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March 08, 2017 05:57 PM

The admit card for NATA -2017 will be available for download from 26 March 2017. Candidates have to download their ...

February 21, 2017 05:03 PM

The Council of Architecture (COA) has announced that the candidates who have applied for National Aptitude Test in ...

February 13, 2017 01:02 PM

VIT School of Architecture invites applications for admissions to its Bachelor of Architecture Programme for the next ...

February 01, 2017 03:41 PM

The last date of registrations for National Aptitude Test in Architecture or NATA 2017 examination has been extended. ...

January 06, 2017 12:57 PM

The online application process for National Aptitude Test in Architecture was expected to commence on December 24, ...


How to appear for NATA? <p>Report to the test center at least 60 minutes before scheduled time of test with Receipt cum Appointment voucher, valid photo ID in Original, Attested copy of SSC Mark Sheet and drawing material required for the test.Test Center personnel will guide you regarding the further process.</p>

When and where is the Score card available? <p>The score cards will be available on NATA website in e-format, usually, on the fourth working day after the test.</p>

Where can a candidate seek admission on the basis of NATA? <p>A candidate may apply for admission to any of the participating institutions as per the time schedule specified by the respective appropriate admission authority, along with all the documents desired by it.</p>

By giving NATA, do I get automatic admission into any Architectural College in India? <p>No. NATA is just an Aptitude Test. On receiving the Score Card, the candidate will have to contact various admission authorities with NATA Score Card and other details (as prescribed by the respective Admission Authorities). Admission in India lies with the State (usually under Directorate of Technical Education for that state). Usually around summer, Admission Authorities will bring out admission notices in National &amp; Regional newspapers. The candidate may contact schools of architecture directly for information as to when the admission process is scheduled to begin.</p>

What is the last date for giving NATA? <p>The last date for NATA would be 3rd week of August, 2016 subject to availability. The dates on which NATA is available depends on the Test Centre. Candidates may request Test Centers for the preferred dates. If the candidate is available for NATA only on a particular date (or range of dates) that a particular Test Centre is not able to give, the candidate may register at any other Test Centre throughout India that is able to administer NATA on that date / time. TEST CENTRE LOCATION HAS NO BEARING ON CHOICE OF ADMISSION AND APPEARING AT A PARTICULAR CENTER FOR THE TEST DOES NOT IMPLY THAT THE CANDIDATE COULD BE GIVEN ANY PRIORITY FOR ADMISSION TO THAT INSTITUTE. The logical last date for giving NATA for candidates seeking admission this year itself would be 5 days before the last date for submitting application for admission under a particular Admission Authority. This varies from authority to authority.</p>

What is the meaning of Admission Authority? <p>Admission Authority is a body, authorized by the Central/State Govt. / University to conduct and monitor admissions in that area. This may vary from the Directorate of Technical Education itself, a major University, Institution(s), a body created by an association of Architectural Schools in that State (e.g. MASA), or any other Admission Authority recognized by the state. The candidate may be advised to check up in advance with Schools of Architecture where he / she is applying for the details of the admission authority and other information on the exact admission process.</p>

How do I practice for NATA? Where can I take tuitions? <p>NATA is designed in such a manner that prior tutelage is not required. COA is aware that the candidates will have no or minimal knowledge of architecture. NATA measures aptitude of the candidate in his / her aesthetic sensibilities (3D visualization, logical understanding, etc.) and drawing skills that are in-built in every candidate and developed right from childhood to the present day. There will be certain questions on architectural awareness wherein candidates may be required to identify building of national or international importance. The candidate is expected to know about these structures through General Knowledge. The candidate may also prefer to update his knowledge on this by some reading, internet browsing or even by talking to architectural students, architects and other knowledgeable persons. In all probability, this will not be required. There will be a model NATA interface available on the NATA website to help candidates get acquainted with the visual format of the test</p>

I am a foreign student / NRI. Can I take the test from my country of residence? <p>No. The candidate will have to register in India and give the test from any of the designated Test centers of his / her choice in India. The qualification process for giving NATA stands the same. Admission will be given by the respective admission authorities according to the rules laid down by it for students of such category.</p>

If I belong to a particular quota (SC/ST/NT/etc.), do I get score waiver for NATA during admission? <p>No, you do not get waiver for NATA score if you belong to a particular quota.</p>

Are there any additional fees payable for training, etc? <p>No training/coaching is allowed in Test Centers and no other fees payable for this exam. If any center indulges is such practice or insists on additional fees or participation in training program, please report such incident to Council of Architecture or NIASA.</p>

Do I have to appear for NATA at the college where I aspire to take admission? <p>No. You may appear for NATA at any Test center convenient to you. Based on the score you may seek admission to any college where you are eligible to seek admission.</p>

Whether old question papers are available? <p>No. At NATA, question paper is unique of each candidate hence no old question papers can be made available. For any other questions please register at NATA website ( and get into &#39;Forum&#39; section. You can post your queries here. Please search before you post the query. It may be already raised by some other candidate and already answered.</p>

Do you have spot registration on the day of exam? <p>No, there is no spot registration on the day of exam.</p>

Could I Submit Application Form Online? <p>Yes you can Submit Application Form Online.</p>

If I miss the test, can I take it up on another day? <p>No, you are not allowed to take it up on another day.</p>

What is Process of On line payment? <p>Online payment through credit card/ debit card&nbsp;through the payment gateway available on the Entrance test portal</p>

What is maximum Age Eligibility Criteria? <p>&nbsp;Any person having passed 10th Standard or equivalent examination, for details Clause 2 &ldquo;Eligibility&rdquo; in the NATA Brochure.</p>