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AMIE- Associate Membership of Institute of Engineers Exam (AMIE - 2016)

Pen & Paper | National Level Exam
Important Dates
Registration Date
Mar 01, 2016
Test Date
Jun 05, 2016
Result Date
Jun 26, 2016

How to Prepare for AMIE 2016


The syllabus of AMIE examination is more or less similar to B.E/B.Tech. But the total number of subjects to be studied in AMIE is very less. The AMIE syllabus has two parts:- Section A and Section B (similar to First year , Second year etc. of any formal degree course). Those who join for AMIE must pass all subjects in Section A first, thereafter he should study Section B.

In Section A we study subjects which are fundamental to engineering. In section B, we make in-depth study in our chosen branch of engineering. When a student clears all subjects in both sections A and B, he is said to have passed A.M.I.E examination and becomes a qualified graduate engineer.

The number of subjects one should study in Section A depends on the qualifying examination passed. A diploma holder need to study only 4 subjects in Section A, while a non- diploma (+2 holder) studies 10 subjects in Section A. All the subjects in Section A are compulsory subjects.

Following are the subjects in Section A

1. Fundamentals of Design and Manufacturing

2. Material Science and Engineering

3. Computing and Informatics

4. Society and Environment

NOTE: These 4 subject for For Diploma holders.

5. Mechanical science For +2 holders

6. Engineering Physics and Chemistry

7. Engineering Drawing and Graphics

8. Electronics and Instrumentation

9. Engineering Mathematics

10. Electrical Science.

NOTE: All subject For +2 holders.

The detailed subject-wise syllabus shall be given to you along with our post course materials. On completion of section A, a student takes admission to Section B. In section B, student is asked to select a branch of engineering. Following are the engineering branches available.

1. Electronics and communication Engineering

2. Electrical Engineering

3. Computer Science and Engineering

4. Civil Engineering

5. Mechanical Engineering

6. Production Engineering

7. Chemical Engineering

8. Materials and Metallurgical Engineering

9. Mining Engineering

10. Production Engineering

11. Textile Engineering

12. Architectural Engineering.

Of the above 12 engineering branches available, a student can choose ANY branch as he wishes. This is one of the attractions of AMIE. For example, a student studied Automobile engineering in Diploma level can choose Computer Science or Electronics etc in AMIE !!!!

Both Diploma and Non-diploma holders should study 9 subjects in Section B. Of this 9 subjects, 6 are compulsory and 3 are optional. In order to impart practical knowledge, the Institution of Engineers has included project work and lab experiments as part of section B syllabus.

In short, a +2 holder can complete AMIE by clearing just 10 + 9 = 19 subjects, whereas for a diploma holder, the total subject is 4 + 9 = 13 only. The project work may be done in the same firm/company where the student is presently

engaged in. For doing laboratory experiment, the Institution of Engineers will contact the authorities of some engineering college/similar technical institution nearest to the location of the student and make necessary arrangement.

Preparation Strategy

The AMIE exam syllabus is freely downloadable from websites. The IEI doesn’t take any responsibility for teaching you. The IEI will conduct examination and will issue certificates that that’s all. Students must find their own way to study the subject to prepare well for examination. Since AMIE is a degree level examination, a peripheral knowledge on the subject will not be sufficient for scoring pass mark in the exam. Jyothis Academy provides complete assistance for studying AMIE. Our faculty highly experienced in AMIE teaching offer

(a) Regular full time class

(b) Part time classes (On Holidays)

(c) Postal Coaching (For out station students)