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Inch to mm (In to mm) Converter

1 In is equal to 25.400 mm

Convert Inch to Millimeter


25.400 mm

Inch to mm conversion may be simplistic in its dynamics, but for longer values, the conversion is bound to become tedious with increasing multiplication. CollegeDekho has designed the following easy-to-use calculator to save you time and effort, along with providing you with accurate results. Inches to Millimetres Calculator employs an automatic conversion process based on the standard inches to millimetre conversion.

Inches and millimetres are the units used to calculate the distance. 1 Inch is equal to 25.40 mm and 1 mm is equal to 0.039 inches. To help you with easy calculations the conversion formulas for inch to mm and vice versa are provided in the article. 

What is meant by Inch to mm?

Inches to millimetres is a method to convert a number provided in inches to its equivalent number in millimetres. You can also progress your inches to millimetres conversion through yards. The formula for that is 1 inch = 1/36 yard or 0.0278 yard and 1 yard = 914.4 mm, therefore, 1 inch = 0.0278 x 914.4 = 25.4 mm

How to Use the Inch to mm Calculator?

Easy accessibility has been the focal point while designing this inch to mm calculator. The steps are provided below:

Step 1: Insert the inch value to be converted in the inches box.
Step 2: Now, click the ‘Convert’ button.
Step 3: The desired value in millimetres will be displayed in the millimetres box.

What is Inch?

In the imperial and US customary measuring systems, an inch (symbol: in or “) is a unit of length. In 1959, an inch was defined as being equal to exactly 25.4 millimetres. A foot is 12 inches long and a yard is 36 inches long.

Inch today is popularly used in the electronic industry to reference the size of display panels, various components, etc. It is also the most used system in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom while the other countries use the metric system. One inch is equivalent to 25.4 mm.

What is a Millimetre?

In the International System of Units, a millimetre (symbol: mm) is a SI unit of length. The metre was redefined in 2019 as one-thousandth (1/1000) of a metre, or the distance travelled by light in 1/299,792,458,000 of a second.

One of the common metric prefixes is milli-, representing the one-thousandth of the base unit, which in this case is the metre. The definition has evolved over time, with the present definition based on the distance travelled at the speed of light in the above-specified length of time. Previously, the metre was defined by the length of a prototype metre bar. 1 mm is equivalent to 0.039370.

Formula to Convert Inche to mm

1 inch = 25.4 mm
So, to convert inch to millimetre, one simply needs to multiply the value of inch by 25.4 to obtain their desired conversion.

Inch to mm Formula:
(x) inch or x” = (25.4*x) mm


Example to Convert Inche to mm

I: To convert 10 inches to mm, you will need to multiply 10 by 25.4.
This means, 10 in or 10” = 10 * 25.4 mm. 
Therefore, 10 in or 10” = 254 mm.
II: To convert 50 inche to mm, you will need to multiply 50 by 25.4.
This means, 50 in or 50” = 50 * 25.4 mm.
Therefore, 50 in or 50” = 1270 mm.

Inch to mm Conversion FAQ

1. 1 inch is equivalent to how many Millimetres?
One inch is equal to 25.4 millimetres. (1” = 25.4 mm).
2. What is the formula to convert Inche to mm?
The standard formula followed to convert inches to millimetres is to multiply that value of inch with 25.4.
‘x’ in = ’25.4*x’ mm.
3. How many millimetres are there in 25 inche?
25 in or 25” = 635 mm.
4. How many inche is equivalent to 1 millimetre?
1 mm = 0.39370 in.
5. What is the inch unit used to calculate?
Ans. An inch is a unit of length. It is used to calculate corresponding values such as distance, height, width, length, etc.
6. Is the unit of an inch used across the world?
Throughout the world, an inch is most popularly used to measure the dimensions of electronic devices. Only countries like the UK, USA, and Canada use the inch predominantly. Elsewhere, the use of the inch has seen a steady dwindle. 

Inch to Millimeter Conversion Table

Inch ( In )

Millimeter ( mm )

Inch to mm (In to mm) Converter

0.01 In

0.254 mm

0.01 In is equal to 0.254 mm

0.1 In

2.540 mm

0.1 In is equal to 2.540 mm

1 In

25.400 mm

1 In is equal to 25.400 mm

2 In

50.800 mm

2 In is equal to 50.800 mm

3 In

76.200 mm

3 In is equal to 76.200 mm

4 In

101.600 mm

4 In is equal to 101.600 mm

5 In

127 mm

5 In is equal to 127 mm

6 In

152.400 mm

6 In is equal to 152.400 mm

7 In

177.800 mm

7 In is equal to 177.800 mm

8 In

203.200 mm

8 In is equal to 203.200 mm

9 In

228.600 mm

9 In is equal to 228.600 mm

10 In

254 mm

10 In is equal to 254 mm

20 In

508 mm

20 In is equal to 508 mm

30 In

762 mm

30 In is equal to 762 mm

40 In

1016 mm

40 In is equal to 1016 mm

50 In

1270 mm

50 In is equal to 1270 mm

60 In

1524 mm

60 In is equal to 1524 mm

70 In

1778 mm

70 In is equal to 1778 mm

80 In

2032 mm

80 In is equal to 2032 mm

90 In

2286 mm

90 In is equal to 2286 mm

100 In

2540 mm

100 In is equal to 2540 mm