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Registration Date
Mar 01, 2016
Test Date
Apr 15, 2016
Result Date
Jun 05, 2016

How to Prepare for LPUNEST Law 2016

Preparation Strategy
Make a proper Time Table

It is very important that you make a time table and stick to it and you will have an exact idea of what you are required to study and the time required for it.
Concept clarity rather than rote learning
It is essential that you have a clear idea of the formulas and concepts rather than rote learning of things for the papers. While you might require it for memorizing formulas it is important that for other stuff you make sure you clear your basics and concepts before moving on.
Prepare Notes
It is very important make small notes or a comprehensive list of formulas on each covered topic and chapter which will come in handy at the time of revision. This will require you to be regular with your work but will surely make things easy at the time of revision.
Seek guidance
It is not possible for you to know everything in your syllabus, at least not at the time of preparation. Sooner or later you will run into a concept or so which will give you trouble and then it is best you seek guidance from an instructor or a teacher. It is necessary that you clear your doubts at regular intervals and don’t prolong things for long. Getting into a good coaching class is nothing to be ashamed off and if anything a regular coaching class will enable you to avoid roadblocks in your preparation.
Sample Papers
Even though there may be a complete change in the exam pattern or the expected questions altogether,it is important that you practice on the sample and previous years question papers .You will know the existing pattern and have a fair idea of the type of questions to expect in the paper along with the time constraint.
Mock tests
The paper pattern duration of the paper and the number of questions to be attempted in the given amount of time is not something you will be able to pick up on the day of the examination. A Mock Test tests a student’s abilities as it not only provides a similar feel of real exams but also helps in building speed and confident to face the exam. Furthermore, they can improve their performance to get an extra edge in actual exams.
Time Management
Time management can be learnt through thorough practice and regular test taking. So it is important that you practice it and practice it well.

LPUNEST Law 2016 Important Instructions

1. In case an applicant fails to produce the proof of fulfilment of the prescribed eligibility criteria or any other document prescribed by the university or fails to provide original documents for verification by the stipulated date(s), he/she shall not be considered eligible for admission/ scholarship/ financial aid, in any case, if granted due to any reason shall be cancelled and the applicant shall have no claim, whatsoever against the university. 2. Copy of the printout of the Application form must be retained for future reference. 3. Applicant should ensure the following before sending the printout of the application form: i. The applicant and parent/guardian have signed the form at the specified space. ii. All certificates furnished are properly filled in and signed by the competent authority and affixed office seal at specified place. iii. The photograph uploaded online and the photograph pasted in the printout of application form should be identical and properly attested by Head of the Institution or Gazetted Officer of Government. iv. The applicant should select the course/courses which he/she desires to study while applying online.


1) What are the documents that I need to bring when I first join the university?

You need to bring:- Valid Passport (Minimum Validity should be at-least for the full duration of the program) Letter of admission issued by the University (Should carry this in the hand luggage as will be required at the airport for the immigration purpose). Should carry the Yellow Fever Injection Card and Polio Drop Certification if you are travelling from Africa. (Should carry this in the hand luggage as will be required at the airport for the immigration purpose). Make sure that you carry the originals, copies of your certificates/degrees and 10 passport size photographs. Ensure that you obtain visa from Indian Embassy/ High Commission stamped on the name of Lovely Professional University. Residence proof issued by the government which clearly defines your address in English. In case the same is not available then please get the attested residential proof in English. International Medical Insurance (valid in India) for the complete duration of the program, also assures that y

2) What are the documents that I should carry when I land that is needed to be handy for the immigration purpose at the airport.

You should have following handy: Passport Offer Letter and Acceptance Letter issued by the university Yellow Fewer card (If travelling from Africa) Polio Drop certificate (If travelling from Africa)

3) Does the university provide mattresses, sheet, pillows, towels or blanket in the hostel/Accommodation room?

No, every student has to arrange this by him/her self.

4) Can I Purchase such items like mattresses, pillows blankets, bed sheets, toiletries, stationary etc. from the university campus?.

University has a full-fledged shopping mall in the university campus itself and you can purchase most of the products on the campus itself

5) What is the temperature or weather condition in the city where LPU is located?

Temperature in Jalandhar/Phagwara ranges between 35 – 45 degree Celsius during summers and 5 – 20 degree Celsius during winters. Here the winter season starts around October or November so the warm material (blankets, quilts, woollen, warm clothes etc) must be brought accordingly.

6) Which is the nearest airport to the university campus.?

Around LPU there are three airports and many of the international flights are available to New Delhi from most of the countries. It is very convenient to travel from New Delhi to Jalandhar City and LPU campus. There are number of Bus services that ply from New Delhi airport itself to Jalandhar. Most of the buses also stop just in front of the University campus gates if driver is told in advance. Alternatively, student can take a connecting flight from New Delhi airport to Amritsar/Chandigarh airport as well. From both airports there are many public and private transport options are available. Location Airport Name Distance from LPU Approx Travel time to campus by road New Delhi Indira Gandhi International Airport 370 KMs 6 Hours Chandigarh Chandigarh Airport 175 KMs 3 Hours Amritsar Sri Guru Ram Dass Jee International Airport 70 KMs 2 Hours

7) Will be there any pick up facility that would be arranged when I am coming for the first time to India.

Yes there is a complimentary pick up facility during only the first time of travel and this is available on the selected days and time. To know more about it, visit the following link.

8) What if I am accompanied with my parents or guardian? Can they also avail this pick up service.

Generally it is not allowed that they would be allowed to come along in the complimentary pick up service but if there are some extra seats available then they may be accommodated.

9) If I have not registered for the pick up or if I am coming late then can I get Taxi from airports and how much does it cost?

Yes, you can choose from many Public and Private transportation and following is the approx. cost for the same. From To Mode of travel Approx Charges (INR) New Delhi Airport LPU - Main Gate TAXI 8000 VOLVO Bus Per ticket 1900 to 3000 Amritsar Airport LPU - Main Gate TAXI 4000 Chandigarh Airport LPU - Main Gate TAXI 5500

10) What is the general schedule of the classes in the university campus?

Reporting Schedule at LPU is program wise , however it generally starts on First Week of August 2015. You may please visit LPU website under the induction head for updates.

11) If there is any induction program which is done by the university to help students understand the rules and policies?

Yes, there is induction program for new students; student may read the schedule of induction from their reporting schedule. You may please visit LPU website for updates.

12) Do I have to attend International Student Induction/Orientation?

Yes, International Student Induction/Orientation helps students with their transition to LPU, and all newly admitted international students are required to attend at the beginning of each academic term. For the academic session and induction/orientation program schedule do check the website

13) Would I need to get the medical insurance even before joining the university?

Yes it is strongly advisable to get your medical insurance for the complete duration of the program.

14) I want to take private accommodation and not in the university accommodation. What is your advice on this?

We advise you to take accommodation with in the University for the following reasons:- It has well furnished rooms with 24 hours power supply. Staying within the campus will save your time as well as daily transportation cost. You will have more time to interact with your classmates in case any query regarding your studies. Staying within the campus is secure as 24 hours security and medical facility available here. For more reason on why you should choose on campus accommodation please go through the following link

15) What currency is acceptable in India and if I have to get it exchanged in what currency should I bring money. Is there are money exchange near the university or inside the university?

In India the currency being used is Indian National Rupee (INR). You can carry all your money in form of Travellers Cheques, which can be easily redeemed at the airport as well as a number of foreign exchange offices and banks. Money Exchange is also available here with in the campus. If you want to bring some cash then please bring in the USD or Euros as these are

16) Does the university campus had ATM and if the international debit/credit cards are accepted in India and campus

Yes, there are close to 50 ATMS within in the university campus and almost all of them accept the VISA, MasterCard and Maestro powered cards. Though there are regulation to withdraw amount up to certain limit only on daily basis.

17) Do I have to get some money exchanged at the airport for my journey in the university campus and for my initial days?

Yes, it is advisable that before you are out of the airport you should get some money exchanged at the airport to Indian currency. Not every shop in India or taxi service will accept credit/debit cards thus you should have some India currency on you as you leave the airport.

18) Further if I want to pay my fees can I pay fees using the online transfer or at the university campus.

Yes, LPU strongly advises that all the payment should be paid online and the details for the online payment to the university accounts are following: Bank Account Details: To Intermediary Bank Name: Bank of New York,  No 1, Wall Street, New York, N.Y.10015   Swift IRVTUS3NXXX For credit to Account No: 8900517794 For credit of Swif Code KKBKINBBCPC   IFSC KKBK0000253   Bank’s Name Kotak Mahindra Bank Ltd Beneficiary Details Account Name: LOVELY PROFESSIONAL UNIVERSITY Account Number:  7111335557 Bank’s Name Kotak Mahindra Bank Ltd Bank’s Address UGF, Milap Tower, G.T Road, Phagwara, Punjab. 144401

19) If there is any uniform to attend the university?

Except for the few programs like in Hotel management, airlines and few other selected programs there are no uniforms. Yes, it is expected that all student should wear the decent clothes while you are in the university campus.

20) Does LPU admit international transfer/migration students?

Yes, if you are already studying in any of the Government recognised university then you can apply for the transfer/migration. If you are applying then you should also send us the detail syllabus and curriculum along with your application. The decision on your application may take some time thus it is important to apply in advance.