Guru Nanak Dev University Common Entrance Test(M.Pharmacy) (GNDU CET - 2016)

Pen & Paper | State Level Exam
Application Fee - General - Rs.1200 | SC / ST - Rs.600
Important Dates
Registration Date
Jun 04, 2017
Admit Card Date
Jul 02, 2017
Test Date
Jul 09, 2017
Result Date
Jul 15, 2017

GNDU CET 2016 - Exam Pattern

Exam Paper Type : Pen & Paper    |     Exam Duration : 2.0 Hr

Section Duration Marks # Questions
Accounting to Syllabus for M. Pharmacy Entrance Test(Topics- Natural Products, Medicinal Chemistry and Pharmacology,Pharmaceutics, Pharmaceutical Analysis, Biochemistry, Microbiology,Clinical Pharmacy) 2 Hours 100 100
  • Total Marks: 100 
  • Total Questions: 100 
  • Test duration- 2 hours
  • Marking System –
    • 1 mark will be given for each right answer and there will be no negative marking.

GNDU CET 2016 Syllabus

  1. Matter and properties of matter
  2. Micromeretics and powder rheology
  3. Surface and interfacial phenomenon
  4. Viscosity and rheology
  5. Dispersion systems
  6. Complexation
  7. Kinetics and drug Stability
  1. Sources of crude drugs of natural origin and their classification
  2. plant growth regulators
  3. Adulteration and types of adulterants
  4. Methods of evaluation of crude drugs
  5. classes of phytoconstituents- Alkaloids
  6. diagnostic features
  7. chemical constituents
  8. substituents and allied drugs
  9. Study of fibres used in pharmacy
  10. Plant tissue culture
  11. Applications of plant tissue culture
  1. Quality assurance and quality control methods
  2. Pharmacopoeial assays
  3. Chromatographic methods (Paper, TLC, Column, GC and HPLC)
  4. Conductometry and Polarography
  5. Gravimetric analysis
  6. Concepts of qualitative and quantitative analysis
  1. General pharmacological principles including Toxicology
  2. Autonomic nervous system
  3. Gastro intestinal system and Respiratory system
  4. Pharmacology of Autacoids
  5. Pharmacology of Endocrine system
  6. Thyroid hormones and Antithyroid drugs
  7. Insulin
  8. Oral hypoglycemics
  9. Estrogens
  10. Progesterone and Oral contraceptives
  11. Androgens and Anabolic steroids
  12. Chemotherapeutic agents
  13. Clinical Pharmacy
  1. Preformulation studies
  2. Pharmaceutical calculations
  3. blood products and plasma substitutes and surgical products
  4. Cosmetic preparations
  1. Gastrointestinal agents
  2. Electrolytes
  3. Haematinics
  4. Topical agents
  5. Dental products
  1. Passage of drugs across biological barrier
  2. Basic principles of Pharmacokinetics
  3. Compartment kinetics
  4. Concept of clearance
  5. I.V. drug administration
  6. Bioavailability and bioequivalence
  7. Concept of clearance
  1. Introduction to drug design
  2. Stereochemistry of drug molecules
  3. Hypnotics and Sedatives
  4. Neuroleptics
  5. Antidepressants
  6. Anxiolytics
  7. Anticonvulsants
  8. Local Anaesthetics
  9. Cardiovascular drugs
  10. Antihypertensive drugs
  11. Antihistaminics
  12. Analgesics
  13. Chemotherapeutic agents
  1. Pharmacy Act 1948
  2. Drugs and Cosmetics Act 1940 and Rules 1945 and amendments thereto
  3. Narcotic Drugs & Psychotropic Substances Act 1985 and Rules
  4. Drugs Price Control Order

GNDU CET Exam Prepartions FAQ

1) What are the eligibility criteria for taking GNDU CET M.Pharmacy ?

  • B. Pharmacy degree examination of Guru Nanak Dev University or any other recognized University/Institution with 60% marks (55% for SC/ST).
  • 80% seats are reserved for candidates who have qualified GPAT and passed B. Pharmacy examination of GuruNanakDevUniversity. However, if eligible candidate(s) are not available under above category, the vacant seats shall be open to the candidates who have qualified GPAT and B.Pharm. examination from other universities.

2) I am 35 years old, B.pharm degree holder. should I eligible for GNDU CET M.Pharmacy ?

Yes, any person from pharmacy professional (degree holder)can appear for examination of GNDU CET M.Pharmacy. Currently there is no age limit for appearing GPAT Examination.

3) I received GPAT scorecard. Am I eligible to apply fo GNDU CET M.Pharmacy?

Having received GPAT scorecard does not mean that you have qualified in GPAT. Please see the GPAT scorecard for details on qualification. Make sure that your GPAT marks are above the cut-off marks of your category and GPAT paper. You will not be considered for GNDU admission if you do not meet the GPAT qualifying marks criterion even though you are allowed to submit the application.

4) What is the duration of the test?

The duration of test will be 120 minutes.

5) If I have done Graduation through PART TIME or DISTANCE LEARNING MODE, am I eligible to apply for GNDU CET M.Pharmacy exam?

No,you are not allowed.

6) Will there be negative marking in GNDU CET M.Pharmacy exam?

No,there are no negative marking.

7) If I complete my exam before two hours, can I leave early?

No. even if you complete the exam before the scheduled end time, you will not be allowed to leave the exam hall. You are allowed to leave the exam only after the scheduled two hours of exam are over. You cannot leave in between the exam even if you finish the exam early.

8) I am a B. Pharmacy third year student. Am I eligible for GNDU CET M.Pharmacy ?

No, B. Pharmacy third year students are not eligible to appear in GNDU CET M.Pharmacy examination.