIITDMJ. There will be no portfolio presentations/reviews or personal interviews.

8) I am interested in Fashion Design/Sports Car Design/Interior Design etc. Do you offer this course?

UCEED is a common entrance examination for three B.Des courses. The UCEED Office is the examination conducting body. We do not advise on courses. All three institutes have detailed information on their courses on their websites. Read them carefully. If you still have any queries, contact the respective departments.

9) How will the seats be allotted?

Seats will be allotted in order of rank in each category. For a detailed matix of seats in each category, refer to Available Seats.

10) What is the Overall Standing?

Overall Standing refers to your standing among all qualified students. In other words it is your rank among the 1344 students who qualified in UCEED . It gives you an idea of where you stand and is not used in admissions. Only Category Ranks are used for seat allotment.

11) What are the validity requirements for the OBC-NCL certificate?

The OBC-NCL certificate must be issued on or after April 1, 2016 and conforming to the latest guidelines of the Government of India. However UCEED qualified candidates when they apply for for B.Des admissions in June 2017, must submit an updated OBC-NCL certificate that is issued on or after April 1, 2017 and conforming to the latest guidelines of the Government of India. Visit www.ncbc.nic.in for the latest guidelines and updates of the Central List of State-wise OBCs.