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KIIT PG entrance exam (MDS) Exam Pattern

Exam Pattern


There will be one paper of 3 hours duration and 15 minutes of test tutorial.


The test comprises 200 multiple choice questions, with single correct response.


There will be no negative marking.


The tentative number of questions from each subject will be as given below :-
General Anatomy (10), Physiology (05), Bio-chemistry (05),Microbiology (09), Pathology (09), Pharmacology (10),General Medicine(05),General Surgery(05),Dental Materials(10),Dental Anatomy & Oral Histology(10),Oral Pathology(14),Prosthodontics(14),Oral Surgery(14),Conservative Dentistry & Endodontics(14),Periodontics(14),Oral Medicine(14),Pedodontics(14),Orthodontics(14),Community Dentistry(10).


The examination will be conducted in English medium only.

Syllabus Summary

No. Of Subject 2
No. Of Unit 2
No. Of Chapter 36
  1. General Anatomy
  2. General Medicine
  3. Human Physiology and Biochemistry
  4. General Surgery
  5. General Pathology and Bacteriology
  6. General and Dental Pharmacology
  7. Dental Materials
  8. Oral Anatomy and Histology
  9. Oral Pathology
  10. Orthodontia
  11. Pedodontia
  12. Oral Diagnosis and Radiology
  13. Community Dentistry
  14. Prosthetic Dentistry
  15. Periodontia
  16. Oral Surgery
  17. Conservative Dentistry
  1. Anatomy
  2. Physiology
  3. Biochemistry
  4. Pharmacology
  5. Pathology
  6. Microbiology
  7. Forensic Medicine
  8. Medicine
  9. Preventive & Social Medicine
  10. Surgery
  11. Dermatology & Venereology
  12. ENT
  13. Orthopaedics
  14. Paediatrics
  15. Obstetrics
  16. Gynaecology
  17. Radio-diagnosis
  18. Radiotherapy
  19. Anaesthesia

How to prepare

Exam Syllabus


General Anatomy






General Medicine

General Surgery

Dental Materials

Dental Anatomy & Oral Histology

Oral Pathology


Oral Surgery

Conservative Dentistry & Endodontics


Oral Medicine



Community Dentistry


Preparation Strategy

Make a proper Time Table

It is very important that you make a time table and stick to it and you will have an exact idea of what you are required to study and the time required for it.

Concept clarity rather than rote learning

It is essential that you have a clear idea of the formulas and concepts rather than rote learning of things for the papers. While you might require it for memorizing formulas it is important that for other stuff you make sure you clear your basics and concepts before moving on.

Prepare Notes

It is very important make small notes or a comprehensive list of formulas on each covered topic and chapter which will come in handy at the time of revision. This will require you to be regular with your work but will surely make things easy at the time of revision.

Seek guidance

It is not possible for you to know everything in your syllabus, at least not at the time of preparation. Sooner or later you will run into a concept or so which will give you trouble and then it is best you seek guidance from an instructor or a teacher. It is necessary that you clear your doubts at regular intervals and don’t prolong things for long. Getting into a good coaching class is nothing to be ashamed off and if anything a regular coaching class will enable you to avoid roadblocks in your preparation.

Sample Papers

Even though there may be a complete change in the exam pattern or the expected questions altogether,it is important that you practice on the sample and previous years question papers. You will know the existing pattern and have a fair idea of the type of questions to expect in the paper along with the time constraint.

Mock tests

The paper pattern, duration of the paper and the number of questions to be attempted in the given amount of time is not something you will be able to pick up on the day of the examination. A Mock Test tests a student’s abilities as it not only provides a similar feel of real exams but also helps in building speed and confident to face the exam. Furthermore, they can improve their performance to get an extra edge in actual exams.

Time management

Time management can be learnt through thorough practice and regular test taking. So it is important that you practice it and practice it well.

Negative marking

Most the entrance examinations will have negative marking and everyone would suggest you stay clear of questions are not sure about. But some experts are of the opinion that you answer the questions in which you are confused between an option or two because there will also be a chance of getting it right.


Duration : 180 Minutes

Important Instructions

In each of these sections, every question is followed by 4 answer options. Choose the option that is most appropriate. Indicate your answer by clicking on the circle adjacent to the option you think is right. You can go to any question directly by clicking on the question number, which will appear at the bottom of the screen. The answered question number will be marked Green and the unanswered/ skipped question number will remain in blue. If you are doubtful of the answer, you can mark a question for review using the ‘Mark for review button’. This will be unmarked once you come back to the same question at a later time and change the answer. If you want to change the answer of any question, you may select the question and change the answer by clicking on the appropriate answer. Each correct answer fetches 4 marks. There is negative marking. 1 mark will be deducted for every wrong answer. If you have completed answering all the questions in the sequence of a particular section, you will be automatically directed to the first question of the next section. You can move between sections at your will. The test closes automatically once the allotted time of 180 Minutes are over. In case you finish your test before allotted time, you will get a confirmation page which will give you two options. Either to go back to the test or to complete the test. In case you want to review the answers in the remaining time you can do so, else you may complete the test and submit. Ensure that you click on submit as a sign of completion.