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HEART Report India - 2024

The HEART report is an expression of CollegeDekho's commitment to being a data and insights led
catalyst for discussions and transformative change in India’s higher education system.

The HEART report goes beyond just statistics and looks at entire student journey from discovery to
decision making. It looks at search patterns, demographic and socio-economic dynamics as well as
migration trends to help discover the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.

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Message from our Co-Founders

What’s Inside The Heart Report?

For Colleges & Partners

  • Gain valuable insights into emerging trends and student preferences in India's higher education landscape.
  • Understand regional trends of college penetration and student migration patterns in India
  • Discover trends in the Stream and Degree preferences of digitally empowered students in India to better align academic offerings.
  • Explore opportunities to bridge gaps between student aspirations and industry requirements.
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For Investors & Media Partners

  • Access the Trends shaping India's rapidly transforming higher education sector worth USD 135Bn which stays the least invested segment in education in India
  • Uncover contrasting trends between online searches and actual enrolments, highlighting potential opportunities and gaps to be plugged
  • Understand the growing influence of digital platforms and digital access in guiding students' educational choices.
  • Gain insights into trends shaping the future of higher education through digital empowerment and access.
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About CollegeDekho

CollegeDekho is India's Largest Higher Education ecosystem. Started by Ruchir Arora (CEO & Co-Founder), Saurabh Jain (Co-Founder) and Rohit Saha (Co-Founder) in 2015, it has grown to be the most preferred destination for students to get guidance to reach the right college and for colleges to teach them better. With 11 million students entering colleges annually and a static Gross Enrollment Ratio (GER) in higher education at 27.4%, we understand the crucial need for easily accessible information. As education experts, our offerings encompass the entire spectrum, making us India's preferred college discovery, counseling, and admissions platform, chosen by approximately 40% of the 11 million students commencing their higher education journey each year.

We provide comprehensive information on over 35,000 colleges. We aspire to alleviate the higher education-induced stress and apprehension faced by students and to help bridge the gap between student aspirations and industry-needs by working closely with Colleges to co- curate programs that make students Job-Ready under CollegeDekho “Assured”.

The company is democratizing access to free professional college and admissions counselling for every student. By empowering them with valuable insights, students are enabled to make well-informed decisions regarding colleges, courses, and career trajectories. Additionally, CollegeDekho’s efforts extend to enhancing the student’s overall learning experience and equipping them with the necessary skills to thrive in the job market.

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HEARTful Takeaways

India is reawakening, shaking up old myths as it finds its rightful global place. At CollegeDekho, we have the most data-driven, insightful view of India's Higher Education landscape and its power to drive the nation's growth story. Our 'HEART' report captures emerging trends - how digitally empowered youth find their paths, the impact of tech-enabled guidance, and how higher education migration reshapes economic realities across states and communities. With over 750 million Indians now online, 'Digital India' unlocks access to education, financial services, and opportunities, presenting a golden era to build institutions that unleash India's potential and propel its economic rise.

India's Higher Education is the central pillar propelling its leadership across sectors. As world-class infrastructure takes shape, quality higher education will enable Indian youth to architect the nation's prosperous future across healthcare, technology, food security, and beyond.

The HEART report aims to drive data-led discussions and decisions that reshape India's higher education journey towards an equitable, inclusive ecosystem that empowers every aspiring mind to thrive and uplift Bharat.

Abhinav Upadhyay
(CMO, CollegeDekho)

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