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GATE-AG:Agricultural Engineering News & FAQ


March 20, 2016 01:23 PM

The students of Bapatla Agriculture Engineering College secured excellent ranks in GATE-2016 examination. On the ...


Is the Admit card alone sufficient to gain entry to the GATE- AG Agricultural Engineering exam? <p>No. Bring the Admit Card at the test center along with at least one original (not photocopied/scanned copy) and valid (not expired) photo identification, whose details have been entered while filling the application. ONLY one of the following photo identifications is permitted: Driving license, Passport, PAN Card, Voter ID, Aadhaar UID, College ID, Employee Identification Card, or a Notarized Affidavit with Photo, Signature, Date of Birth, and Residential Address. Photocopies of the identification document are not acceptable. Candidates will not be permitted to take the exam if the original and valid photo identification is not presented.</p>

When will I receive my GATE- AG Agricultural Engineering examination admit card? <p>Admit card can only be downloaded from the GOAPS website after completing the application. Admit Cards will NOT be sent by post.</p>

Will there be any arrangement at the GATE- AG Agricultural Engineering test center for the safe keeping of my personal items such as my mobile phone? <p>No. Such arrangements will not be possible at the test center.</p>

Can I use a calculator during the GATE- AG Agricultural Engineering examination? <p>No. An online virtual calculator will be made available to the examinees at the time of examination.</p>

What items are not permitted to be brought with me inside the GATE- AG Agricultural Engineering examination venue? <p>Electronic diary, mobile phone, and any such electronic gadgets, blank papers, clip boards and log-tables will not be allowed inside the examination venue.</p>

Am I allowed to leave the examination hall during the GATE- AG Agricultural Engineering test? <p>No. Candidates will NOT be allowed to leave the examination hall during the test, for any reason. Candidates are allowed to leave the examination hall only after the closure of the test, at the scheduled end of examination in a session.</p>

Will I be provided with any white paper for rough work and calculations during the GATE- AG Agricultural Engineering test? <p>A scribble pad will be provided to the test-takers, which can be used to do the rough work. One has to return the scribble pad after the examination.</p>

After submission of application, am I permitted to change my GATE- AG Agricultural Engineering Examination Paper and Examination City? <p>It is NOT possible to change the GATE examination paper name and exam city after the application is submitted. You must select your choice of examination paper carefully. Though, requests for change of examination city will be accepted with a fee of Rs. 400/-(four hundred only) to be paid online using GOAPS. Online payment for this purpose will be enabled in GOAPS.</p>

For how many GATE papers can I apply? <p>You can apply for only ONE of the 23 papers listed in the GATE information brochure or GATE website. The choice of the appropriate paper is the responsibility of the candidate.</p> <p>Tip:</p> <p>The candidate is expected to appear in a paper appropriate to the discipline of his/her qualifying degree. The candidate is, however, free to choose any paper according to his/her admission plan, keeping in mind the eligibility criteria of the institutions in which he/she wishes to seek admission.</p>

I have missed to take a print-out of my ONLINE GATE- AG Agricultural Engineering application at the end of my application process. How will I get access to it? <p>You can re-login using GOAPS Enrolment ID and password and take a printout.</p>

After completing the ONLINE GATE- AG Agricultural Engineering application process and generating a PDF file, will I be able to change my application data? <p>No. After completing all the steps upto PDF application form generation in the ONLINE application process, you can only download the application form and CANNOT modify the data. Hence, you need to be very careful while entering the data. You may also save a partially filled application and login in again at a later time, to complete and submit the application, however, it must be within the specified deadline.</p>

When and how will I know the status of my GATE- AG Agricultural Engineeringapplication? <p>You can check the status of your application by logging onto GOAPS website.</p>

Do I have to send the print-out of the GATE- AG Agricultural Engineering application form? <p>No. You need not send out the print of your application form.</p>

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