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CTET 2020-21 Jan 31st Paper 1 Exam: Result (Out), Answer Key, Question Paper Analysis, Solutions

Sakunth Kumar
Sakunth KumarPublished On: February 26, 2021 | CTET

CTET January 2021 Paper 1 result out. CTET January 2021 (July 2020) Paper 1 has been conducted on January 31. The official CTET 2021 Paper 1 answer key has been released. Check detailed exam analysis for CTET 2020-21 Paper 1 here.

CTET 2020-21 Jan 31st Paper 1 Exam: Answer Key & Question Paper Analysis, Solutions

CTET January 2021 (July 2020) Paper 1 exam has been conducted on January 31, 2021, from 9:30 AM to 12:00 PM. Almost 60,000 candidates have appeared for the Paper 1 exam of CTET 202-21. The Paper 1 of CTET includes Child Development & Pedagogy, Mathematics, Environmental Studies, Language 1 & 2 (English/ Hindi/ Language chosen by Candidate). The question paper consists of 150 questions, and each question carries 1 mark. There will be a total number of 30 questions from each section. On this page, you can check the detailed analysis of the CTET January 2021 Paper 1 exam along with questions and answers. You can also download the PDF of the question paper here.

CTET 2021 Results

CTET Cutoff 2021

CTET 2021 Response Sheet

CTET 2021 Answer Key

CTET 2020-21 Paper 1 Exam Analysis

The Paper 1 exam analysis of CTET January 2021 (July 2020) has been updated here. Many students felt that paper 1 was easy, and there was not much difficulty in answering the questions. The analysis is based on the students’ responses. You can also share your feedback and question paper via email id



Overall Difficulty Level of Paper 1


Difficulty Level of Child Development & Pedagogy


Difficulty Level of Mathematics

Easy to Moderate

Difficulty Level of Environment Studies


Difficulty Level of English

Easy to Moderate

Difficulty Level of HindiEasy

Expected No. of Good Attempts


CTET 2020-21 Paper 1 Unofficial Answer Key PDF

As the Paper 1 exam is over, we have updated the unofficial answer key for Paper 1. The candidates must note that this answer key is tentative, and it is advisable to wait for the official answer key. The questions and answers for CTET January 2021 Paper 1 have been updated here.

CTET 2020-21 Paper 1 Child Development & Pedagogy Unofficial Answer Key PDFCTET 2020-21 Paper 1 Mathematics Unofficial Answer Key
CTET 2020-21 Paper 1 EVS Unofficial Answer Key PDF CTET 2020-21 Paper 1 Hindi Unofficial Answer Key PDF  (Language 1)
CTET 2020-21 English Langauge 1 & 2 Unofficial Answer Key PDFCTET 2020-21 Paper 1 Question Paper PDF

English (Language 1 & 2) - Set K

Question NumberAnswer (Option)
1284 or 2

Hindi (Language 1) - Set K

Question NumberAnswer
91Option 1
92Option 4
93Option 1
94Option 4
95Option 3
96Option 2
97Option 3
98Option 2
99Option 2
100Option 2
101Option 1
102Option 4
103Option 2 or 3
104Option 4
105Option 3
106Option 2
107Option 4
108Option 1
109Option 1
110Option 2
111Option 4 or 3
112Option 3
113Option 4
114Option 1
115Option 4
116Option 4
117Option 3
118Option 2
119Option 4
120Option 3


Question NumberQuestionAnswer
61Mapping Skills in EVS help developUnderstanding of relative position of places - Option 3
62Samayan of Class V usually does not do his given classwork. The best measure to address the situation could be toTal to him to find his difficulty - Option 3
63Muskan organized a debate on the topic 'Use of Diesel Vehicles in Transportation should be Prohibited'. What is the purpose of organizing this debate?To sensitize students to ban diesel vehicles - Option 3
64There is a paragraph in an EVS textbook on Al-Burin's observation of the construction of ponds.. (full question not given here)A, C, D - Option 4
65The integrated nature of EVS helps toOption 3 or 4 (not sure)
66Which of the following is Not a broad indicator of EVS assessment?Concept Mapping - Option 2
67Questioning as a strategy in teaching and learning of EVS is used for?Arousing curiosity in the classroom - Option 2
68With over fifty students in the classroom, Vani wants to engage them in an activity that involves a maximum number of senses to enhance learning. Which of the following activities will be suitable for this purpose?Organizing field trip to a nearby place - Option 2
69Why does Iqra encourage her learners to read newspapers and magazines in EVS?These help learners to engage students with real-world - Option 4
70In which of the following states the meaning of 'Torang' is a jungle?Jharkhand - Option 2
71Your house is located at X and your school is at Y.. (full question not given here)100 m due West - Option 1
72Today we can't think of food without chilies. These were brought to our country by the traders of South America - Option 1
73A boy boarded a train on 4th June 2020 at Nagercoil... (full question not added here)38.5 kmph - Option 4
74Which of the following statements is not true with regard to honeybees and beehives?Male bees are very important for hives - Option 4
75The Constitution of India was prepared under the leadership ofDr. BR Ambedkar - Option 1
76Consider the following functions of plantsA, C & D -  Option 2
77Which of the following is Not a Union Territory of India?Manipur - Option 1
78Which of the following produce Crude Oil (Petroleum)?Bombay High and West Bengal - Option 2
79Select from the following a group of birds each member of which is able to see distinctly the object four times as far as we can see?Eagle, Kite, Vulture - Option 2
80Pochampalli is now a part of which state?Telangana - Option 1
81Select from the following group which is rich in Iron?Amla, Spinach and Jaggery - Option 4
82Who did experiments with Pea Plants and found that pea plant has some traits which come in pairsGregor Johann Mendel - Option 4
83in which one of the following states most villagers construct their wooden houses 3 to 3.5 m above the ground on strong bamboo pillars with sloping roofsAssam - Option 1
84With respect to the location of Delhi in the Indian Map, the direction of Gandhinagar and Patna isSouth-West & South-East - Option 4
85How will you plan for an integrated classroom?Combine two or more subject areas into one classroom - Option 3
86Which of one of the following themes suggested in the EVS as per NCF 2005?Things we make and do - Option 1
87What should be avoided in anecdotal records?A, C, D - Option 2
88Smita wanted to sensitize her learners about gender disparity and stereotypes related to work. What Smita choose to do in her class from the following suggestion?Invite a student's mother to the class who is an auto driver - Option 2
89Puneet gave his Class V learners an outline of the human body and asked them to draw the digestive system before teaching the chapter on food. Here Puneet wants toElict learners ideas of digestion - Option 4
90Which of the following is not correct with respect to the formative assessment?Option 3


Question NumberQuestionAnswer
31Which of the following is most likely to impact teaching-learning in Mathematics?Providing Complete Solutions to Students' Wrong Answers - Option 2
32Rohit realizes that a square is both a rhombus and a rectangle. He is at what stage of Van Hiele's visual thinking?Level 2 (Relationships) - Option 1
33The sum of any two whole numbers is a whole number. This property of the whole number is referred to asClosure Property - Option 3
34Which of the following equations regarding Mathematics teaching-learning is incorrect?Argumentation & Negotiation play an important role in creating Mathematical knowledge. - Option 2
35Which of the following statements is/are true regarding teaching 'Numbers' at the primary level?Intuitive understanding of numbers should be encouraged. - Option 1
36Which of the following is the most important aspect of teaching Mathematics at the primary level?Making Mathematics part of Children's life experience.
37Which of the following statements is Not Correct with regard to the nature of Mathematics?Argumentation skill is important in the construction of Mathematical knowledge - Option 3
38Which of the following activity is most likely to develop spatial reasoning among students?Identifying Tessellating Figures - Option 1
39Which of the following is most suitable for teaching children the concept of fractions?Cuisenaire Rods - Option 2
40In which of the following number 'three' is used in Ordinal Sense?I live on the third floor of this building - Option 3
41Identify the correct statementThe shape of the figure determines the perimeter - Option 2
42Identify the correct statement with respect to the Mathematics curriculumThe concept of negative numbers should be introduced at the primary level for better understanding - Option 1
43Identify the correct statement with respect to the concept of triangles at the primary levelChildren should be exposed to triangles of all types and also other figures. - Option 2
44In a division sum, the divisor is 5 times the quotient and twice the remainder. If the remainder is 5, what is the number?25 - Option 1
45The sum of five consecutive numbers is 20. What is the sum of the first three consecutive numbers?9 - Option 4

A wire in the form of a square encloses an area of 144 cm How much area is enclosed if the same wire is bent in the form of a rectangle of length 16cm

128 cm2
47Amongst the following fractions, the largest and second-largest fractions, respectively are 5/6, 3/4, 1/2, 2/3, 3/55/6 and 3/4 - Option 3
48Asmita reaches school for a meeting 15 minutes before 8.30 AM. She reached half an hour earlier than her colleague who is 40 mins late for a meeting. What is the scheduled time of the meeting? 8:05 AM - Option 2
49In how many ways, 48 small squares of 1 cm X 1 cm can be arranged so that the resulting area is 48 cm25 - Option 1
50In school assembly, students of a class are standing in a line. Ruhi is 19th from both ends. How many students are present in that class?37 - Option 4
51A number is larger than half of 100. It is more than 6 tens and less than 8 tens. The sum of it digits is 9. The ten digits is the double of the one digit. What is the number?63 - Option 4
52Sohail buys one packet of crayons.....(full question not added here)100.50 - Option 1
53A train starts from Patna on 30th May 2020 at 23:40 HRS and reaches Mumbai on 1st June 2020 at 5:15 PM. What is the total travel time?29 Hours 35 Minutes - Option 4
54In a five-digit number, the digit at hundreds.. (full question not given here)87649 - Option 3
55What should be subtracted from the sum of 8008, 8088 and 8808 to obtain 17863?7041 - Option 1
56A bucket of 16 liters capacity is filled to the brim with water.... (full question not given here)320 mL - Option 2
57A taxi meter shows the charge of Rs. 50 for the first two kilometers of Journey and Rs. 16 for every subsequent kilometer traveled. Manju pays Rs. 258 fare. What is total distance?15 KM - Option 1
58Tabular question about Marks (full question not given here)The aggregate marks of Maria and Shehnaz are equal - Option 2
59Which of the following is the desirable teaching-learning practice in the context of Mathematics?Intuitive understanding of concepts to be encouraged - Option 4
60A question and open & closed-ended (full question not given here)A & C are closed-ended and B & D are open-ended - Option 2

Child Development & Pedagogy

Question NumberQuestionAnswer
1In order to address the learners from diverse backgrounds, a teacher should...Draw Examples from Diverse Settings -  Option - 4
2Problem-Solving Abilities can be Facilitated byFocusing on Drill and Practice - Option 3
3In order to address the needs of students who are facing learning difficulties, a teacher should notPractice Rigid Structures for Pedagogy and Assessment - Option 2
4.......... is the primary identifying feature of CreativityDivergent Thinking - Option 4
5Which of the following is the most effective mode of teaching-learningExploration of Relationships between Concepts - Option 4
6A teacher should analyze the various errors made by students given on a task becauseUnderstanding of Errors are meaningful in the teaching-learning process
7Motivation to Learn can be Sustained by...Focusing on Mastery-Oriented Goals
8Shame..........Can have a negative impact on Cognition
9Constructivist View of Learning suggests that of their own knowledge Play an active role in - Option 1
10Which of the following is a good belief for learningAbility is Improvable - Option 3
11Conceptual Understanding among students is likely to improve in the settings which emphasises on -Inquiry and Dialogue - Option 2
12It is difficult for Children to Learn when Information is presented in disconnected chunks - Option 3
13Best state of learning isModerate Arousal, No Fear - Option 1
14Individual Differences in the development of Children can be Attributed to Interplay of Heredity and Environment - Option 2
15During a Task, Saina is talking to herself about ways she can proceed on the task. According to Lev Vygotsky's ideas on language and thought: this kind of private sign ofSelf Regulation - Option 4
16Evaluation Practices should aim atIdentifying Students' needs and requirements - Option 1
17After observing that students are struggling to proceed further on an ongoing activity, a teacher decides to provide cues and hints in the form of whatAct as a Scaffold for Learning - Option 4
18After getting Hurt during a play activity, Rohan started crying. Seeing this, the father responded, Don't behave like girls, boys do not cry. This statement by the father isRelfelcts Gender Stereotype - Option 3
19In a progressive classroom....Ample opportunities should be provided for construction of knowledge - Option 1
20According to Lawrance Kohlberg's theory, 'Performing an act and doing something because others approve it represents..... stage of moralityConvention - Option 4
21Which of the following is correct in the context of the socialization of children?School is a secondary socialization agent and family is a primary socialization agent - Option 3
22Theory of Multiple Intelligence EmphasizesThere are several forms of intelligence
23Pre-Operational Stage in Jean Piaget's theory of cognitive development characterizesCentration in Thought - Option 4
24Which of the following statement is correct in the context of development?Development is multi-dimensional - Option 2
25Lev Vygotsky's social-cultural perspective of learning emphasizes the importance of.............. in the learning processCultural Tools - Option 3
26In his theory of cognitive development, Jean Piaget explains cognitive structure in terms of............Schemas - Option 2
27In an inclusive classroom, emphasis should be onProviding opportunities aiming at maximizing the potential of individual children - Option 2
28According to the Right of Persons with Disabilities Act (2016), which of the following term is appropriate to use?Student with Physical Disability - Option 1
29Sequence of development among children from birth to adolescence isSensory, Concrete, Abstract - Option 3
30Individual Differences in a Progressive Classroom should be treated asImportance for the planning of teaching-learning process - Option 2

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