MICAT (MICAT - 2016)

Online | National Level Exam
Application Fee - General / OBC / SC / ST - Rs.1965
Important Dates
Registration Date
Sep 30, 2016
Admit Card Date
Dec 02, 2016
Test Date
Dec 11, 2016
Result Date
Dec 19, 2016

MICAT 2016 - Exam Pattern

Exam Paper Type : Online    |     Exam Duration : 2.0 Hr

Section Duration Marks # Questions
Section 1 35 Minutes - -
Section 2 90 Minutes - -

MICAT Section I (Descriptive)

  • This section consisted of four descriptive type questions which were aimed at testing and evaluating the creative writing skills of the test-takers. 35 minutes was the total time available to attempt these questions.
  • The first three questions were based on one single topic.
  • The topic was titled as “Expert Opinion is critical on Geo-Political developments”.
  • The first question asked for 3 arguments FOR the topic. Next, for the second question, a test taker was asked to provide 3 arguments that were AGAINST the topic. The third question asked the candidates to present their views in about 200 words in response to a request from a prominent newspaper editor. The fourth question comprised of 4 images in which a test taker had to write a story in 300 words around the pictures selecting a sequence of the pictures.

MICAT Section 2 (Psychometric Test)

  • All the questions in the psychometric test were compulsory to attempt. There was no provision for negative marking.
  • Failure to attempt any of the questions in this part will ultimately lead to disqualification.
  • First set of 25 MCQs had three choices to describe the behavior of the candidate. The second set comprising of 10 questions had 6 statements each, in which a test taker had to order these statements according to his/her priorities.
  • Time allotted was 25 minutes.

MICAT Section 3

  • Part A (Reasoning) had 30 questions.
  • Part B (General Knowledge) had 25 questions.
  • Part C (Verbal Ability) had 25 questions.
  • Part D (Quantitative Ability) had 25 questions.
  • For incorrect answers, a penalty of 25% of the marks allotted to the question exists.
  • The total time to complete Section 3 was 1 hour and 45 minutes
  • Since the pattern of the exam and the type of the questions were quite different from other, the difficulty level was on the higher side.

Those who qualify on the basis of relative performance subject to a minimum cut-off in Scaled Score** in each of the sections namely: VA, QA,GA and DCR shall be evaluated on Descriptive Test.

Total Duration:-125 minutes

MICAT 2016 Syllabus

  1. Visual Reasoning
  1. Critical Reasoning
  1. Number series
  2. Letter Series
  3. Series Missing Numbers
  4. Odd one out
  5. Blood Relation
  6. Calender
  7. Clock
  8. Matrix
  9. Cubes
  10. Coding Decoding
  11. Direction and Distance test
  12. Ranking Tests
  13. Sitting Arrangement
  14. Linear Arrangements
  15. Matrix Arrangements
  16. Mathematical Puzzles
  17. Venn Diagram
  1. Strong & Weak Arguments
  2. Statements and Conclusions
  3. Statements & Inferences
  4. Statements Assumptions
  5. Logical Sequence of Words
  6. Analogies
  7. Verbal Classification (Odd one out)
  8. Syllogism
  9. Logical Deduction (based on syllogism)
  10. Course of Action
  11. Causes and Effects
  1. Politics
  2. Banking and Finance
  3. Business
  4. Sports
  5. Institutions of India
  6. Defence & Space
  7. Indian Judiciary
  8. Awards & Honours
  9. Literature
  10. Economics
  11. Indian Constitution
  12. International Relations
  13. Science and Technology
  14. Movies
  15. Who's who
  16. Indian Agriculture
  17. Current Affairs
  18. History
  19. Geography
  20. Indian Industries
  1. Arguments
  2. Story Writing
  3. Essay Writing

MICAT Exam Prepartions FAQ

1) What are the various Eligibility Norms of the PGDM-C Program?

The eligibility details are as follows: A degree of graduation level in the pattern of 10+2+3 education OR Any other equivalent degree in a course which has been recognized by the Association of Indian Universities. The final year students of the above said degree courses are also eligible to take the exam.

Please note that the candidates exhibiting aptitude of assessing or incepting the ideas affecting the people towards action and driving the business results will be preferred.

2) How will the online test be different from the offline one?

The exam format will be same. However, the question papers will appear on the computer screen and the answers are also to be marked on the computer screen only; using the mouse etc. Further, the subjective answers are to be typed using the keyboard.

3) What should I do to prepare for the Exam and further rounds?

MICAT will assess the candidates on the following parameters: Analytical and verbal ability Logical reasoning Divergent thinking Written communication skills Creative potential General awareness about contemporary social and industry related issues The exam requires the candidates to be well read, intelligent, innovative and having a mind working of analytical kind. Reading newspapers regularly, solving analytical questions and working hard on creative writing are what will help all candidates to crack the exam. After the exam, there will be rounds of GE and PI which will be conducted ONLY for the exam qualified candidates. The candidates will have to go through a series of interaction sessions with the exam committee. In these rounds, the Strategic Marketing and Communication Skills will be tested.

4) What is the exam pattern of MICAT?

MICAT will be an online exam testing the following:

  • Analytical and verbal ability
  • Logical reasoning ?Divergent thinking
  • Written communication skills
  • Creativity potential
  • General awareness about contemporary
  • All the psychometric questions are compulsory. A sample psychometric test will also be uploaded on the official website near the exam.

5) What is the GE and PI pattern of MICAT?

Pattern of Group Exercise (GE): I.It is a team work evaluation process. II.The performance of the candidates will be judged on the basis of performance with the group members. III.No shortlisting will be done after this round. Pattern of Personal Interview (PI) Round: i.In this round, the interaction of exam committee and candidates will be there. ii.Creative Leadership in Communication driven industry and Strategic Marketing will be assessed in this round.

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