CEED (CEED - 2015)

Both Online and Pen & Paper | National Level Exam
Important Dates
Registration Date
Aug 10, 2015
Test Date
Dec 06, 2015
Result Date
Jan 15, 2016

CEED 2015 - Exam Pattern

Exam Paper Type : Both Online and Pen & Paper    |     Exam Duration : 3.0 Hr

Section Duration Marks # Questions
Part A - Section I - Numerical Answer Type questions 40 Minutes 30 10
Part A - Section II Multiple Select Questions 30 Minutes 20 10
Part A - Section III Multiple Choice Questions 50 Minutes 50 25
Part B Subjective Questions (Testing design, Drawing and Writing skills) 60 Minutes 100 -
  • The question paper contains two parts - Part A and Part B. The duration of Part A is one hour. The duration of Part B is two hours.
  • Questions of Part A and Part B will appear on the computer. Answers to Part A have to be entered in the computer. Answers to Part B have to be given in the answer book provided by the invigilator.
  • Part A contains 3 sections: Section I, Section II and Section III.
  • Part A based on Visual and Spatial Ability, Environmental and Social Awareness, Analytical and Logical Reasoning, Language, Observation and Design sensitivity of the candidate.
  • The Part B will be including Drawing questions.
  • Test Duration - 3 Hours 
  • Total Marks - 200
  • Marking System -
    • Part A, Section I, Each correct answer will be awarded 3 marks. Questions not attempted will be awarded zero marks. There is no negative or partial marking for this section.
    • Part A, Section II, The candidate gets 2 marks only if she / he selects all the correct answers for a given MSQ. Questions not attempted will be awarded zero marks. There is no negative or partial marking for this section.
    • Part A, Section III, Each correct answer will be awarded 2 marks and each wrong answer will be awarded -0.6 marks. Questions not attempted will be awarded zero marks.
    • Part B carries a total of 100 marks. It contains 8 questions. You may choose to answer any ONE of Questions 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5. Questions 6, 7 and 8 are mandatory. Each question must be answered on the page(s) designated for that question in the answer book. Additional instructions to Part B questions are provided in the answer book.

CEED 2015 Syllabus

  1. Color theory
  2. Communication skills
  3. Creative writing skills
  4. Design concept
  5. Drawing abilities and skills
  6. How to develop characters
  7. Light and shadow
  8. Logical reasoning
  9. Logo designing
  10. Problem identification and design problem solving
  11. Product designing
  12. Scale and proportion

CEED Exam Prepartions FAQ

1) What is the eligibility/qualification for CEED examination?

  • Candidates must either have completed or be expecting to complete any of the following, by July 2015:
  • Bachelor’s degree in Engineering / Architecture / Design/ Interior Design or equivalent (4 years programme after 10+2)
  • Professional Diploma in Design (NID/CEPT or equivalent of 4 years programme after 10+2)
  • B.F.A. (4 year professional programme, after 10+2)
  • G.D. Art (5 year programme after 10th) with one year post qualification, professional experience
  • Master’s degree in Arts / Science / Computer Applications (2 year programme after 10+2+3)

Note: Candidates with a three year Bachelor’s Degree programme are not Eligible.

2) Is there any limitations of age or number of attempts to appear for CEED ?

There is no age limit to appear for CEED . A student can attempt CEED any number of times.

3) After Qualifiying CEED , do I get automatic admission into any IIT's or IISc in India?

Qualifying in CEED does not guarantee admission in any way. A candidate has to apply to respective Institutes for admission and fulfill other requirements such as tests and interviews of the respective institutions for admission.A limited number of assistantships, based on merit, are available to CEED qualified students, to pursue the programs .

4) Is there any reference book for preparation for CEED examination?

No specific text book or guide book is recommended for preparation. Candidates may however polish up their drawing, rendering and visualization skills. Candidate may go through the previous question papers for  reference.

5) Is there any time limit for Part A (Computer based test) or can I start the examination with Part B and go for Part A later?

No, Part A will start at 10:00 hrs and will end at 11:00 hrs. Part B will start immediately from 11:00 hrs to 13:00 hrs.