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Gujarat Professor Develops a Model to Translate Hindi, English, Gujarati to Braille

Published: | September 16, 2019
Model For Translating Indian Language to Braille

A professor from one of the Women’s College in the state of Gujarat has been able to develop a model that helps in translating Digitized texts in the language of English, Hindi and Gujarati to braille. She stated that the model will translate texts to braille as well as math equations and drawings.

A professor from the state of Gujarat has successfully developed a model for translating texts of Gujarati, English and Hindi into Braille language. This will enable the blind to be able to gain more knowledge in Gujarati, English and Hindi through Braille. The professor responsible for developing the model is Dr Nikisha Jariwal, a professor from a Women’s College in the state.

While talking to the media, Dr Nikisha Jariwal stated that the model will be used to translate texts in Hindi, Gujarati and English into Braille. Thus helping the visually-impaired to communicate with people properly. She added that this will also help them pursue a normal education as well. Furthermore, she added that the model is also capable of translating drawings as well as mathematical equations into Braille language.

Dr Jariwal added that the model is the product of years of working day and night on developing the appropriate model. She claimed that the development of the product is the godsend for the visually impaired.

Dr Nikisha Jariwal stated that she had been pursuing her “PhD in Design and Development of the model to transliterate digitalised multilingual text into braille and speech” when she had come up with the idea and started working on the model.

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Dr Jariwal also stated that she had been pursuing her PhD programme for 4 years. During the time, she had been able to learn Braille as well. She added that there are many digital documents that are available on the internet, which can now be translated to Braille. This will help the students and the visually-impaired students to learn more than they can now.

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Sources state that visually impaired students have confirmed that the model will be helpful in gaining information. Zeel Rathod stated that previously teachers used to read the newspapers to them. With the invention of the model, the students will now be able to read the news by themselves.

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