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Students at Government Polytechnic College in Ambawadi Face Dress Code Problems

Published: | August 20, 2019
 Gov Polytechnic College Ambawadi Student Dress Code

“What makes me an Engineer is my knowledge on the subject, not my clothes”, said one of the students who do not agree with the dress code protocol at Government Polytechnic College in Ambawadi. 

The students from Government Polytechnic College, Ambawadi are finding problems coping with the dress code rule in college. For college going youngsters, t-shirts and casual footwear are like unofficial dress code. But, at Government Polytechnic College in Ambawadi, the case is not the same. The students here are obliged to follow the dress code rule of wearing tucked in shirts and shoes instead of casual footwear.

According to Mr. PM Patel, Principal, Government Polytechnic College, the dress code has been in force for about two years now. He says that he implements the rule everywhere he goes. To justify the rule, he said that this protocol is aimed at making the students of the college look like Engineers and not labourers. Stating the reason behind the rule he said that shoes will help better at running in case of fire or any other accident. He further added that if a student is wearing a shirt that covers his full arms, it will help him if some chemical spills on his hands. The reason he stated for a tucked-in shirt was that it has fewer chances of catching fire that a t-shirt.

To ensure a stringent reinforcement of the dress code rule on campus, principal PM Patel called the parents of more than 30 students on Monday. He called them to complain about students’ action. He claims that he even called a parent at least five times to make sure that the complaint was acknowledged.

This action and the rule altogether garnered mix reviews from the students. Some said that the rule is arbitrary and will only have an adverse effect on students. Some students seemed highly frustrated by the rule and said that clothes cannot make them look like engineers, their knowledge will. While opposing the compulsion of the rule for everyone a student said that not all students can afford shirts and shoes for themselves. Even the members of the NSUI (National Students Union of India) begin protesting to oppose the rule. Amidst the opposition for the rule, there were some students who came forward to support the rule. They said that a rule is a rule and students must follow them. When needed, the rules can be bent but if it has been enforced, no one should have a problem following it.

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Whether a college should have a dress code or not is always a conflict of interest amongst youngsters. Taking every possibility into account and hearing views of all the involved parties, the see-saw always seems to be balanced. Some say that it is a major part of a student’s life from the discipline aspect whereas, some say that a student should have the right to wear whatever she/he feels comfortable in. The conclusion is yet to be discovered.

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