AMIE- Associate Membership of Institute of Engineers Exam (AMIE - 2016)

Pen & Paper | National Level Exam
Application Fee - General / OBC / SC / ST - Rs.3000
Important Dates
Registration Date
Mar 28, 2017
Admit Card Date
May 27, 2017
Test Date
Jun 03, 2017
Result Date
Jun 26, 2017

AMIE 2016 - Exam Pattern

Exam Paper Type : Pen & Paper    |     Exam Duration : 3.0 Hr

Section Duration Marks # Questions
English 45 Minutes - -
Mathematics 45 Minutes - -
Physics 45 Minutes - -
Chemistry 45 Minutes - -

AMIE- Associate Membership of Institute of Engineers Exam are conducted in every June and December.

  • The examination is written-type and is of 3-hour duration.

  • No laboratory exam; No internal assessment; No Viva.

  • The examinations are conducted in all major cities in India and Gulf Countries.

  • Intermediate Science Examination with

  1. English

  2. Mathematics

  3. Physics

  4. Chemistry

Test Duration- 3 Hours

Marking System – There is no negative Marking.

AMIE Exam Prepartions FAQ

1) Who is eligible to take AMIE exam?

Those who wish to do AMIE must have any one of the following qualifications.

  • A recognized 3-year Polytechnic Diploma or its equivalent in any branch of engineering. (No marks restriction)


  • +2/HSC/Inter with Physics, Chemistry& Mathematics with minimum 45% marks.

NOTE:If you possess any qualification higher than or equivalent to the above, still then you are eligible to apply for AMIE. Those who pursue AMIE after their Diploma course are usually known as Diploma Stream Students, and others are known as Non-Diploma Stream Students. So, AMIE is the only recognized engineering course that can be studied without entrance-exam, mark restrictions and even in the distance education mode.

2) What is the duration of each AMIE exam?

The duration is 3 hrs for an AMIE exam.

3) What is the AMIE exam pattern?

Each AMIE exam paper is of three hours of duration.The exact dates and the details of the examination are declared by IEI in the Technicians journal.

4) Who is the responsible authority for AMIE exam?

The IEI, Institution of Engineers, India, conducts AMIE exam and issues certificates. The IEI is not involved in the preparation for the exams.

5) I passed Diploma/+2. Can I appear for AMIE exam ?

You can appear for AMIE exam. But before applying for examination you must apply for membership registration. You can apply for exam only after completing your AMIE membershipregistration.

6) What is the process to be followed to appear in Summer/ Winter examination?

T/ST/AM/M/F members, eligible to appear in Section A/Section B examination, may either download the Examination Application Form from IEI Website ( under the tab ‘Academics’) or available in the membership pack and send the same duly filled-in with a demand draft of requisite amount within the stipulated date as mentioned in IEI website under ‘Academics’ for Summer/ Winter examination. Examination application form can also be submitted on-line through payment gateway for those candidates intended to appear from India and Nepal only.

7) What are the Summer exams conducted by AMIE Institution?

The following Summer exams are conducted by the Institution: Section A and Section B
Section A :

  • Non Diploma Stream (Technician Members): for candidates pursuing AMIE without Diploma course.
  • Diploma Stream (Senior Technician Members): for candidates pursuing AMIE after Diploma course.

Section B:

  • It is for the various branches of Engineering such as Mechanical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Computer Science and Engineering, Mining Engineering, Textile Engineering, Production Engineering etc.

8) What are the Winter exams conducted by AMIE Institution?

The following Winter exams are conducted by the Institution: Section A and Section B
Section A: It is common for all the candidates. It is taken as  

  • Non Diploma Scheme
  • Diploma Scheme

Section B: It is taken for a particular stream of Engineering that may be chosen among the offered streams.

9) Is an AMIE degree holder eligible for the entrance exams required for admission into further post graduation programs and civil services?

An AMIE degree holder is eligible for taking examinations like GRE, GATE, Civil Services, and Indian Engineering services.

10) If a ST member secured ‘ C ‘ grade in three subjects of Section A (Diploma) and ‘ D ‘ grade in one subject, can he be considered as pass in Section A ( Diploma) examination?

No. A candidate has to secure minimum Grade Point Average (GPA) as 6. Therefore, a candidate secured grade ‘D’ in a particular subject will be required to re-appear in that subject. However, if a ST member secured at least grade ‘B’ in one of the four subjects of Section A (Diploma) and grade ‘C’ in two subjects and grade ‘D’ in one balance subject in the last attempt, he will be declared pass in Section A (Diploma) examination as he acquired GPA as 6. Grade ‘D’ secured in any subject is not carried forward to the next examination.

11) What is the syllabus of AMIE?

The syllabus for AMIE is almost similar to that of B.E. or B.Tech. The syllabus has two parts, called Section A and Section B. First, Section A should be cleared and then Section B. 

12) What are Section A and Section B of AMIE syllabus?

Section A consists of fundamentals of Engineering where as in Section B, the candidate has to select one of the branches of Engineering available. The Diploma and non Diploma holders have to study 9 subjects in section B, 6 compulsory and 3 are optional. Project Work and Lab Experiments are included in Section B to pass on practical knowledge to the students.